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Rainbow Crystalline Caves and how

An uncommon underground block that when it appears, appears in large numbers in a cave. This block is a crystalline like substance that at 0 light appears to be a very dim gray-purple. However when ever the light value is above 0 (like you just suddenly tunnel in to it or place a torch) the whole crystal cave would light up in different colors, how? By assigning a color to each light value, with even numbers transitioning between odd numbers in color and reducing the light reduction value for just these blocks to 5% per light value instead of the standard 20%. (10% for the nether but that is not important) Thus giving you a display of light and color everywhere, perhaps can be used in place of glass for any form of telescope or some magic/potion system or something in crafting plans... but the MAIN idea is just a decorative multicolored crystal block that takes advantage of light to provide many colors from a single harvestable block. Bonus points if it also "Shimmers" by some animation like effect.
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