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The final installment of a trilogy of records documenting a painful turned joyous segment of the life of Eels’ frontman and writer Mark Everett’s life, Tomorrow Morning is uncharacteristically cheerful and looks forward in every way.  Closest in sound to Beck’s Guero than any record on this writer’s register, Tomorrow Morning is classically sardonic, sarcastic, and wears a subtle swell of manly pride.  Similar to Magnetic Fields’ helmer, Stephin Merritt, on Tomorrow Morning Everett finds a way to convey the humor and the ardor of self-reflection without being bombastic or indulgent.

As listeners, we accept that songs come from personal places but most artists don’t invite us in the way Everett has with Eels’ trilogy project.  None of this is offensive keeping in mind from where Everett’s come since the first of three record’s release, and the commonly known tragedies that plagued him after the release of Beautiful Freak. Watching the trilogy unfold has been like an insider ticket into the mind of this artist, without breaking the diagetic wall.  In other words, it’s still so much fun to listen to.

Each of the 14 tracks on this record bear their own Eels’ stamp (that we know and love) but “Baby Loves Me” and “Looking Up” play up Everett’s new found esteem and fuel Tomorrow Morning’s aim to say that those sh!t times are over.  “Baby Loves Me” is a rocking electropunk cut that gets Everett proudly touting the merits of his new bird and it is a voyeuristic victory.  Likewise, “Looking Up,” a sixties-inspired gospel-esque throwback, has Everett and Eels clapping and side-stepping to a groove-thick identity resurrection.

In terms of lyrics, though, “The Man” takes the cake, easy.  Everett’s at his best here when he sings, “Pass the birds singin I am the man … The old homeless guy who smells like pee, stops talking nonsense and says Morning E; Pass the birds singin I am the man, it’s all part of the plan.”  This track is wrought with the type of clever observational comedy that makes us identify with Everett and that make The Eels more than a band that make clever use of the harpsichord.

Rating: 9/10

Hear Tomorrow Morning as soon as earthly possible. More info on Eels below…

  • Tomorrow Morning is available on itunes for $9.99 and on for $10.99
  • Download “Looking Up” for free at Eels’ website.
  • Watch the video for “Spectacular Girl.”
  • Catch Eels at The Fonda on October 12, 2010.


  1. In Gratitude For This Magnificent Day
  2. I’m a Hummingbird
  3. The Morning
  4. Baby Loves Me
  5. Spectacular Girl
  6. What I Have to Offer
  7. This Is Where It Gets Good
  8. After The Earthquake
  9. Oh So Lovely
  10. The Man
  11. Looking Up
  12. That’s Not Her Way
  13. I Like The Way This Is Going
  14. Mystery Of Life


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    I cannot wait to get this and dance to these groovy beats! Thank you!

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    Awesome, I can't wait to hear it. I love to party.