Album Review: Alright Alright, You Are One Of Us Now


Alright Alright 1 9 10 kc Album Review: Alright Alright, You Are One Of Us Now

Alright Alright’s April 2010 release, You Are One of Us Now, is a collection of fun, indie power pop jams cut from the cloth of The B52s, Mary’s Danish, and Los Angeles’ own, Homesick Elephant. Cheery boy-girl harmonies carry the theatrical performance but unlike The B52s, Alright Alright’s record plays more like an episode of “Glee” than a serious musical endeavor.

Songs like “I Am From The Future” and “Captain Obvious” (where the album gets its title) cute up the bands’ clear penchant for the odd in their lyrics. Likewise, “We Are Monsters” and “Sinister Robot” come off like theme songs for a secret society. The pace of this record is also disappointing. Alright Alright might be mistaken for a one trick pony if they don’t develop a broader range of songs. Each of the 11 tracks on You Are One of Us Now feel rushed and they blend into one another without distinction.

Aside from the vaudevillian antics, the band, for lack of a better word sound…alright, good even, at points. They have a frenetic energy that most certainly translates in their live performances, if the press thus far is to believed. “Hollow Moon Theory” stands out as the record’s best. It is a slowed up and stripped down anthem-like cry that doesn’t have Alright Alright overacting.

Check out Alright Alright for yourself at California Plaza on September 10, 2010 and at Molly Malone’s on September 18, 2010.

You Are One of Us Now is available on itunes for $9.99 and on for $8.99. Purchase a hard copy CD on PayPal for $11.50.

Rating: 6/10


  1. I Am From The Future
  2. The Getaway
  3. Resurrected Mary
  4. Deliberately Crytpic
  5. Hollow Moon Theory
  6. We Are Monsters
  7. Paper Bullets
  8. Sinister Robot
  9. Scatterbrain
  10. Machine Gun
  11. Captain Obvious


  1. Posted by JoceyB

    I'm actually a fan of these guys and was excited to see them reviewed here…but I have to disagree about the comment "plays more like an episode of Glee than a serious musical endeavor." I guess I can sort of see the Glee comparison, but I definitely think they're edgier than that. I'm a sucker for clever lyrics and I think they've got that down. The record is worth a listen in my humble opinion.

  2. Posted by asdf

    Captain Obvious is an endearing, self-deprecating song. Compare it to Scatterbrain and Paper Bullets and you've got yourself quite a blend of styles. No one-trick pony here. Perhaps you were in a bad mood. That's understandable. Don't take it out on a band of nice people with loads of potential. Sweeney's writing, since The Hoorays, is always improving. This album gets me dancing with tears in my eyes.