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P3M3, also known as the Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity Model is a reference guide for structured best practice. It breaks down the broad disciplines of portfolio, programme and project management into a hierarchy of Key Process Areas (KPAs). The hierarchical approach enables organisations to assess their current capability and then plot a roadmap for improvement prioritised by those KPAs which will make the biggest impact on performance.


[edit] Context

P3M3 is owned by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC). The OGC is a department within the UK Government with a remit to help public sector organisations improve their efficiency, gain better value for money from procurements and deliver improved success from programmes and projects.

The P3M3 describes the portfolio, programme and project-related activities within process areas that contribute to achieving a successful project outcome. The levels described within the P3M3 indicate how key process areas can be structured hierarchically to define a progression of capability which an organisation can use to set goals and plan their improvement journey.

The levels facilitate organisational transitions from an immature state to become a mature and capable organisation with an objective basis for judging quality and solving programme and project issues.

P3M3 recognises not only the project management activities being carried out at the individual project level, but also those activities within an organisation that build and maintain a programme and project infrastructure of effective project approaches and management practices.

[edit] Assessments

There is an accreditation scheme so that organisations can gain an independently verified assessment of their maturity level. Depending on the scope of the assessment, certificates can be awarded for:

  • PRINCE2 (P2MM)
  • Project Management (P1M3)
  • Programme and Project Management (P2M3)
  • Portfolio, Programme and Project Management (P3M3)

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