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Amenities & Building Features
Western Student Recreation Centre
Western Student Recreation Centre
The Western Student Recreation Centre (WSRC) is a state-of-the-art facility, which opened in January 2009 and is home to Campus Recreation. The Western Student Recreation Centre is a prominent element of the University's goal to deliver the best student experience!
We are delighted to welcome you to this outstanding facility, and as always, our dedicated team of professional and student staff are here to serve and support you.
Enjoy the facility, and please help make it a great experience for all by abiding by our policies and procedures, in place for your safety and enjoyment.
Our staff are happy to provide tours, at any time, to interested individuals or groups. Just stop by Membership Services and ask!
Locker Rooms
50-metre Pool
The WSRC has an 8-lane, 50-metre pool facility located as a central feature. Two bulkheads allow for maximum versatility and programming of the concrete pool with ceramic tile line. It is a chlorine gas, sediment base filter pool.
Overlooking the pool is a 3-tiered concrete viewing. A 1-metre diving board is available in the facility.
The pool has an accessibility lift, barrier free locker room entrance and exit for the women’s and men's locker rooms, and additionally, the pool gallery includes seating space for wheelchair users.

There is just over 19,000 square feet of weight, cardio, and stretching space within the new WSRC. Closest to the main entrance of the WSRC is the two-level weight and cardio space.
Well over 200 pieces of weight and cardio fitness equipment are available in the WSRC.

Lower Gymnasium
Five (5) gymnasia are situated in the eastern-most location in the WSRC. There are three gyms on the first floor, and two more on the upper level, or 4th floor. The three lower level gyms are an engineered sprung hardwood floor, 30 metres x 57 metres (30m x 19m each) or 18,400 sq. ft., while the two upper gyms are a poured athletic resilient floor for a greater multi-purpose use.
Outside the lower gyms is the 1st floor games and activity lounge, outside of the upper gym spaces is additional cardio space as well as the destination for spin bike programming.

3rd Floor Atrium Lounge
There are lounge spaces through the main open expanse of the WSRC, as well as on the second lower level outside the squash court area, and the lower level outside the triple hardwood gymnasium space. The building has wireless internet access, and the lower lounge (1st floor) has table tennis tables available.

Men’s & Women’s Locker Rooms:
Our spacious men’s and women’s accessible locker rooms are located on the 2nd floor within the WSRC. Each locker room is equipped with benches, rental and day-use lockers, toilet stalls, sinks, and shower stalls.
For the comfort of all patrons, children four (4) y
lockerroom womens
ears of age and older should use the gender-appropriate locker room or our family change room.
(Note: A limited number of day-use lockers are also available in other areas within the WSRC.)

Family Change Room:
Our family change room is a comfortable space for adults with children to shower and change, and is located between the men's and women's locker rooms. It is equipped with benches, day-use lockers, changing stalls, toilet stalls, sinks, showers, and a baby change table, with direct access to the pool.
For the comfort of all families, children twelve (12) years and older must use the gender-appropriate locker room.
Please note that the family change room will be locked outside of Family Recreation times.

There are three instructional meeting/training room spaces in the WSRC for Campus Recreation programming; the “wet" classroom for aquatic leadership programming and swimming instruction; the second and third floor rooms with a capacity for approximately 20 people in each.

Membership Services Sales Area

Membership Services is the customer service and communication centre for Sports & Recreation Services and all activities within the Western Student Recreation Centre.
Our Membership Services Sales area is located at the main entrance to the WSRC and is our registration centre for all instructional courses and clinics, memberships, locker and towel services, advance varsity ticket sales, and information regarding programs and facilities.
Our Equipment Desk is located on the 2nd level of the WSRC. Need equipment for your activity of choice – we have it all! Present your membership card each time you wish to borrow/rent and return equipment or towels. Click here for a list of what is available at our Equipment Desk.
There are two large sprung hardwood floor studio spaces. The larger studio, 3,624 square feet, has an electric dividing partition to allow conversion to two studio spaces. The other studio space, 2,000 square feet, is behind the larger studio. Both feature adjustable dance barres, mirrors, millwork benches, and cubbies.


There are five (5) international squash courts with wood unfinished floors with composite material walls and lining. The courts are international dimensions, with one court allowing in natural light with a glass sidewalls. All courts may be viewed from above as well as from the floor level.

A private area for massage therapy, nutrition, and sport psychology sessions with three rooms equipped with massage tables and hand sinks, as well as a small general reception space.

Western’s Hospitality Services operates a café as you enter the shared front entrance of the Thompson Recreation & Athletic Centre and the Western Student Recreation Centre. The café has seating for approximately 50 people.
Hospitality Services also operate several vending machines located throughout the WSRC for our members’ convenience.


Building Naming:
Western Student Recreation Centre
Diamond and Schmitt Architects Incorporated, Toronto, ON
Randy Wilson Architect Incorporated, London, ON
Project Groundbreaking:
November 2006
Project Opening:
January 2009 (Phase I):
February 2009 (Phase II – Aquatic Facility)
Project Size:
Approximately 160,000 square feet (gsf)
Project Cost:
$35 million
Eligibility of Access:
Current fees-paid Western students; members
Students voted through referendum in February 2006 in favour of an annual fee of $60 per year, increased by 3% annually, over 30 years to contribute $23.4 million towards the capital and operating costs of the new centre. The remaining $11.6 million is funded by the University. The contribution represents one of the largest student gifts of its kind in Canada.
·         There are over 250,000 feet of electrical wiring, 1,300 light fixtures, and 1,500 electrical devices.
·         The mechanical features include over 25,000 feet of piping and over 8,000 feet of duct work.
·         525,000 gallons of water fill the 8-lane, 50-metre pool.