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Monday, January 9, 2012

My UFO Nightmare...

I'm starting to remember why I left this Thomas Kinkade cross-stitch kit in my closet for ten years.

Isn't this the scariest stitching mess you have ever seen? First of all, I wish those kit companies could think of a better way of organizing the threads for us consumers. Included in the kit was one of those cardboard "organizers" with punched holes. I was a good girl ten years ago and sorted my threads. I neatly wrote the thread color numbers above the appropriate hole...BUT Man o Man!!... just looking at this mess NOW is making me nuts! I can't work with threads all jumbled together like that. That "organizer" is not organizing anything! Looks I will be spending some time making bobbins this week!

The chart is a magnificently (horrendous) black and white chart with a gazillion symbols. Plus, many of the colors in this design are tweeded. (Two colors of floss stitched together) How special is that! And included too is this ultra fine pearl filament "floss". This stuff reminds me of that pretty grass you find in Easter baskets.

O and would you like to see what aida stuck in a hoop and all folded up in a bag for ten years looks like?

A most perfect example to any newbie how not to store your projects. This aida had an immediate date with my iron tonight.

Finally, here is closeup of what I started ten years ago:

I gave myself a goal to complete at least half of this chart by the end of the year. The only problem is that this chart takes a lot of concentration because of the millions of symbols. There is also some specialty stitches as well. I see myself only being able to stitch this project on the weekends when I am home while the sun is out and shining. I just don't have the required brain power in the evenings for this one. Wish me luck!

Good Night All...I am off for some rest and reading.


SAL Update: Halloween House

I finally started Halloween House by Ursula Michael. I couldn't begin Friday night as planned due to other weekend events which included my cousin's wedding yesterday.

It is quite fascinating to see that each of us who is doing this SAL has started the design in a different place. I chose to start with the moon. I spent about 7 hours stitching just this part. The area that looks white are actually white stitches. I chose to stitch the design on 14ct white aida as called for in the pattern.

If you would like to see all of the participants in this SAL, they are each listed on Linda's Blog.

Thanks for looking and I wish you all a fabulous week.
Jen :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Stitching Projects and Challenges

I really admire all of you stitchy gals that put up your stitching lists and goals for 2012 so early last month. I'm a terrible procrastinator, but then again I hate lists. I'm better at working on a project when the motivation or inspiration strikes me. To all of you participating in the Crazy January Challenge....Good Luck! I will be watching from the sidelines. I'm hoping to at least have 15 finishes by the end of the year myself. I just don't know what 15 projects those will be yet.

Actually I do have some stitching plans to share today. I don't have fifteen or even sixty projects planned like some, but just a few. I decided I wanted to work on a couple of big projects this year. At least one or two. Thank you to those who commented on my HAED post. I think I will wait on that project for now. Maybe in a few months, I will be inspired to start one of the Mini Charts. I think it will be Mini Citrine. I love the butterflies.

I did join two challenges and one SAL this year. The first challenge is Evalina's Oldest UFO Challenge. I have several really old UFO's in my closest that have to come out. They are all kits. I chose one of them. This one will probably take me more than a year to finish. May I present: "Everett's Cottage" by Thomas Kinkade. This kit is 10 years old. I don't know what I was thinking when I bought this. I guess I walked into Michaels one day and said "I feel like stitching a Thomas Kinkade today". Too bad time travel doesn't exist or else I would go back to that day and tell myself "No". I had done a little bit of the left hand corner and that was it. I could tell I've become a better stitcher in 10 years cause when I glanced at the back of my stitching, I got scared. I've made a page for this project where I will be posting my stitching progress as I go along.

The next challenge I joined is the 2012 BAP Sampler Challenge hosted by BeckySC. She is challenging participants to stitch a sampler that is at least 175 x 200 stitch count. If you finish by December 31, you will be entered into a drawing for a $100 GC to an LNS of her choice. I've chosen "Little House Neighborhood" by Little House Needleworks. I've made a separate page on my blog to track my progress for this one.

Finally, I joined a SAL hosted by Linda. We will be stitching "Halloween House" by Ursula Michael. I was one of the lucky winners of this chart from her blog a few months back. It is a fun design I think. I will have a separate page for this one too.

Last but not least, I have my heart settled on a new Mirabilia called "Deepest Love". I have half of the materials, but I will wait a month or two before getting the rest. I can hear my credit card groaning.

**Almost forgot one more! From the Art of Disney....Mickey Mouse painting Walt Disney. Priceless!

Besides these big charts, I do plan on stitching smaller charts as well. I have fallen in love with Country Cottage Needleworks designs. I also want to stitch more ornaments for my tree next year. I have "0" ornaments right now. No lie! I will also continue participating in Exchanges. Those are so much fun. As I said my personal goal for 2012 is 15 finishes. If I can finish at least one of these big charts, I will be happy.

Lets see how I do!

Happy New Years!

A Stitchy Giveaway.

Happy New Years!

Just a quick post to let everyone know that Sarah is having a stitchy giveaway to start the New Year off. She is giving away stash and a $20 GC to How generous of her! Make sure to hop over and play. A winner will be drawn February 4th.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, December 30, 2011

A Special Scarf Present

Happy Holidays Friends!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas with loved ones and friends alike. I sure did. Now I am enjoying the first of a four day weekend off from work. Yay!

Well it turns out, I was not able to finish the quilt for my stepmom. I honestly don't know what I was thinking when I thought I could do the hand quilting in two months. There is always next Christmas though right?! Right.

So thanks to my procrastination, I had to decide on a last minute project for my stepmom. I had no clue until an e-mail popped into my inbox from Hot Potatoes. Did you ever watch the Carol Duval craft show on HGTV? The Hot Potatoes owner, Mary O'Neil, used to guest host on the show and do stamping projects. She was always so much fun to watch, and just extremely talented with stamps.

In recent years, Mary started selling Velvet Scarf Kits on her website. The fun part with these scarfs is that not only does she give you all the materials and the easy directions to sew it together, but she gives you instructions on how to emboss the velvet using an iron and a rubber stamp. This was my first time doing this technique. It was really cool.

I did not emboss the swirls on the front. That was velvet fabric that came that way already. I embossed the black piece with the starburst images.

I won't lie. The sewing part was a pain. I've never sewed on velvet, and have heard it is not pleasant to work with cause it moves so much. I definitely did my fair share of ripping stitches and re-sewing seams. If you are an expert at sewing velvet, this project is supposed to take 2 hours to do. If you are not, give yourself at least 6. :D

Happy New Years!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Decisions Decisions...

I've been feeling inspired lately to try a different kind of cross-stitch project for 2012. Something a bit more ambitious. I have been trying to decide between either a Heaven and Earth Design or a Chatelaine. I was looking at the Chatelaine website the other night. The Chatelaine's are gorgeous but expensive! I know you can substitute threads, but I know me. I will want the silks. On the other hand, HAED projects are pretty and extremely detailed too but I hear the words "confetti stitches" a lot on blogs. That term scares me a little bit. I checked out the HAED website anyways and I found they have mini designs that are around 8 x 10. I think I can manage that. Now, the hard part is picking the chart to do. Will you help me decide? I have narrowed down my choices to three.

"Mini Citrine"

 "Mini Friends Forever"

  "Mini Goblins Fae"

Decisions...Decisions...What do you think?


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Exchange Goodies!

I can finally reveal the Exchange I made and received in the Winter Wonderland Exchange over at the Stitched with Love Exchanges blog. My recipient was Lisa (no blog). Here is the package I sent to her:

Can you see a theme here? I just love snowmen. I don't see any down south, but I know she does where she lives up north! I made her package a little extra special. I kitted up that little LHN pattern for her. All of those DMC threads, the Crescent Color, the Beads and Linen fabric go together. The card was handmade by me too.

Here is a closeup of the Snowman ornament I made her. It came out smaller than I wanted but that was because of a mistake I made trying to finish it. It takes mistakes to learn right??? The fabric in the background of the picture is the fabric I used on the back.

"He's a Flake" by Little House Needleworks
Stitched on 30Ct Dove Linen from Weeks Dye Works
Threads: DMC, Crescent Colours
Gold Seed Beads by Mill Hill
Finishing: Pillow Ornament

Next is my wonderful package from Teresa at Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches. She is so generous with her packages. I was absolutely thrilled with everything she sent me. I have never owned a scissor FOB so her gift is my first and it will be loved.

Thanks for looking. The countdown is on...4 more days till Christmas! Are you ready?