Medieval History Magazine

From 2003 to 2005, Medieval History Magazine was published in the United Kingdom and North America.  Designed for the non-academic reader, this monthly publication produced interesting articles related to many aspects of medieval society, including warfare.  Sadly, the French publisher of Medieval History Magazine went out of business in 2005, forcing this publication to cease production.  Back Issues of this magazine can still be purchased through Chivalry Bookshelf.  The authors of the various articles have full copyright over them, and if you would like us to republish your article from Medieval History Magazine, please contact us at


A Family Conflict Set in Stone: The story of Henry, eldest son of Henry II of England - by Janet P. Gillespie (Volume 12 - August 2004) (PDF file)

Burgh by Sands - by Robert Turnbull (Issue 14 - October 2004) (PDF file) 

A Day With...a slave named Edith - by Rosemary Bennett (Volume 2, Issue 4 - December 2004) (PDF file) 

Debacle at Manzikert, 1071: Prelude to the Crusades - by Brian T. Carey (Issue 5 - January 2004) (PDF file)

Bawds, Pimps and Procurers: Images of the prostitute in medieval England - by Tom Clegg (Issue 5 - January 2004) (PDF file)

The Battle of Nicopolis - by Kelly DeVries (Issue 2 - October 2003) (PDF file)

The Wars of Alfred the Great - by William Stroock (Issue 16 - December 2004) (PDF file, in colour)


We thank the authors for their permission to republish these articles.


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