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U.S. Route 127

Southern Entrance: OH State Line, west of Munson, Hillsdale/Lenawee County Line. | Northern Terminus: I-75, south of Grayling, Crawford County.

About US 127

In May 2002, US 127 was officially extended over the stretch of US 27 between I-69 near Lansing and I-75 near Grayling (132 miles). This marked the extinction of US 27 as a route in Michigan, as it was truncated at I-69 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. (For coverage of US 27's new northern terminus, please visit the Indiana Highway Ends US 27 Page, by Don Hargraves.) MDOT began replacing the US 27 shields with ones for US 127 in May 2002. Lest a few stray US 27 markers here and there, the vast majority of US 27 shields have been replaced by US 127 shields. Some pre-transition photos of the former northern terminus of US 27 will be featured on a new page for historic US 27, coming soon.

Southern Entrance

In the midst of farm country west of Munson, US 127 passes into Ohio at the southern end of the boundary between Hillsdale and Lenawee Counties.
PHOTO # 1: Tom Weinkauf, December 28, 2002.

Here is the view northbound along US 127 as it passes by the WELCOME TO MICHIGAN sign upon entering into the Wolverine State.
PHOTO # 2: Tom Weinkauf, December 28, 2002.

Northern Terminus

With the extension of US 127 over the former US 27 from Lansing to Grayling, the northern terminus of US 127 is now at I-75 (Exit 249) south of Grayling. The interchange is a partial one, where US 127 North defaults into I-75 North, and the beginning of US 127 South is only directly accessible via I-75 South.
PHOTO # 1: David Stilwell, October 10, 2003.

This gantry signage is the first mention of the upcoming US 127 split from I-75 South 2 miles ahead. I-75 South has three lanes at this point: two lanes through most of this area, a third lane is added when the Grayling BL I-75 merges in.
PHOTO # 2: Neil Bratney, June 14, 2002.

This and a like guide sign on the opposte side of the freeway show the lane distribution for I-75 South as it enters into the US 127 split, 0.25 mile behind these signs.
PHOTO # 3: Neil Bratney, June 14, 2002.

As US 127 begins by splitting off of I-75 South, this is the gantry signage in place.
PHOTO # 4: David Stilwell, October 16, 2003.

Historic Northern Terminus (1998-2002)

On August 31, 1998, a new freeway extension of then US 27 opened up from I-69 up to the St. Johns Bypass, which had opened a couple of years prior. It directly tied in with the interchange between I-69 and US 127 (Exit 89). At that point, US 27 was routed along I-69 an additional 1.7 miles to the US 127 interchange, while US 127's northern terminus was moved east from the former US 27 interchange off of I-69 (Exit 87) to the new US 27 freeway interchange, where US 27 took over for US 127. This would only last for four years, however.
PHOTO # 1: Chris Bessert.


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