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General Information

Les Misérables has been translated into 21 different languages

English, Japanese, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Norwegian, German, Polish, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, French, Czech, Castillian, Mauritian Creole, Flemish, Finnish, Argentinian, Portuguese, Estonian and Mexican Spanish.

Productions have played in 41 countries and 291 cities

The countries include:

England, United States Of America, Japan, Israel, Hungary, Australia, Iceland, Norway, Austria, Canada, Poland, Sweden, Holland, Denmark, New Zealand, France, The Czech Republic, Spain, Northern Ireland, Eire, Scotland, Wales, Bermuda, Malta, Philippines, Mauritius, Singapore, Germany, Hong Kong, Korea, South Africa, Belgium, Finland, Argentina, Brazil, Estonia, China, Mexico, Switzerland, Serbia & The Channel Islands.

The production has played over 43,000 professional performances worldwide giving a total audience figure of more than 55 million people.

The biggest single live audience for Les Misérables to date was 125,000 at the 1989 Australia Day concert in Sydney. The biggest broadcast audience was when 250 Les Misérables cast members sang at the 1996 European Football Championship, televised to 400 million viewers in 197 countries.

The longest running production is in London where it played 7,602 performances at the Palace Theatre before transferring to the Queen's Theatre where it opened on 3th April 2004. It is now the world's longest running musical.

  • In October of 2008 it celebrated its 23rd Birthday and its 9,000th performance was on 10th August 2007.
  • There are approximately 101 cast and crew directly involved in every performance, not including front of house staff, and the huge back-up services including ticket sales, wardrobe staff, set contractors, maintenance, office staff, advertising and publicity.
  • Each performance entails some 392 complete costumes consisting of some 1,782 items of clothing and 31 wigs.

Les Misérables has won over 70 major theatre awards; the most recent were four John Kraaijkamp Musical Awards for the Rotterdam production.

There have been 33 cast recordings of Les Misérables (including albums, singles and the symphonic). Both the original Broadway cast album and the symphonic recordings won Grammy awards.

In Broadway history Les Misérables is the third longest running show after The Phantom of the Opera and Cats, both of which are Cameron Mackintosh productions.

The Les Misérables Schools' Edition was launched in the USA on 10th May 2001 at Holy Trinity High School, Hicksville, New York and in the UK on 14th October 2002 at Stanwell School, Cardiff. Since then there have been over 2,000 schools' productions in the UK, US and Australia making it the most successful musical ever produced in schools.

Les Misérables celebrated the 10th Anniversary of its world premiere on 8th October 1995 with a gala concert at the Royal Albert Hall, London. The concert starred the original 'Jean Valjean', Colm Wilkinson, who led a company of 250 artists and 100 musicians. The specifically arranged finale featured 17 different Jean Valjeans from around the world singing in many of the languages in which the show has been performed.

The 10th Anniversary Concert was filmed for television and has since been seen by over 4 million viewers in the UK. The video has gone on to sell over 1.7 million copies worldwide. A special double disc collector's edition DVD was released in the UK in November 2005.

On 18th November 2004 a special concert performance was given at Windsor Castle in honour of the President of the French Republic and Jacques Chirac to celebrate the centenary of the Entente Cordiale.

To celebrate its 21st Birthday a special 90 minute version of the show was recorded with the BBC Concert Orchestra and broadcast on BBC Radio 2.

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