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Joel has made the switch to an Apogee Symphony system for his latest music productions. Line 6 Guitars and FX Pedals featured on Stargate Universe Bias Peak software is being used to edit FreeClyde CD releases.

FreeClyde Music, Joel's new independent record label, officially launches on May 29th with the release of the soundtrack for the cult TV classic, Witchblade.

The record label, founded by composer Joel Goldsmith, is distributed exclusively by BuySoundtrax or you can purchase directly from our site by clicking Here.

– Freeclyde Music, officially launches with it's second release by Joel's sister, Ellen Edson, entitled "The Sweetness of You". The album is a collection of lullabies, songs of love for things like birds, trees and family.

"The Sweetness of You" features 16 tracks, including several original pieces penned by Edson, who sings and plays banjo, guitar, dulcimer, mandolin and autoharp on the recording. The album envelops the listener in a loving spirit, perfect for comforting, settling, and soothing children and adults alike.

CD available at BuySoundtrax or you can purchase directly from our site by clicking Here.

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