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About the CCSU Mural Program

Central CT State University is home to a unique public art initiative and the site of one of the largest concentrated collections of murals in the country. With a focus on community outreach--both on and off campus--the CCSU Mural Painting Program has helped educate aspiring muralists, fine artists and art teachers since it's founding in 2001.

From the first time our ancestors put paint-to-wall, murals have been one of the most accessible forms of art. From de Vinci's fresco ceilings to Banksy's graffiti, murals have adorned the architecture that surrounds us--and from Mexico to Northern Ireland, this art has  been a unique vehicle for political expression.

By necessity, the scope and placement of such public art involves group efforts. How else does one plaster an entire Rennesance church ceiling without the use of assistants? How can you paint a mural that speaks to a community without having a vibrant public discussion?

Muralists have interacted with other artists, students, governments, churches, and working people. Images have been applied in painstaking fashion to fresco plaster and with the agility of a spray can. Public art is essential to the artistic and political lives of a community and, as one of the earliest human inventions, is an integral part of our identity as a species.

In keeping with this tradition, the mural painting curriculum is distinct from many other fine-art programs. Students not only go through a rigorous planning and proposal process but must then work with the local community--which, on campus, means other students, faculty and staff. Together, our students have produced a body of work that is unique in the country.


Editor's note: Because of the scope of the work students have created on this campus, archiving these murals has been an on-going project and is being updated regularly. Any additional material including muralumni info, pictures of destroyed murals or additional descriptions/info can be sent to - Happy muraling, Marissa


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