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My finger saga......good news or bad news?.....I guess I don't know yet......lots more!
Hey Everyone

Thanks to all the people who have asked about my finger,
and the problem I am having with it.....let me catch you up
on what you have missed.

Feb 13 my right hand index finger was a little cold.....I
thought that was a bit weird. .......later that week.

Feb 18 went to see a Doctor. He thought/guessed it was a
vascular emboli (tiny blood clots) that are preventing flow
to the finger tip. TAKE 12 IBUPROFIN A DAY, AND HEAT IT.
(if it is not better in two weeks, come back) ......a
couple of weeks go by....lots of yo-yo work...... Finger is
not is getting worse. The cold is always
there, and it is turning purple. Also it is tender to the

March 11th See doctor again....he tells me to get an
Angiogram. (on a side note, I did not know how major or a
process an angiogram is.....I thought it would be an in and
out type of thing. I ended up having to spend 11 hours in
the hospital and the put a cathader in my leg, and fed it
through my arteries up past my heart and into my sholder to
inject a dye down my arms. Pretty amazing thing)

March 15th Angiogram done.....results not as the doctors
expected. (no clots or emboli....or even a colapsed
artery....some kind of damage they think. Reffered to a
hand surgeon.

March 17th Meet with the hand surgeon to go over the
options. He diagnoised it as a VASOSPASM. (probably the
best thing out of the 4 possible problems we discussed) A
vasospasm is a constriction of the arteries due to
injury.....he is sure it is due to the yo-yo coming back
and hitting my hand over and over for the last 7-10 years.
So the options:

NOTE: He brought up changing careers.....doing something
that is not so stressful on my finger/hand....but I told
him that was really not an option unless it was the
difference between keeping the finger, and cutting it off.

1. drugs. The first thing they are having me do is take a
drug that is supposed to relax the arteries, and get them
to open up and allow flow. 2. If that does not work in the
next week or so, then surgery to remove the nerves and
tissue around the arteries in question....hopefully
allowing them to open up and flow (works 50% of the time)
3. Remove a portion of the finger......we did not really
discuss this much. He expects the drugs to probably
work.....and if not, the sugery will most likely help
enough to prevent amputation.....but it might be an option
at the end.

Take a look at the photo. This is what the angiogram showed
of my arteries. As you can see in the pic.....blood just is
not getting to the finger. a nut shell, I have a VASOSPASM.

Thanks for listening.


Oh, and I am suposed to use a protective glove on my yo
hand from now on. (Maybe I will design something special to
protect....and look cool too!)
Right Hand Angiogram
General My finger saga......good news or bad news?.....I guess I don't know yet......lots more! - Dazzling Dave - 2005-03-17 13:43:29