Site Set-up Info
How do I advertise my cceasy site?
*Before you become a cceasy dealer, go to the Promoting cceasy link to get some brief ideas of what is involved in advertising your site.

*After you become a dealer, go to and click into the Dealer Resource section. Within this link you'll find an E-Commerce section filled with more detailed marketing ideas.

You may also contact our E-Commerce Dealer Development department at 866-577-9751.

Can I host my cceasy site myself?
This option is not available.

When will I get my first bill for the fees?
After the first month your site is live on the internet.

How do I know when an order has been placed on my site?
*If you use the approval system, you will receive an e-mail stating that you have an order pending approval.
*If you have chosen the Print Fulfillment option, you can to go to the Dealer Resource section of and check to see if you've had order activity on your account.

Will I be able to view/proof my site before it is live to the general public?
It is important to fill out the rebrand packet thoroughly, to ensure your site is created as you want it. When the site is completed, you will be notified and can view your site at that time. If you have any changes that need to be made please do so at this time. Any changes made after this will be assessed a change fee. The general public will not go to your site until you drive traffic to it.

What are the fees involved for making changes?
*Site Enhancements:
0 - 30 minutes = $25 fee
31 - 60 minutes = $50 fee
60 + minutes = $50 fee (each additional hour)

Can we utilize PayPal?
If you choose Billing Option 1 (order approval needed) you do have the option to utilize the PayPal system.

Search Engines
Carlson Craft does not offer search engine registration. Go to after you are setup with cceasy - click on Dealer Resource - then within the E-Commerce section you'll find more specific information regarding Search Engines.

Carlson Craft Copyright
When the site is rebranded, the Carlson Craft Copyright will remain a part of the page.

Test Orders
We want to encourage you to walk through a sample order on the demo site. This will enable you to see just how easy it will be for your customers to place orders on your rebranded sites. We just ask that you fill in all fields pertaining to shipping and billing with the words 'test order'. (Even the credit card # field!)

Multiple Sites
If you would like additional sites, each site would be subject to a set-up fee of $99 for any site after the first one and the $20 monthly hosting fee for each site.

It is encouraged to have you electronically send your logo in based on the specifications outlined in the rebrand packet. The proper address to send this to is:

URL Setup Requirements
When considering what to name your URL (i.e.:, please keep the following things in mind:
1. Numerics are okay (i.e.:
2. The only punctuation that is allowed is a hyphen. (i.e.:
3. Contrary to what some people may think, the & sign is not an option in the URL (i.e.: weddings &
4. Try to avoid long names in your URL to limit time it takes to type the URL.

Special Features
If you choose, your customer can order samples of our online product before they decide to order. Carlson Craft will handle all sample requests for your customer at no cost to you. This link will be shown on your navigation bar.

The great thing about cceasy is that you can get orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Do you have someone on your staff available to cover all the questions and comments your customers may have during these hours? If not, our FAQ option, which is located on the navigation bar, may be for you. Answers to the most commonly asked questions are available to your customer even when you are not.

E-Mail A Friend
This feature allows your customers to e-mail your cceasy site address to their friends and family. The E-mail A Friend link will be on the navigation bar of cceasy, to help drive more traffic and sales to your site.

Reciprocal Link
Do you already have a website for your business that you drive traffic to? You can add a link on the navigation bar of cceasy, which will take your customer from your cceasy rebranded site, to your main website. This feature will be seen on all pages of cceasy for the customer's convenience.

Organize Home Page Product Categories
You can personalize your cceasy site even more by re-organizing the product categories on your home page (Ex: Wedding Products, Special Occasion Invitations, etc.). If you would like to promote a certain link by putting it at the top of the list, you can!

Sample Follow up E-mail
You have the option to send your customers a Sample Follow up E-mail after they have placed their sample order. Use this e-mail to thank them for their sample order and/or to even encourage them to place their personalized order with you. What you say is up to you!

Jump To Product
You have the ability to link directly to a specific product line from your home site. This will let you advertise each Carlson Craft product line separately without having to link directly to your cceasy home page.

Meta Tags/Keywords
For more information about customizing your meta tags and keywords, please call or email our E-Commerce Development Department at 866-577-9751 or

Bookmark the site
Customers may "bookmark" your cceasy site for easy ordering at a later date. This feature is shown on the cceasy home page.

1. All orders will be shipped to the customer with a return label that has the dealer's name and our shipping address. Shipping charges will be calculated online based on weight and destination with UPS as our carrier.
2. Shipping method options will vary depending on where the package is shipping.
3. First Class Mail may be an option for orders specific to personalized labels and samples. All other product will be sent by UPS.
4. The zip code/postal code is a required field on the shipping screen. If the customer lives within the United States or a territory of the United States, their zip code must be entered. If an international order is placed, their postal code needs to be entered in. If there is no postal code for that country, something will need to be entered into the field to proceed (ex. 00000 or NA).
5. There is a disclaimer about duties and customs. Customers will be responsible for these additions at the time of delivery. The following disclaimer is noted on the site during checkout: Customs Duties and all Taxes are additional charges not included in this invoice and are the responsibility of the receiver due upon receipt of shipment.

Custom Artwork
Some products on cceasy allow for art. The customer may choose from our generic art choices online or they can electronically send their artwork as an attachment to the order directly from the site. If custom artwork is not available in an electronic format, click on the 'Contact Us' link to request information on how to proceed with this order.

Customers will be able to place reorders easily on your site by entering their confirmation number and zip code. (This number is provided in the Thank You message after each order is placed and the customer is advised to document that order number.) The customers order information is stored in our system for 30 days.

Virtual proofs are available on the site for most products and are an excellent benefit for your customers to order online. Hard copy proofs may be available for your customer to order on the site depending on product.

1. Visa, MC, Discover and Am. Ex. may be accepted on cceasy - any debit cards backed by any of these credit card companies, are also acceptable. Under the order approval program, the dealers need be able to process customer credit cards. Print Fulfillment, allows dealers without credit card capabilities to have a site and Carlson Craft will handle all customer billings.
2. We do not have the capability to accept checks electronically, but you can choose the option of In-Store Payment and/or PayPal which allows customers to pay with something other than a credit card.
3. For your protection, we encourage dealers using the approval program to pre-authorize the customers credit card prior to approving the customer's order.

General Information
What product is available on cceasy?
Our best selling and newest product is offered.

Why would/ or How does a customer choose my cceasy site over another?
Focus on marketing locally and not competing with other similar sites on search engines, etc . . .

Can I see the activity/orders from my site?
Go to the Dealer Resource section of to view current orders.

Can I get a summary of my site orders with customer information?
Go to the Dealer Resource section of to view current orders.

How/When do I get paid if I have chosen the Print Fulfillment option?
You will be paid a monthly rebate check if your balance exceeds $50.00 and you have no outstanding charges on any of your accounts.

Print Fulfillment Customer Service - How do you know when a customer is calling or placing an order from my site as opposed to another Print Fulfillment site?
When the customer calls into our Print Fulfillment department they are asked for the Access Code. This code alerts our representatives which dealer's site they are ordering from.

What does the 'hosting fee' cover?
This fee covers the hosting of your site with our internet provider as well as product updates and site enhancements that are made to the site..

Do I need an existing Web site?
Your cceasy Web site can be your primary Web site or you can link off of your existing website.

Can I add my company's products to my cceasy site?
If you want to have other information or services on your site, you will need to have another Web site created to meet the needs of your business. You can then link your cceasy site to your main Web site. Shared shopping with Carlson Craft product and your business product is not available at this time.

I am unfamiliar with all of your products, how can I answer customer service questions?
If you do not feel comfortable with answering potential questions from your customers, the Print Fulfillment option is just for you. We will take care of all the customer service as well as billing the customer's credit card. If you prefer to handle customer service yourself, we have representatives available to assist you with your questions.

Site Search
*Product Search - This is available on the home page so that the customer can seach the entire site for products they are looking for.
*Refine Search - There is a search option available within the wedding invitation, holiday, and Special Occasion card sections. Customers can search by the following: themes, styles, papers, budgets, size, invitation design colors, and item number.

Sales Tax
A message appears on the site that "Tax will be added where applicable."
1. If you will be approving the orders, you should be taxing the customer according to the tax laws of your state.
2. If you are setup with Print Fulfillment, Carlson Craft will take care of billing sales tax. You do not need to do anything.

You will be billed for the following . . .
*Setup Fee - $199 once your site has been set up
*Hosting Fee - $20 per month
*Site Enhancements:
       0 - 30 minutes = $25 fee
     31 - 60 minutes = $50 fee
     60 + minutes     = $50 fee (each additional hour)

Most of our personalized paper products are printed using thermography, which is a process which provides a beautiful raised lettering effect.

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