Underlined items may be downloaded at no charge. The complete list of information presented here and much more is available on the RCS Resource Library CD-ROM.

Note: Assembly and external dimension drawings in PDF format for all AeroTech RMS motors are now available for download from the AeroTech resource library at

EMK™ Experimental Motor Kit™ Assembly Guides
Misc. Tech Reports and Videos

NASA Tech Reports
Federal Screw Thread Standards
Chemical Tech Reports & MSDS
RCS Design Calculators in MS Excel Format
Regulatory References

EMK Experimental Motor Kit Assembly Guides (PDF Format)
29/60 'SC' EMK Assembly Guide (646 k)
29/80 'SC' EMK Assembly Guide (650 k)
29/120 'C' EMK Assembly Guide (685 k)
29/120 'S' EMK Assembly Guide (660 k)

Misc. Tech Reports and Videos
McIntyre Ammonium Perchlorate Burn Test Video (3.5 MB QuickTime movie)
U.S. Air Force Ammonium Perchlorate Transportation Hazards Testing Report (3.1 MB PDF file)
USFA/FEMA PEPCON Fire & Explosion Report (1.6 MB PDF file)

NASA Tech Reports (PDF Format)

These reports contain a wealth of information on various rocket propulsion topics.

NASA SP-8001 "Buffeting During Atmospheric Ascent"
NASA SP-8006 "Local Steady Aerodynamic Loads During Launch and Exit"
NASA SP-8029 "Aerodynamic and Rocket-Exhaust Heating During Launch and Ascent"
NASA SP-8126 "Glossary of Terms and Table of Conversion Factors Used in Design of Chemical Propulsion Systems"
NASA SP-8080 "Liquid Rocket Pressure Regulators, Relief Valves, Check Valves, Burst Disks, and Explosive Valves"
NASA SP-8081 "Liquid Propellant gas Generators"
NASA SP-8087 "Liquid Rocket Engine Fluid-Cooled Combustion Chambers"
NASA SP-8088 "Liquid Rocket Metal Tanks and Tank Components"
NASA SP-8089 "Liquid Rocket Engine Injectors"
NASA SP-8094 "Liquid Rocket Valve Components"
NASA SP-8097 "Liquid Rocket Valve Assemblies"
NASA SP-8100 "Liquid Rocket Engine Turbopump Gears"
NASA SP-8101 "Liquid Rocket Engine Turbopump Shafts and Couplings"
NASA SP-8107 "Turbopump Systems for Liquid Rocket Engines"
NASA SP-8109 "Liquid Rocket Engine Centrifugal Flow Turbopumps"
NASA SP-8110 "Liquid Rocket Engine Turbines"
NASA SP-8112 "Pressurization Systems for Liquid Rockets"
NASA SP-8113 "Liquid Rocket Engine Combustion Stabilization Devices"
NASA SP-8119 "Liquid Rocket Disconnects, Couplings, Fittings, Fixed Joints, and Seals"
NASA SP-8120 "Liquid Rocket Engine Nozzles"
NASA SP-8121 "Liquid Rocket Engine Turbopump Rotating-Shaft Seals"
NASA SP-8123 "Liquid Rocket Lines, Bellows, Flexible Hoses, and Filters"
NASA SP-8124 "Liquid Rocket Engine Self-Cooled Combustion Chambers"
NASA SP-8125 "Liquid Rocket Engine Axial-Flow Turbopumps"
NASA SP-8025 "Solid Rocket Motor Metal Cases"
NASA SP-8039 "Solid Rocket Motor Performance Analysis and Prediction"
NASA SP-8041 "Captive-Fired Testing of Solid Rocket Motors"
NASA SP-8051 "Solid Rocket Motor Igniters"
NASA SP-8064 "Solid Propellant Selection and Characterization"
NASA SP-8073 "Solid Propellant Grain Structural Integrity Analysis"
NASA SP-8075 "Solid Propellant Processing Factors in Rocket Motor Design"
NASA SP-8076 "Solid Propellant Grain Design and Internal Ballistics"
NASA SP-8093 "Solid Rocket Motor Internal Insulation"
NASA SP-8115 "Solid Rocket Motor Nozzles"
Structures/Mechanical Systems
NASA SP-8056 "Flight Separation Mechanisms"
NASA SP-8108 "Advanced Composite Structures"

Federal Screw Thread Standards

Chemical Tech Reports & MSDS
For Popular Propellant Chemicals
Aluminum Powder MSDS
Ammonium Nitrate (AN) MSDS
AN Chemical Data
Ammonium Perchlorate (AP) MSDS
Barium Nitrate MSDS
Beryllium MSDS
Chromium Oxide MSDS
Copper Chromite MSDS
Cupric Oxide MSDS
Desensitized RDX MSDS
Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) MSDS
Dioctyl Adipate (DOA) MSDS
Ferric Oxide MSDS
Guanidine Nitrate MSDS
Hydroxyl-Terminated Polybutadiene (HTPB) MSDS
Isodecyl Pelargonate (IDP) MSDS
Iron Oxide Chemical Data
Isonate 143L Data
Lead Nitrate MSDS
Lithium Aluminum Hydride MSDS
Lithium Hydride MSDS
Lithium Perchlorate MSDS
Magnesium Chemical Data
Magnesium Metal Powder MSDS
Nitrous Oxide MSDS
PolyBD Resin General
PolyBD Resin Urethanes
Potassium Nitrate MSDS
Potassium Perchlorate (KP) Chemical Data
Potassium Perchlorate MSDS
Sodium Nitrate MSDS
Strontium Carbonate MSDS
Strontium Nitrate MSDS
Sulphur MSDS
Titanium Sponge MSDS
Triethanolamine MSDS
Tungsten Metal Powder MSDS
Uranium Metal MSDS
Zinc Metal Powder MSDS
Zirconium Carbide MSDS
Zirconium Metal Powder MSDS

The Air Force Chemical Equilibrium Specific Impulse Code is a DOS-based program that calculates the specific impulse and other thermodynamic properties of any propellant formulation. The program features a simple interface with on-screen instructions that make it easy to navigate through the data entry process.

Note: Download this file to an empty folder on your hard drive, and double-click it to decompress the individual files. Run the program “INP.EXE” and follow the on-screen instructions to generate an Isp “run file”. Then run the program “ISP.EXE” and enter the name of the Isp run file you just created. ISP then creates an “OUTPUT.DAT” file that can be read and edited with a word processor. More information can be found in the “HLP.DOC” file.

Air Force Chemical Equilibrium Specific Impulse Code (AFCESIC) & Related Files
RCS Altitude Program Listing in BASIC
NASA CEA 400 Chemical Equilibrium Code & Manuals
Propep Chemical Equilibrium Code

AFCESIC Data Output Examples (PDF format)
Nitrous Oxide (N2O) as a monopropellant
Ethylene Oxide monopropellant
Hydrogen Peroxide monopropellant
Nitromethane monopropellant
N2O Bipropellants
N2O Hybrids
Black Powder 75/15/10
60% AN/20% Mg/20% HTPB
82% AP/18% HTPB
70% AP/16% Al/14% HTPB
GAP monopropellant
76% AP/24% GAP
56% AP/18% AL/26% GAP
65% AP/20% Mg/15% HTPB
72% AP/10% Ti/18% HTPB
62% AP/20% Zr/18% HTPB

RCS Design Calculators in MS Excel Format

Try these handy calculators based on MS Excel. They save a lot of time when designing motors and creating “what if” scenarios.

Binder Calculator
Burn Rate Exponent Calculator by Terry McCreary
Core Kn & Kn Calculator for BATES Grains
Core Kn Calculator for C-Slot Grains
Engineering Properties Calculator for Solids of Revolution
Igniter Sizing Calculator
Pressure From Thrust Calculator
Propellant Weight & Isp Calculator for BATES Grains
Propellant Weight & Isp Calculator for C-Slot Grains
Propellant Density Calculator

Regulatory References
ATFE - List of Explosive Materials
ATF F 5400.13
ATF Orange Book 2000
Federal Firearms Law
CSFM Laws & Regulations
CSFM Publications & Applications
Daveyfire EX-Numbers
DOT Forms and Publications
DOT HAZMAT Phone Directory
DOT Interpretations
DOT Regulation Excerpts
Federal Register Rules
How to Use the Hazmat Regulations
FAA Proposal 12/30/99
FAA/CST Final Rule 4/21/99
FAR 101 Regulations
29 CFR §1910.119.pdf
Domestic Mail Manual
Publication 52