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Tsewong Rinpoche Chod

Chod: Cutting Through


Chöd is a  spiritual path that “cuts through” obstacles, negativity and self-delusion, while relying on Feminine Wisdom energy to purify body, mind and spirit. Combining all the elements of Tibetan Buddhism in a single practice, it brings about a direct experience of one’s inner brilliance and original wisdom. The practice of Chöd cultivates fearlessness, certainty and unrelenting compassion, connecting us to our deepest core.

The unique combination of sacred song, ritual instruments, visualization and supreme generosity creates a rich tapestry that reweaves our everyday experience and redefines our limited sense of self.

Chod is the essence of all Dharma,
It is the summit of all spiritual paths
It is the quintessence of sutra and tantra condensed into one.
It is the dharma that liberates the 4 demons on their own ground.
It is the supreme method to directly dispel the 5 poisons.
It is the axe that cuts the  tree of self-clinging at its root.
—MaChik Labdrön, founder of the practice of Chod.


The School

The School of Tibetan Healing Chod offers the only comprehensive training in the living tradition of Chod, as preserved in the vast and isolated Himalayan regions for a millennium. This six-part program provides an opportunity to learn the full scope of Chod, giving them the ability to:

  • Clear hindering karmic stains, accumulated over thousands of lifetimes.
  • Heal others, purifying the five elements of body and mind.
  • Heal the land, and change disturbances in the environment.
  • Experience true warriorship, creativity, human warmth, grounding and the wisdom of the the five-fold mandala of Sacred Being.
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The Chod Journey

We will discover a vast and profound reservoir of methods for benefiting oneself and others within the field of Chod. Through progressive studies, participants will become conversant with all the texts associated with the Chod of MaChik, Nyingtig and Dudjom systems, as well as that of other treasure revealors. With live trainings and distance learning modules one can can receive a comprehensive trainings as a Chöpa; And gain the ability to take the brilliance and power of this ancient, yet living Chod tradition  into the complexity and chaos of modern life.


MODULE 1: Entering the Mandala

  • Training in the basic principles of Cho background, ritual structure, offerings, guests, etc.
  • The meaning, function and use of damaru, kangling and bell.
  • Machik Yidam practice, 2 essential short Chö practices, and more.
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MODULE 2: Machik Tradition

  • Training in the daily Chod Lujin, as practiced in the Kagyu tradition
  • the Chod Ngondro of Shuksep Ani Lochen
  • The 13 Red and White Feasts
  • The short Chöd Cham or sacred dance

MODULE 3: Nyingtik Tradition

  • Training in the Laughter of the Dakinis
  • Teachings on the Nyensa, Environmental Healing.
  • Advanced demonology; recognizing and dealing with uprisings.
Chod Certificate


MODULE 4: The Grand Cycles of Chod

  • Training in the Rinpoche Tsogley Trengwa and full day practices.
  • Chod protector practice, Kangwa, dakini practice, guru yoga.
  • The meaning of tsok; Using the RTT as a short daily practice.. etc.

MODULE 5: The Healing Rituals

  • Training in the 4 main healing rituals of MaChik.
  • The meaning of Ransom and the practice of torma making.
  • Introduction to Elemental Healing in relation to Chö.

MODULE 6: The Dudjom Tradition

Lujin and daily practice of Dudjom Lingpa’s Chod tradition.

The Four Feasts and Troma Yidam practice (Ngondro).

Introduction to the full-day Dudjom Troma Chöd.


The Distance Connection

In order to make these precious teachings available to the widest possible audience, the entire comprehensive training in Chod is being offering as a distance learning model. Students receive all texts, slides, sound files of teachings and sadhanas, as well as live online transmissions and empowerments. Thus suitable practitioners anywhere in the world can now draw great benefit from this training, and ultimately spread the teachings of Chod even further.

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Free Downloads include:

  • Short Chod Tsok of MaChik
  • MP3 of Tsok Melody
  • Protector Practice of P. Lingpa
  • MaChik Thangka download: finest available anywhere.. really!

Coming soon...

  • Kongtrul's Offering to Chod Protectors
  • Prayer to MaChik (not published before.)

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