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Some Folks's Lives Don't Suck!

Go to some group events. Observe the folks there. Some of their lives don't suck. You'll see. Or go to another event, and you'll eventually see it.

You may have been hangin with folks, who always complainin bout how life sucks, you got to fight all the time, and stuff like that. That kind, of talkin, has held you back. You will find some new folks, who don't talk that way.

What Cool Fun Things I Want To Do In Case I Am So Bored!

Flexible Solar PanelYour life is more fun when you pull your family together. You are wonderin "what cool fun things I want to do in case I am so bored?"

Givin to others makes your life to be more fun. Give a gift to a family member or an adult homeowner who is in your life. You can really surprise somebody when you give to them somethin for their home, that they maybe never heard of before, but will save them some money. These are the latest thing. They are called flexible solar panels.

Somebody is goin to be really surprised and pleased when you give to them those panels! When you see how pleased they are, it will be fun for you!


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Survival List

72 Hour Kits

Red Baxter always recommends that you put the King James Biblical Bible on the top of your survival list. Next after your King James Biblical Bible, he advises you to put "team" on your survival list. When you are part of a team, and not a wanderin loner, skills can be specializ-ed, there can be division of labor, and more can get done.

Moreover, you will be safer in a team, provided that you have well done IFF. Red Baxter does not regard family here as a team, but several families form a team.

72 hour kits are needed. Red Baxter recommends that you have 2 of them: one, of your 72 hour kits, never gets opened until the emergency, except to replace perishable components, such as batteries. The second kit is to practice your skills each week's end.





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Jesuit Eric Jon Phelps Vyzygoth Szymanski Kolvenbach Solution

Peter Hans Kolvenbach made the jesuit history to be adversarial, to us. Ratzinger the pope acts, as though he took the jesuit oath. Phelps wrote vatican assassins, which Leo Zagami, and so-called "father" Alberto Rivera, agree with, anent the council of Trent blue army. The alternative government solutions are found on this page.
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Clear Alternative

Miley Cyrus is not a good example for you to follow, if you are lookin for fun games for girls. She has plugged into the old world order, in exchange for celebrity status. This is a huge no-no. "The old order changeth, makin way for the new".

Fun games for girls, what is the clear new positive alternative com to the old world order? Have you ever tried skippin rope? I mean with a girl on each end, and take turns jumpin in and out, while recitin rhymes together. Physical activity makes you feel better than the things you do sittin down.

The old bosses know their order is dyin, and so they have created a fake "new world order", but it is not the clear new positive alternative com, as any decent mature researcher will tell you.

Have you ever heard of "trauma based mind control"? Miley's boss company has a reputation of being one of the worst torture slave control centers on Earth.

The clear new positive alternative com for me is Red Baxter Ministries, the alternative government, where you can use your time and energy in service to the right complete problem solution. CLICK NOW to offer your help Volunteer Computer Work


Establish the alternative world


Indoor Or Outdoor Gardening

When it comes to food storage, LDS has their act together.


Let Prem Rawat Answer Your Questions About The Third Alternative

Maharaji is the source of happiness in this world.

I am the Alternative Government.
Prem Rawat / Maharaji - UNO address
by veryvishal | video info

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Solution To Jesuits, Illuminati, Vatican Assassins Eric Jon Phelps

Tell me how you want things to be: Volunteer Programs. Offer your help!

Clear Alternative - To quote from a movin picture, "There are 2 kinds of people in this world."

Maybe you have seen the flic? Every time the character said that, he named 2 categories. Every time he said it, the categories were different, new, from the last time he said it.

What are the 2 categories for our purposes? There are those who don't want to know about the secret societies behind the nwo, and those who know somethin about them, but who lament and fear, but have no proposal what to do instead.

Well guess what - c'mon guess. If you guessed that I am the third alternative, then YOU WIN!

This website tells you examples of how the "third alternative" thinkin works. Make yourself t'home, and find out how to think like a real Alternative Government supporter!

The clear alternative for me is Truman Keesey, the alternative government, where you can use your time and energy in service to the only solution. To find out more: Volunteer Work Locally

Now you have the real new happier alternative com.




This Is A Big Eye-Opener!

Here is why the protestant churches have become so blah. It was done on purpose by the jesuits. After you watch this one, go to the christian music website.
RARE 1983PART 1 Jesuit Infiltration Ex Jesuit Alberto Rivera
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Here Is The Real Solution To Jesuits, Illuminati, Mind Control, Reptilians, NWO!

Find out about THE REAL SOLUTION!

For Emergency Preparedness
Get Your Free Survival Lists. Offer your help!

You have succeeded in becoming alarmed by the information given to you by:

Eric Jon Phelps

Fritz Springmeier

David Icke

Alex Collier

Greg Szymanski

Alex Jones

"father" Alberto Rivera

ex illuminati Leo Zagami

John Todd

and others

about the jesuit order, peter hans kolvenbach, adolfo nicholas, ratzinger the pope, reptilians, the new world order, and mind control.

Now you want to know what we can do about it.

Nevertheless, whether, or not, you are a white nationalist, it is best to be prepared with survival supplies: Emergency Preparedness. Tell Red Baxter how you want things to be.

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First Get Water

Your highest priority requirement is getting water.

That Which You Require Next And Next

The second consideration changes by whether your land's temperature is too hot or too cold. If "yes", then next comes shelter, followed by eats. In a moderate land's temperature, grub is after water, followed by shelter. These principles work if you are stationary or travelling about, tribal or solo-minded.

Next Find Out If You Are Group-Oriented, Otherwise Asocial

How do you imagine yourself in the emergency time, that you are equipping yourself for? Are you with your household? Are you with a squad of broods, or even functioning together with a neighborhood? Or do you picture yourself all alone, and shrinking from hostiles?

If you imagine yourself, or your family, or your little team as being solo and itinerant, then I counsel that you develop more of a social sense, along with a greater amount of faith. Somebody, of one of the tribes of strangers, found temporarily dwelling in North America upon our arrival in this continent, said "A man without tribe is crazy."

According to prophecy, there will be people, who will have no grace, no protection, who are scheduled to disappear owing to their evilness. My rede to you is not to share your fate with those types, nor to be like them, as an individual.

Revelation 11

18 "...thy wrath is come...that you should give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and should destroy them which destroy the earth."

Now let's see whether you are to be damned or saved.

Are you 1 who is prophesied to be destroyed? Even individual members, of the condemned groups, have the potential not to be destroyed, as the following passage proves.

Luke 3

7 "Then said he to the many that came forward to be baptized of him, O generation of snakes, who has warned you to flee from the wrath to come?

8 "Bring forth therefore fruits worthy of repentance...."

Below are some, of the types of survivalist gear. One's thinking can add kindred styles in the inventory, in their appropriate places.

Wandering -- Not Having Any Long Range Cache

Included in your survivalist gear, you perchance have conveyances, to wit boats, airplanes, or SUV's, or you might be a pedestrian. In such a state, you have to have practiced abilities, to get water, make fire, capture animals for food, forage for wild plant food, build shelter, and more. I said rehearsed abilities, not just skills that you studied from videos or books.

1) By yourself and travelling about with only those items you [have|take with you|carry} in your pockets

2) By yourself and vagabond having a 72-hour kit. The 72-hour kit is invented for short-term survival states. It will help you, if you would be vagabond, yet 'tis truly intended for a condition when you will go back to regular conditions promptly, alternatively you find some type of institution or agency which takes care of sufferers from a disaster.

3) Solo and vagabond bearing a bug-out bag. Carrying the bug-out bag you may have your home on your back, therefore the demand for building emergency shelter is not a skill that you would have to have practiced in this case.

4) Wandering with household or modestly sized group (12 or less). Each member of your squad could have more gear, and need less skills.

At Your Regular Dwelling

You will have nourishment and water stashed, or else your team will have them stored, or both. A variety of electrical and heat acquisition, of the ilk of wind power, Tesla power, solar power, or geothermal power will be put in place by you, or by your group, or both.

5) Alone in your fixed abode.

6) Belonging to a brood in your fixed abode.

7) A member of a small squad of neighbors -- Work on relations with your neighbors, and find out who would make preparations with you, and to work on abilities.

8) Part of a neighborhood, accompishing things as a group -- Like to the above, except that you get the county or city agencies to cooperate, or else make an ilk of neighborhood movement that is independent of any agency.

9) Part of a kindred, accompishing things in concert, under a headman -- This is the type of headman whom we discover by having family reunions on a large scale, for a number of years.

10) Following a leader of a nation (also called a "folkdom") -- Don't be fooled, what are known as "national" big wheels in the mass media are actually more like traitors. I am trying to say that you support a true national big wheel, somebody that can't be called your prison warden nor your boss. These don't really exist, or, rather they are in existence, but folks have become so fooled, by the mass media, that they have accepted "overseers" and not looked for real true commanders. If celebs are "seen on the screen", they are not sincere.

Before you go to the website, in the next paragraph, please leave your thoughts in the comment field. We would like to know that, which you share! Gratitudes to you!

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