Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some Conservatives are Just Asshats Too

Someone needs to explain to me the thinking in the conservative circles of America right now. Granted they all hate and I mean loathe Barack Obama. As my readers also know I am anything but a fan of the President. But what the hell is this adoration for Ron Paul? Are they totally out of the gourds? Do they not understand anything that man espouses? Do they not understand that his thinking is not even rational? That he has absolutely no understanding of the Constitution and its aegis. That he lacks any background in foreign policy and economics (just because he sits on a committee in Congress doesn’t mean he has any clue as to what’s going on beyond his own little microsphere). That his policies, so very 20th century isolationist, are what got us caught unawares on December 7, 1941. Does no one on the conservative right read a history book, law book or economic treatise?

Limited Constitutional Government. The Constitution as stated in previous posts sets out the powers, and obligations of the federal government. It details the limits on the federal government vis-avis the citizens of this country. It states that the purpose of government is to propel our nation forward and not to promote anyone person or party. So what does it mean to have federal power? The federal government regulates commerce. It creates monies and the armed forces. It promotes foreign policy. It levies taxes, yes income tax, it’s called the 16th amendment to the Constitution. It organizes the federal judiciary and creates a system of courts. The federal government is in charge of protecting and defending the US as a whole from all enemies foreign and domestic, you have the Justice Department, the FBI, NSA, Defense Intelligence Agency, State Department Security Division, the Treasury Department and of course the CIA.

Economics, Taxes and Commerce. So the federal government is needed to secure our commerce, defend the nation, provide for safety and security and protection from criminalities. So what is commerce? It is the interaction between states that cause a moving of goods and services from money or the equivalent. The lifeblood of a nation is basically what it is worth. If the goods do not flow, the nation does not prosper. If the goods do not flow, people have no income and can’t exist. If the goods do not flow, there are no monies for police, fire fighters, schools, roads, hospitals, libraries, community centers/pools( to name just a few of the everyday services that our monies and our government provides the average person.) Are the services always done well? Are the services always done without waste or graft? No, of course not. When you have human beings in charge, things will tend to get a little messed up. But what you do is turn around review the problem and fix it. Not throw the baby out with the proverbial bathwater.

Commerce needs to be regulated by one central organization. The Constitution decided it should be the federal government. Before under the Articles of Confederation, the United States looked like European nations vying with one another to control the destiny of the continent. It not only didn’t work, it led to chaos, and a deadly rebellion. So when it came time to produce the Constitution, the founding fathers recognized that there needed to be conformity in commerce. But conformity doesn’t just mean what your money looks like, or what regulations will be imposed. It also means producing the means of transportation, building proper roads, maintaining a rail and air system; supporting the ways to get goods and people moving from one end of this country to the next. Remember most of our products still go by truck, not rail and not air. I have news for everyone too, in the event of an attack; we need to be able to move the army, where ever it needs to go. Granted it didn’t work so well on 9/11 but we learned a lesson on what was lacking in the plan and (hopefully) fixed it. This is a matter of national security not some, lone cowboy bullshit that” I can just ride my horse into town when I gets me some hungry pangs or take out my six-shooter and fight off them thar bandits.” It means a concerted effort on the part of our national government to coordinate and regulate all modern commerce, transportation, industry (including every inch of our infrastructure)and military to make sure that we as a nation is not caught with our pants around our ankles again. It’s happened too often. Twice in our world is more than enough (for those that don’t know history I mean Dec 7, 1941(Pearl Harbor Day) and Sept 11, 2001 (World trade Center and Pentagon Attack))

It also means safeguarding the nation’s most important industries. I don’t get the brouhaha about the bailouts. Several banks took money because the government asked them to and they paid it back with interest. We, the American tax payer, made money on the deal. I don’t get the brouhaha about the GM bailout? They just paid back a large part of the loan with interest today. We the American taxpayer made money on the deal. Should we have allowed the financial system to collapse and have another Great depression? Should we have allowed GM to go out of business, costing not one, not two, not three thousand jobs, but millions? It is not just about the guy who stands on the factory floor turning the screw in the doorknob of a car. It’s about the little town in Iowa that depends for its lifeblood on the fact that it even makes the head of that screw. This is the real world not some fantasy land that nothing is connected and that all men are an island unto themselves. This isn’t Little House on the Prairie where you live alone plowing your fields and hope that you will make enough to survive another year. Heck, even Little House on the Prairie wasn’t Little House on the “I live on my own” Prairie. Society and people are interconnected and need each other in order to survive. Heck Cro-Magnon man figured that one out 250,000 years ago. By the way, you want GM to pay back the debt, buy a GM car; I just did, ordered myself a Chevy. One big ass American car for some big growing American boys to fit in and to learn to drive on. (Watch out here they come)

Even more than just letting industry not die because of the economic reality, how about not letting industry die because we need to go back to making things in this country. The computer craze started here. The creation of the personal computer started in this country. We developed it. We ran the research and development. We ran the production and distribution. Now how many computers are made in the US? Where is the micro-chip made that every computer, car, appliance, machine gun and ballistic missile is dependent upon. It’s not here. It’s not in this country. How much steel is made in this country? How much clothing is made in this country? How much of anything is produced in this country anymore? We are dependent upon foreign nations that hate our guts. It’s not just an issue of borrowing money from them to pay our bills. If there is ever an international war, we can no longer defend ourselves. We are at the mercy of tyrants, dictators and oligarchs. So the reality is that instead of not bailing out industries, we need to fix them. We need to bring industries back here and make it worth their while to stay, or government has to change some of the laws that govern corporations, so that the board of directors are not liable for not making a profit because they chose to stay in the US (corporate fiduciary obligations). Somethings got to give and we need to go back to developing our nation and not deciding to hide our heads in the sand or in the latest (made in China) iPod.

Foreign Policy. Ok, don’t get me started here.(here, here, here, here) Let’s pull back and just decide that the bad guys are not going to come across the border. Has no one ever heard of the airplane? What are these idiots going to do, build a bubble dome over the United States and wait for everything to blow over? Going to be waiting an awful long time, figure mankind has been pissing each other off for; oh I don’t know, since the dawn of civilization. Ok, you can revoke posse comitatis, something these guys seem to not be bothered by, and put the military on our boarders to shoot anyone crossing over the line. (Ironic don’t you think, that they don’t want the government taxing everyone and providing an appropriate infrastructure but having the military running up and down your street seems just fine with them) That might work, but Iran will have a missile that will reach the United States in a few years. Don’t know about you, but not sure the Mullahs really respect territorial integrity of another nation-state. Oh yeah, according to Paul it’s all the Jews fault (heard that one on Imus this morning too). Yes, those terrible Jews in Israel who take American money and don’t promptly die, thereby ending the American problem in the Middle East. (Well you know how stiff necked and stubborn those people happen to be.)The fact that Iran wants to commit genocide against Israel and then the US (yes, they hate America more than Israel)doesn’t really faze this individual congressman from Texas. Oh, no. Israel is the trouble maker. Heck, he thinks that if the US abandons Israel and gets out of the Middle East, including withdrawing all our troops from the gulf, then Iran would not want to bother with us. Yes, folks this man is in Congress. Now you know why the government is so screwed up.  

UPDATE 8/16/11 Paul this morning seems to be saying that the US should leave Israel alone and let her do what she pleases. The fact that his supporters yelled antisemitic epithets at Donald Rumsfeld during a speech (They yelled "shekel" "shekel" at him implying that his allegiance is to Israel not the USA. What an insult to a Man who has given a lifetime of service to this country.) should give everyone pause as to this new found Paul affinity for Israel independence on how to deal with Iran. One wonders if he thinks that by backing off of his condemnation of Israel, the big Joowish lobby is going to give him money and help get him elected.  He additionally constantly says that his positions are not antisemitic because some Jews agree with him...need I go on....or is enough said on this issue?

There is no acknowledgement of the history of the region. There is no understanding of the need for oh, let’s say oil to run our industries, and transportation, and infrastructure. But then again, he doesn’t want to tax anyone and have the government fix any of those sectors of the country either. He decided that we should give no foreign aid what so ever. There is no recognition that not one penny of military ad ever leaves the United States (that by the way is for any nation that is granted military support). American tax money must be spent on American industry. It’s sort of like a modern make-work program for the largest industries in our country. It helps keep business flowing, so that in the event that we need the military hardware then the factories are already up and running. Plus our friends get to use the weaponry first and find out its kinks, so that by the time American soldiers use it, there may be less problems and less reason to think that the weaponry will fail in battle. (Heck such a terrible cost to tax payers to find out problems that will save American soldier’s lives).

Oh and lets not forget we should not give any foreign aid to anyone anywhere. We should just let the world, go about its business. We should let dictators ruin their nations. We should let drought and starvation kill millions. We should let the evil that is abundant in our world run amok while we sit back and do nothing. We should let the people in Haiti wallow. We should let drought take the people in Africa. We should let tsunamis ravage Asia. We should let illness and disease thin out the population of the world. We should let unfettered commerce just go about its business and exploit or kill billions. I can’t decide whether it’s true laissez-faire capitalism that is being promoted by Paul or quite frankly a modern form of eugenics.

I don’t know this man’s psychology and quite frankly I have no desire to. Anyone who sides with this person is not a decent person in my book and you need not return to my blog. Not interested in your diatribes or your bullshit or your ignorance. If you truly believe this man is right that we need to forget about the community of nations and just turn inwards like a bunch of spoiled inadequate persons then you have forgotten what American is all about. Paul is not the answer. To follow this man is to follow in the footsteps of those who hid while Hitler came to power and to march America into another World War only this war will not take years to finish but hours and minutes. In other words, to follow this man from Texas you are just an asshat.


  1. Liz DitzApr 21, 2010 12:12 PM
    Paul is a loon and should be an embarrassment to the right.

    What happened to principled conservatism?
  2. Independent PatriotApr 21, 2010 03:15 PM
    I have no idea what happened to conservatism.I have to tell you I don't know what happened to the entire country. I was raised in the era of Reagan and believed in a strong defense coupled with compassion. It is totally gone, thrown away for lunatics and morons. The country needs a strong way out of the mess its in. I am not sure where that person is coming from.
    I really don't know where people get the idea that government is not supposed to be there for the average person. There is a societal contract between government and the governed. You do your best to be a good citizen and in the event that you need some help society is there for you. It is how the world always worked. We just did it in smaller doses back when the world was a smaller place. But the theory is still the same.
    I for one do not mind paying my taxes, what I mind is the crap they spend it on. Pelosi spent tens of thousands of dollars on VSOP liquor for her airplane, meanwhile the child on WIC behind me in the market, was only entitled to hald a gallon of milk for the month. I am tired of funding an imperial Congress and government. I want my money to go to help people in need in this country not to pay for self-indulgent pols and bureaucrats. But we come back to the same thing again, who is going to force the government to change if we the people do not stand up and shout, no more.

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