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Happy new year! [01-01-2012]

I wish you all a happy and healthy year 2012 and want to show you that the Unreal community is far from being dead:
The website stats are showing 658943 !!!! visits now for the year 2011 (real visits not hits)!


UnrealSecrets [31-12-2011]

Final version of the Unreal Secret Area Guide Released by Rob_KC A.K.A SnakeBite!
This guide contains Secret Areas, EasterEggs, Secrets shown by Nalis, tips, and cheat codes from both Unreal1 and Unreal Return to Napali singleplayer and deathmatch maps!
Check it out here:

Merry Christmas to all of you [25-12-2011]

Again its Christmas time and as every year I would like to wish you all a merry Christmas!
Take care and enjoy these few hopefully happy days.


Unreal 227h patch release [02-06-2011]

It took longer than intended, but work kept me busy and some bugs have been more tricky than expected.
The reported bugs have been fixed and I wish you all a lot of fun!

Details can be found in the Release Notes
You can download it directly from here:
Please read the FAQ if you encounter any problems and ask in the Forums.

UnrealSP.Org 10th Anniversary Speedmapping Contest commencing soon [14-04-2011]

Our sister site UnrealSP.Org is hosting a mapping contest on April 21, in time for their 10th Anniversary. The objective is to create a SP map or map-pack within 6 weeks using purely stock Unreal content. Both Unreal and UT99 mappers are welcome, and the special focus lies on creating a classic experience that will be compatible with all platforms. Visit the UnrealSP.Org forums to read up on the contest rules.

Unreal 227g patch release bug devil [06-04-2011]

Seems the bug devil came into 227g despite all efforts to squash the bugs. There are a few, not even hard to fix, but annoying bugs in 227g which force me to update to 227h soon. So please continue testing and expect the "hotfix" version within the next days!

Unreal 227g patch release [05-04-2011]

The patch is up and can be downloaded in the download section.

If you are interested in the new features, such as AlphaBlending, StaticMeshes, ShadowProjectors etc. have a look into the 227g release notes.

Overall it contains over 400 fixes and additions compared to the old versions and a lot of work has been invested into UED2.1 development. So the most annoying bugs should be gone now, its more stable and has a lot of new nice features.
Details about UED2.1 are in the UED2.1_Release_Notes.

Remember, we put a hell a lot of work in it and although all involved people gave their best and the relative small number of testers was increased compared to 227f, it's still quite impossible to test any setup or configuration with our small crew.It will have to show now if we missed something :)

The 227g patch is now available for both Unreal (Classic) and Unreal Gold / Anthology with full Return to Napali (RTNP/UPak) support.

There is a new complete Russian translation which is included in the patch. Also the Linux version works now with unicode and enables to use the different charsets for the included translations.

I hope for good results and if there is something bothering you, report it in the 227 Forum section.

As previous releases 227g is not (net)compatible with older 227 versions (such as 227e, 227f etc.) to keep the best compatibility to the old original versions 224,225,UGold and to provide the best stability. Also a couple of security issues have been found and fixed so using 227f becomes of now deprecated.

227g re-unites the different Unreal versions, once applied its finally possible to play with Unreal, Unreal Gold and Unreal Anthology in one server, removing the old compatibility issues we had to suffer, caused by the publishers of these versions who were entirely disregarding net compatibility.
The patch can be applied to the Steam versions also and is fully working, but I have no idea how Steam is handling this version then. Reports are welcome.

Server admins who are running 227f should update because of that soon.

When updating you should be aware that this is a full installer again and if you want to keep your old ini settings you need to backup your ini files and update them manually (Unreal.ini and User.ini are being replaced due to new settings).

Also due to the new cache handling (cache search is improved) it is recommended to empty your cache folder if you run into troubles after installation, or at least ensure that there are no System files in the cache like UPak.u if you run Unreal Gold or Anthology.

Have fun!

Merry Christmas to all of you [25-12-2010]

Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, I would like to wish you all a merry Christmas!
Have a good time with your friends and family

So I wish you all a happy and healthy new year.


Server maintenance / Forums down[06-12-2010]

The forums are up again since this night, but some permissions had to been corrected yet. They are working now entirely again. If you are still experiencing problems try to empty your browser cache.


Server maintenance / Forums down[05-12-2010]

It seems we have some Forum downtime due to the ongoing Server maintenance. Don't worry, it will be up again soon.


UnrealED Dungeon Maker has been released![29-10-2010]

With it you can create complete dungeons without any mapping experience and play them inside Unreal. The editor exists out of a two dimensional grid and alot of tiles, you are probably guessing it already:
Draw a hallway, add some corners or curves at the endings, go to the actor list, paste some lights in and a playerstart and there you have it, your first Unreal map!
The tiles are fully customizable, but more important you can add your own tiles too! ( You will need mapping experience though )
The editor gets alot of updates and the tiles, actors, plugins and you name it are all updatable on a single click, this means you can get the latest tiles that others made and you can use them for your own maps right away. Including not only help files ( wich are updated for every new release automaticly ) there is also an optional chat so you can ask live questions or talk to other developers currently inside the program!
The dungeon maker for Unreal is developed by Henry00³ ( de Jongh ).
You can find it in the Editing Tools section for download, questions can be asked here in the forums.


Forum Maintenance[06-08-2010]

The forum update took longer than expected because by some "funny" coincidence the server broke down at the same time. But my hosting service fixed this pretty fast, so most things are done by now.


Forum Maintenance[05-08-2010]

Due to some maintenance the forum will be offline a while today.


Unreal single player project "Forgotten" updated [21-06-2010]

Forgotten has been updated to version 1.2

This version fixes all of the bugs that have been reported on various reviews/forums/PMs.
It also makes numerous changes to the gameplay/graphical detail and music.

Unreal single player project "Forgotten" released [26-01-2010]

Forgotten is a Map pack created by Andrew "Sinistral" Allison for Unreal 227.
It utilises some of the features of the unofficial Unreal 227f patch.
Forgotten consists of six new levels, plus two new cut-scenes.

For details check it out at:

Merry Christmas to all of you [25-12-2009]

Give and forgive, don't forget this.
Also take care about your health, once lost or wasted by unreasonable behavior such a s smoking, drinking, etc. it maybe will never come back.

So I wish you all a healthy new year.


A new mod called StargateUnreal ( SGU ) is coming soon! [30-06-2009]

It has many features and a awesome storyline. It also has RPG style players, Awesome inventory like a Radar, Camera's, Awesome guns, Online savegame meaning you can do whatever you want, and it will stay regardless of traveling or a servercrash.
SGU is based on >20 servers. Linking it all together in a huge network you can travel using Stargates.
In the StargateCommand you can dial any server. This is also the main place where you can enter the game.
Also we got external tools, like a external player radar so you can actually track the players outside of the game.
And because of the many servers we created a chat for easy communication.
This game is coop! Teamspirit is needed!

Check out the

Oldunreal 227f patch release [15-05-2009]

This release is a release canditate!
Although we worked very hard and fixed everything which was reported it is possible that still some (hopefully minor) problems appear.
227f left already the beta stage and can be used for creating mods and maps, but in the contrary to the common opinion the "f" in 227f does not mean "final". Its just a release number like in any previous version before!
A final version will be made once we are really sure to have fixed any bug, even the small and this is only possible after 227f is released and tested for some time.

Nephthys 1.4 release [08-02-2009]

Zora has released version 1.4 of the native server protection mod. Comes also with client features and support for Rune, so go grab it in our downloads section. A complete list of features and changes can be found in the manual.

Happy new Year [31-12-2008 - 01.01.2009]

Oldunreal wishes everyone out there a happy new year and may your dreams come true.

Merry Christmas [24-12-2008]

It's christmas again and I wish you all out there a happy one. Stay with your family and your friends, its the most valuable thing out there. Its not about getting something, give and forgive, thats the idea of it.

Wish ya all the best - Smirftsch

Grand wiki opening [23-10-2008]

After running the wiki pretty silently for a while now, I decided to announce it officially. At the moment it contains information about Unreal, UnrealTournament, and Unreal II.
Much information needs to be added, so feel free to visit it and place your favorite Unreal content there!

Also check it for the Unreal 227 patch FAQ and some admin tips.

Masterservers for Unreal [20-09-2008]

For a few days now the regular Unreal MasterServers are gone. So at the moment there are only a very few or no servers at all are in the browserlist.
In the meantime three very reliable people from the Unreal community are providing us Masterservers:,SA|Digimes and hLk_Havok
To make your Unreal work with these servers add the following lines to your Unreal.ini:

ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerUplink MasterServerPort=27900
ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerUplink MasterServerPort=27900
ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerUplink MasterServerPort=27900


Please note that the [X] has to be replaced with the correct following number of your ini. So if your last entry is [2] you have to replace it with [3],[4] and [5].

Unreal 227e released [23-07-2008]

Some Server additions, some new features and again many improvements are in this release. Release Notes with details can be found here: 227ReleaseNotes.pdf and of course as usual in our forums.

Unreal 227d released [07-04-2008]

This new version contains aside some other fixes especially a fix for a recently discovered server bug. But some client improvements are included too. Enjoy! :)

Unreal 227c released [01-04-2008]

Again lot of fixes have been applied for clients and some more stability tests and fixes for servers.
The Linux version was improved again, new D3D9 renderer has been added for Windows and many other things have been taken care of. Details can be found as usual in the forums and in the new ingame community news page (embedded in UBrowser).
Bugreports into the forums please.

Unreal 227b testrelease is out!! [10-02-2008]

I'm just uploading the next testrelease of 227. 227b contains many fixes for reported bugs and should be more stable now especially for servers. Still it needs testing, and it hopefully it turns that stable that a final version can be made soon. So happy testing, and please report in the forums.

The new version can be found as usual in the download section (


Unreal 227a testrelease is out and Merry Christmas and a happy new year !! [26-12-2007]

Again one year is past now, and finaly I was able to make the first testrelease for 227. It can be found in the download section, Oldunreal-Patches. Details and installation instructions are in the forums. This is a testrelease, to find remaining bugs and problems, so please report any problems in the forums.
I hope you enjoy the patch!
To help me developing and running this page, every donation is very welcome.

Smirftsch [14-12-2007]

Out of the Unreal-Retexturing project a new site was born. DieHard SCWS made this great site to support Unreal-Engine based games with great high resolution textures. With the new OpenGL renderer included in the OMP package for Unreal which can be found on this site, Unreal is able to display these new texture packages which make Unreal as beautifull as many way younger games. Visit this great site, and thankya very much DieHard for all the work you put in this.

Oldunreal is still alive ;) [01-05-2007]

Oldunreal is still active, it's community and many news can be always found in our forums. As for 227, made a big step today, and soon a first beta can be really now expected. Don't want to be to specific yet about some very unexpected features I managed to realize, but I'm sure many people will like it.


Support and Netfix for Unreal Anthology [30-11-2006]

Some (Old)Unreal community members made a fix to make the Unreal Anthology Boxset version of Unreal netcompatible again. Also installers for the OldunrealMultimediaPatches (OMP) were added. You can find them in the download section.
More details can be found in the forums.
Thanks DieHard & Havok ;)

Nephthys 1.3 public [01-10-2006]

Zora and Winged Unicorn made their latest Nephthys 1.3 public. It is available for download in our download/security section.

Full online again & mirror added. [08-03-2006]

Oldunreal is fully operational again and we have a US mirror now. Other mirrors are in work, but the first mirror is complete.

Parts are back Online [08-02-2006]

I made it to gather a little bit more traffic, to bring back at least the most important parts of the page. But the bigger downloads- including maps and such will have stay offline until the end of the month, sorry that i can't do more.


Offline [07-02-2006]

Due some idiot(s) mass downloading an unreal video, even after i renamed it,i ran out of traffic for Oldunreal. Looks like sabotage.Will be down for this month, maybe longer until i can pay it again. I'm really sorry, but can't afford to put more money into here. This is the second time i have to take down the page since i created it, and it hurts me very much. But every MB costs me now additional money, which i don't have. Even the donations made so far wouldnt be enough to catch it otherwise. Truely it seems, that it doesn't matter how bad a situation is, it always can become worse.

Looks like it really was only one guy. Special Thanx dude, i already reported it to your Provider.


Oldunreal Mainpage Update [20-01-2006]

I reworked the page completely, hope i found all problems, dead links - if not, drop me a mail. Be sure to have the latest Browser installed, page tested and seems to work fine with IE6, Opera, Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox. Firefox needs to be version 1.5 however, 1.07 seems to have a minor problem with css.


Unreal Upgrade Project [12-01-2006]

The first beta release of the Unreal Upgrade project which was created by {KDS}Bozo has been released. It currently replaces the Automag, Minigun and Rifle with upgraded features. It can be downloaded by clicking the link below. Unreal Upgrade

You can post questions, comments and report bugs at the Unreal Upgrade forum located here.


This project was implemented to update the standard Unreal One weapons and to support some new capabilities.
Generally, the updated weapons should operate nearly identically to the existing weapons, just better.
Most of the base code has been fully developed at this time.

The new functionality available to the weapons will consist of the following items:
1) Zone Entry/Exit Events will be triggered by all weapon fire.
2) Instant Hit Weapons (AutoMag, Minigun, Rifle) will now operate correctly through Warp Zones.
3) Water, Lava, Slime, and Tar Zones will now slow down the passage of projectiles and reduce their damage FX accordingly.
4) ZoneFluidFriction and ZoneGravity will now affect projectiles inside fluid filled zones (bWaterZone=True).
5) Effects in water and out of water are now different.
6) Sound in water and out of water are now different.
7) FX projectiles such as ShellCases also now follow the new rules.
8) Reflection off of walls is now an option.
9) Most FX now implemented Client Side only. Improved Network support.

Merry Christmas ! [24-12-2005]

Although I know that not everyone out there is Christian, I still like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy, successful good year (it's the idea that counts, isn't it ?)

I hoped to provide Unreal 227 already, but its not going that fast. A pretty good part is made, but a lot of minor bugs and improvements, cheat protections and such still need to be applied. We are working on it.

Thanks to everyone who made a donation, to help me keeping this page alive.

Thanks to all helpers, the projects (especially the HighResTextures are amazing!) , and the active people in the forums for their work.

Maybe the next year will be better for all of us !
- Smirftsch

Unreal-Server Protection update [06-09-2005]

Nephthys - The Mistress of the House - Unreal1 server security mod - is now available in Version V1.1!

The most important changes since Nephthys V1.0 (complete list included in the manual):

* Fixed some false attack detections
* Fixed partly deactivation when playing certain maps
* Documentation extended
* ICMP messages of type 3 (destination unreachable) support fast close of dead clients
* The new NptServerUplink ServerActor now supports custom made master servers

Nephthys is a server-side mod able to detect and automatically block DoS and DDoS attacks, with a couple of other neat features. It protects Unreal servers from many attacks like (distributed) repetitive join/query attacks, zombie bug attacks and fixes several bugs in the Unreal server network code. Nephthys also logs IP addresses and allows moderators to kick or ban players who cause problems. Nephthys is the first tool that is able to balance the server bandwidth between players and downloaders. In this way downloaders never have to cause any lag.

For the complete list of features, please read the included manual.

Available in the download section.

Oldunreal starts working on Unreal 227 [26-08-2005]

Thanks for everyone who took part in making this possible, especially Cliff for redirecting my request to Joe - I owe ya one, and of course Shambler for assisting me in many steps of it.

Special thanks to the Epic Crew and the UTPG-Team,for giving me access to Unreal.

Special thanks to Kerilk for helping me to fix a lot of problems, hunting bugs and developing with me !!

Its possible now to start working on Unreal 227 patch. Please don't write any feature requests for now, currently only bug fixing. Details are in the forums.

I can't make any promises how long it will take, but the first step is done now.


Oldunreal Multimediapatches update V0.2 [15-06-2005]

This update is for the most part a bug fix release. It contains a critical update for FMOD, and some minor fixes for OpenAL. OpenGL is updated to the latest sources utglr30. Should support now masked S3TC based textures. Need testing reports. Fixed ".int" file.
Can be found as usual in the download section.

Oldunreal is proud to present a next generation patch for Unreal and UnrealTournament. [30-05-2005]
Its a complete update for both sound and graphics. 2 new sound drivers for based on OpenAL and FMOD are included as well as an enhanced OpenGL renderer for every Version Unreal 224,225(Sound only),226,UGold and UnrealTournament Version 4.36 and 4.51

Its the first beta version, so bugs can be expected, but with your help and reports they can be fixed

Here is a short overview, more details can be found in the download section and included in every patch as pdf file. Bugs and news are reported in the forums @ oldunreal.

True Surround Sound (means you now can really hear where your opponents are, 100% precise)

Hardware Sound (how many channels usable depends on the used Soundcard)
Support for Reverb (unfortunately not the original implemented modell, not possible with hardware sound, and maybe never will). EAX2.0 for different ambients: Zones within Unreal now have a special ambient for every type like Water, Lava, Slime, Nitrogen and Tarzone.

Music Output based on FMOD

New maps can be enhanced with the following ambients (placed as zoneinfo EAXZone in UED) :

and can be combined (but must'nt be) with specific custom settings:

Environment Diffusion

Because of its development state this driver is currently not having that many features like OpenAL does, but it supports the original Unreal Reverb (echoes)- like it should be - good examples are Vortex2 and Nyleve. Maybe one day the successor of OpenAL for Unreal, its currently a good choice for low-end cards and 2 Speaker systems. Because fmod seems to be developed itself faster like OpenAL it will maybe replace OpenAL here in Unreal, because of its enhanced features.

The OpenGL updates are made to make Unreal work with new grafix-cards, supporting new features and increase speed. One of the advantages is for example to make so called S3TC (High Res, High Color) textures usable with almost every new card. Those textures can be found on the 2nd UT CD and installed directly for UT and for Unreal with a conversion tool. (check the tools folder in your Unreal\System\tools directory for the tool and a howto) and a new project is working on a reworked S3TC textureset for Unreal as well.

Crystal Castles Version 1.1 released [30-03-2005]

Once upon a time there was a kingdom ruled by King Arthur, who was the best king of any kingdom. But King Arthur's kingdom was taken over by Berthilda the Witch, and the land terrorized by her minions [your opponents]. So one day while King Arthur was looking for recruits to take back his kingdom, he found Bentley [you], napping under his favorite hollow tree trunk. The king turned to his knights beside him and asked, "how will this bear help us in our quests?" One of the knights answered, "Not sure how he may be with the sword sire, but he seems to be strong in stature and mighty in strength." So you were awakened and knighted Sir Bentley. The knights also give you shields [knight shield, health shield {with spell by the Wizard}] and food [fruit and honey] to help you in battle. With minimal training (but lots of courage) you make your way to King Arthur's Kingdom and are instructed to collect all the gems that you find to bring back to the King. You are told that if you find any gold along the way, that it is yours to keep. You are also warned of Berthilda's special powers that allow her to displace you in different locations, some of which may be in different times and space. The King also tells you of a Wizard that was with him, but was unable to defeat Berthilda, but that finding him may assist you in your quest, as he may offer special tools and weapons [Wizard Hat, Crystal Stinger, Stunner, Wizard X] to defeat the witch. Rumor has it that he also possesses the ability to grant you the power to use the Witch's own weapons (Witch's Brew Gun, Witch's Broom) against her. And so your journey begins...

Find it at the homepage or in the modsection for download.


Jurrassic Dinosaurs Monsterpack [30-03-2005]

Jurassic is a monsterpack that comes with 9 new models of dinosaurs that were back in the jurassic age. Jurassic is a free to use monsterpack that you can add to your maps or mods.Some of the classes included are a T-rex, velociraptor, triceratops, pteradactyl and several others. Due to their leathery skin these guys are tough. Best you get your running boots on or take the chance you become one of the hunted. Jurassic is compatiable with both Unreal 1 and UT and comes with all new sounds.
You can find it in the modsection or at the homepage.

Oldunreal needs help [24-02-2005]

Its been a few years now i'm running this page and offering anyone for free the OpenGL patches, different mods, over 1000 Maps and a lot of other stuff for Unreal. Unfortunately i was last year betrayed for a lot of money, so i ran into financial trouble, and as many of you probably recognized my time was very limited, so that i couldn't do as much as i wanted to. Every month about 6 Gigabyte of stuff is loaded from this page with about 6000 visitors.
Unreal is my love and i want to keep the page as is, or better improve and update it more frequently. There are a new projects in work which want to take part here so expect new content.
I don't want to be "paid" to run this page, and i will do everything to keep it, but it would be a great help if the visitors of this page donate me a few bucks now and then- the more i get, the more can i do again.
At this place i want to ask every page which is referring to my archives to put a small notice about a possible donation to help me here.

Hope you see it as the way its meant to be: a request to assure this page stays alive.

To donate klick the PayPal link on the right side.

Thank you for your assistance

MonsterSpawn 2.02 - Unreal and UT [06-01-2005

] MonsterSpawn is a Mutator designed to add just about any type of Monster to just about any type of Unreal 1 or Unreal Tournament type game.
Features include adding Modded Monsters or Standard Unreal Monsters. Monsters can be set to respawn after the amount of time you choose, starting a new wave of monster attacks. Up to 20 monsters at a time of your choice can be added to any map of a possible 60 random choices from 3 monster lists. Monsters always Spawn in random places.
You make your own lists or comes with lists pre-configured. Add monsters to CTF, Assault, DM type games, Co-op etc. Try holding onto that flag with a bunch of Skaarj chasing you down, or adding new or Extra monsters to co-op style game etc.

Can be found here:

or in the mod section.