Jun 8 2010 01:09 PM ET

Lady Gaga premieres 'Alejandro' mini-movie: Watch it here

alejandroI can’t wait to hear Lady Gaga explain her latest video, “Alejandro.” Mostly because after watching it (twice!), I have absolutely no clue what’s going on beyond the obvious. The video starts with a bowl cut-sporting army of men marching in nothing but high shorts and boots. The scene switches to Gaga returning a small red pillowy gift with an “A” on it, presumably Alejandro’s heart, to a queen-like lady in black—also played by Gaga.  Later she strips down to her bra and panties to join the scantily clad men, now in underwear and black high heels, in their sleeping quarters for some dirty dancing.

The next outfit change features her most Madonna-esque look yet: black slacks and a matching bra with machine guns attached. The Fame Monster‘s latest clip concludes with a montage of war shots and a funeral. Unlike her last mini-movie, “Telephone,” this offering doesn’t have storyline that’s easy to follow. There’s more room for assumption and guessing. That said, watch the eight minute video after the jump and tell us what you think it’s about. Who died? What caused the war? Who gave those soldiers bowl cuts? I need to know!

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  • Paco

    hmmm after watching it… the main thing I enjoyed in that video was seeing Mark be awesome as always.

    • Naptown Girl

      I know, I’ve noticed him every since she was on the MTV music awards, I love him in SYTYCD. I’m happy he’s found his calling :)

      • crispy

        Why does everyone keep insisting she is copying Madonna? Umm.. NO! She is obviously copying Justin Bieber and his cool style. Shame Lady CooCoo will never be as cool as him! Keep trying Lady CooCoo, we’ll be seeing you in a local bar in about six months ;)

      • Rashad

        That video was VERY INTERESTING and I liked it…I didn’t really understand what was going on, but it was definitely entertaining.

      • Kris

        I’m going to assume you were kidding “crispy” if that is your real name (lol) but I think tween trend, Beiber will be the one performing in a bar in a year (if he can get in). Lady GaGa is a global superstar, I think she’ll be around for a while.

      • u

        Crispy is a troll who likes to get people riled up by comparing Justin Bieber to artists 1,000 times more talented than him and saying that he is better than them. Ignore him and he’ll stop.

      • Steven

        That’s sooo funny… I just realized it was Mark within the last 40 seconds of the video!!

      • kat

        Which one is Mark?!?!?

      • Brett

        Yes, Crispy was kidding. I assume YOU were kidding, too, Kris, with that joke about Gaga being a “global artist”.

      • crispy

        If all these artists are 1,000 times better than Bieber then tell me why is he outsells them all? And all the bands you think are talented? Yeah.. it’s really cute how jealous you are. Sorry for your failed life. Maybe next lifetime God will bless you with the talents of Justin Bieber. Till then just sit and cry in your corner moron ;)

    • RBlues

      I totally agree! I turn into a squealy teenager whenever I spot Mark in all his awesomeness. Yay, Mark!

      • bruno

        i wouldn’t say she’s “copying” madonna. i think it’s more of an homage, and a good one at that. reminds me of vogue, like a prayer, justify my love, evita even…all the good madge videos where she made her mark in pop culture, 2 that were banned. i say if it’s homage it’s so close to perfect i’d blush if i were madge. if she’s trying to being original however, uhhh…maybe no so much. the props are getting a bit kitchy, especially the goggles that can open, and close, open, and close, one and the other, open, and close…otherwise GA! GA!

      • scorpo

        Who is this Mark person everyone speaks of?

      • mlb

        scorpo – Mark was a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance a few seasons back and has toured with Lady Gaga, I think he’ll also be on this season of SYTYCD as one of the “professional” dancers that come back

    • Arizona Governor

      The important question is…”Does Alejandro have his papers?”

    • strickens_girl

      Yes!!! He is so awesome. I kept looking for him the entire time.

  • liz


    • Woot

      So close, yet no.

  • kath

    you know that i love you boy

    • liz

      hot like mexico REJOICE

    • LOL

      Worst Gaga song ever. Surely she has better stuff than this.

      • Sam

        Agreed, it sounds like Ace of Pop and is she so out of ideas that she just takes a bunch of Madonna concepts and throws them in 1 video? Madonna did stuff when it mattered and when it was original, this is just a re-hashed cry for attention. Proof that GaGa is yet another pop princess that bows down to Madonna the Queen!

      • Lisa

        I’m sad to say I agree with you LOL. I am a huge GaGa fan (and I’m 46!). But I’m also old enough to be very familiar with all of Madonna’s songs, videos, and antics in the 80′s. From the beginning, I told my teenagers that GaGa is the new Madonna–shock value, generating her own publicity with the whole “does she have a penis?” thing, and even her voice reminds me of Madonna’s voice in the 80′s. And, writing her own songs.

        But this video is the most blatant Madonna rip-off, even down to the dance moves and the mood. It’s too bad, too, because GaGa is better than this. Maybe she is just running out of ideas because she’s had so much success so quickly.

      • foxdog

        Lisa – At 49 I too am old enough to have experienced the Madonna epoch from start to…. well it’s not finished yet. But as for The Lady, I *heard* several of her songs –on good ol’ FM radio–and just as in the old days, I waited for them to finally say the artist’s name; and–not like in the old days–I ‘googled’ the lyrics to find the song. The one constant was they were all by Lady Gaga. Now how many times in our lives have there been a multiplicity of songs in constant rotation at the same time, by the same artist? Madonna? Dare I say…The Beatles? Others are said to have ‘copied’ them, but perhaps a better word is ‘inspired’ by them.

      • kathleen

        the song is pretty bad and I didn’t appreciate swallowing the rosary.

        she does have much better songs

    • miss k

      at this point i’ve got to choose

  • ashley

    AMAZING video, the director was inspired by photographs he took of lara stone. I love the winter theme, the homoerotisism, and militaristic overtones. her best video yet.

    • DFSF

      The bed dance in stilettos – HOT! I just hope Madonna is getting some kind of licensing fee for having her career recreated moment by moment.

      • TK


      • Melissa

        Ha! I thought the same thing! I see at least three Madonna videos in this 8.5 minute clip.

      • DFSF

        And don’t forget Gaga’s previous “material girl” rip- er, incarnation.

      • Jeff

        Don’t forget the Grace Jones influences/ripoffs – it ain’t just Madonna.

  • Chichi

    Eh, those baggy azz drawers she’s wearing in the bed scenes look a little dingy … Clorox, girl … Clorox.

    • sarah d

      You know they are beige, right?

  • Joey

    I love that she has a ton of gay boys in this :o )

    • @Joey

      They aren’t gay boys, they’re gay men.

      • mike

        This chick is weird sexy. I like!

  • KAI

    the shock factor is already wearing off, and her 15 minutes are nearly up

    in two years she will go back to singing rock ballads in some dingy nightclub pretending she is alanis morisette

    • Woot

      Really? It’s been two years since Just Dance, and she is one of the most popular artists out there. Her music videos have over 1 billion views. So yeah you are probably right.

      • KiKi

        Vanilla Ice is still the biggest selling rap artist with 15 million units sold in his first week. So Vanilla Ice must therefore be the greatest Hip Hop artist? Any questions?

      • anony

        Tue 06/08/10 5:24 PM

        You are comparing Vanilla Ice with Lady Gaga?! That’s a laugh. And why would you? Vanilla Ice is an one dimensional artist who put out just one album. Gaga is going on her third release. So I don’t see any comparisons.

      • u

        Third release in two years— the time span is what’s important here. Ashanti put out 3 albums within the space of two years before fading into obscurity…

      • Chris

        How dare you insult the genius of Vanilla Ice! How dare you! He was my favorite musical guest of my second favorite pubescent radioactively-enhanced shinobi testudines movie.

      • Reese

        This little thread-within-a-thread is hilarious.

    • Paul

      I agree with KAI. Lady Gaga is just a repeat of Madonna. What else iks knew? Even Alejandro sounds like Madona’s La Isla Bonita.

      • Aly

        sounds more like Ace of Base to me…i liked them…back in the 90s…but their sound definitely hasn’t stood the test of time…this song doesn’t warrant a single release…let alone a convoluted 8 minute video. I think she should hav

      • Aly

        have saved Bad Romance for a later album instead of rushing out Monster, which was too soon and apart from that song, utter crap. She’s just over saturating the market and making people get sick of her. Which is unfortunate because she does have a decent voice and a handful of good songs.

      • Fantasm

        You’re right, GaGa is clearly going to go the way of Madonna…because we absolutely haven’t heard anything from Madonna since the 80′s. Every generation gets their handful of controversial artists that are able to break into the mainstream, because freaks like us need them to. Every minute that Lady Gaga is in center stage of pop culture, it reminds everybody watching that the world is not made up of pre-packaged, pre-fabricated, focus grouped Miley Cyrus clones. Even if you don’t like her music, you have to appreciate the fact that she is actually trying to accomplish something with her time in the spotlight. I’m gay, and while I mostly don’t live up the cliches that gay men are supposed to (I certainly don’t have a perfect 10 body like the dancers in the video), I’m proud the artist currently in the media spotlight is perfectly comfortable displaying her love for the gay community in such an unabashed way. I took the Alejandro video as a celebration and a reminder of the Stonewall riots. Lady Gaga makes me hopeful that there are more tolerant days coming.

      • KiKi

        Lady Gaga embraces exploitational camp, which is no longer a mainstay of queer culture. It was more of a gay thing during Warhol’s era, you know? Madonna’s “Vogue” showed gay men with real talent and not just used as props….they danced as well as she did, so I have to give her that much. gaga has no interest in real gay rights, since she can barely answer questions about them. She just has been marketed since day one to the gay community, since heterosexual males are not going to find her appealing because of many factors. Don’t take crumbs when you should have the whole cake.

      • Reimel34

        All you comparing this song to Madonna’s La Isla Bonita are definatly not musically educated and Im not talking about if you took band class in high School. This song does not even remotely sound like La Isla Bonita. You guys here Alejandro and start thinking Mexican name and start with your silly comparisons. While there is no doubt there is Madonna influence in the video and Im sure the song itself somewhat. The two songs sound completely different from one another.

      • @Aly

        I’ve also said she sounds like Ace of Base. Which I use to justify my love for some of her songs…nostalgia.

      • John

        The Madonna comparisons are getting tired. Hey old people, guess what? My generation (born in 1986 here) didn’t actually get to experience the rise of Madonna The Amazing Pop Star. We know her as an arrogant (not to mention loose) woman who made a bunch of sh*tty albums last decade. And tried to remake American Pie.
        What people aren’t getting is that the 30 and under crowd are embracing GAGA so heavily because WE have never seen anything like it. Just because our parents did doesn’t mean Madonna has the same relevance to us.
        i ADORE lady gaga and think she’s a breath of fresh air. If this video and parts of her career are an homage to Madonna, who cares? Madonna wouldn’t have had a career without, say, Marilyn Monroe. There are always influences, my point here is that Gaga is fresh to a different generation. Not Vanilla Ice by a long shot

      • Sam

        To the 19 year olds saying you haven’t heard/no familiar with Madonna’s peak…have you lived under a rock? The woman had the biggest grossing solo tour EVER in 2008. She’s had hits from 1983-present and she’s the most successful female artist of all time. Maybe you should stop listening to what Clear Channel decides you listen to on KISS and expand your muscial horizons with songs by great artists like Madonna, MJ, Prince and U2 that are just immitated by the younger generation.

      • amricanboy

        Hey John!
        Here is an idea, youtube madonnna and you can see the amzingness that madonna is and was! Take a look at vogue, take a look at Like a Prayer, take a look at Express Yourself, take a look at Evita and you will see your precious gaga video in the making.

      • Sal

        Guess what amricanboy: The video for Express Yourself is terrible! A ten-year-old going for a peep show? Wow, innovative, amazing- er, no.

    • anony

      Fantasm. I agree with your comments. People need to stop complaining about Gaga, even if she’s “emulating” Madonna. She does it with her own style and that makes her unique. She’s definitely he heir Madonna’s throne alright! If you don’t like her, tough. Seems that 1 billion views of her videos makes me think lot of people are interested in her music and style. That makes her unique, She’s Madonna II.

      • KiKi

        “That makes her unique, She’s Madonna II.”

        Do you see the contradiction in your statement? We don’t need another Madonna anyway.

      • anony

        No contradiction. She’s the new Madonna. Get used to it.

      • u

        Yeah, more like a poor man’s Madonna, rather than her own person…

      • Brett

        Wow. By this logic, if four guys got together and did amazing copies of Beatles tunes, they’d be the biggest act of all for this generation.

      • amricanboy

        If Lady Gag Gag is being compared to her Madgesty, Gag Gag is the Honda of automobiles Madonna is BMW! Nough said, no matter how hard she tries she will NEVER be BMW!!

    • Colin

      also her bad romance video is the most viewed youtube video in history so…

      • tex

        lol, and that proves what exactly? you do know youtube is a fairly recent media, right?

  • Sean S.

    To me, the story/point seems to be addressing gays in the military and religious persecution and the death/killing of love. Everything from the “puppet strings” to the crucifix in the mouth would seem to support that storyline.

    • VL

      The way I interpeted this video was that this video comments on her fear of men. She’s afraid of men because she has had her heart broken before (hence the mutiliated heart, the funeral, all the icy snow and moody atmosphere). Gaga faces the predicament of enjoying the lust and attention of her partners (because she does like it) and also feeling regretful and used when she realizes that they only want the physical side of a relationship. (This is depicted in several scenes but the one the sticks out most in my mind is when she gets thrown from man to man.) (I think the scene where she looks out of the window from behind her glasses is supposed to symbolize her admiration for gays for being so open and brave and for having a strong relationship that she, herself, can seem to achieve.) Gaga uses the religious attire to show that she may have the best intentions of having a meaningful and deep relationships but her lover(s) don’t. That’s why in the end she gives in by tearing off her shirt to delight of her male suitors (lovers) but you can see she’s not really happy. In fact she looks numb.

      With this interpretation, it makes the entire song’s lyrics more meaningful. “Alejandro, Alejandro, don’t call my name.”

      • Jen

        I totally agree with a lot of your interpretation, and you’ve pointed some stuff out that I haven’t considered before. I just love having an artist out there that is making music videos that are so CREATIVE and that leave room for interpretation.

      • strickens_girl

        I like this interpretation. Very nice.

  • pop

    since everyone says that everyone copies gaga nowadays, i must point out that she totally stole tutti’s hair style from the facts of life. get it kim coles!

    • Aly

      And Ace of base’s music (so Abba by proxy)

  • Dan

    and people wonder why they don’t allow gays in the military..

    • sarah d

      They do allow gays in the military, they just make them lie about it.

    • Aly

      no self respecting gay man would sport a bowl cut

      • zoey

        No self respecting PERSON would get a bowl haircut.

      • Woot

        Hey I sported a bowl cut until the seventh grade. Though when I got rid of it, I suddenly had friends… probably no connection.

      • Jayme

        Thank you! The bowl cut was an insult.

  • Max

    Love it!

    • Rosie

      Walking in the percsene of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

  • Devin

    I think it’s about the destruction of symbolism. For Gaga, style is substance, which is to say that substance is not important. So she’s taking the most commonly used motifs in modern art (meant to have a deep message): religion, sex, and fascism, and strips them of meaning. There is no grand message about Nazism or religion; they’re just trinkets for her to play with.

    Sex is a bit trickier since she’s prety much substituting men for women of the typical music video. Will have to get back to you about that.

    • Casca

      I wholeheartedly agree. Especially the fact that this video was directed by a fashion photographer (rather than a video director) seems to support your statement. Fashion is largely asthetic and doesn’t require deeper meaning, just good looks. That’s what I think GaGa has created here. She’s done away with the typical things used to symbolize deep meaning and just made them nothing more than appealing aesthetic.

      • Brett

        I agree with everything you just said, except the sentence that ends “GaGa has created here.”

    • virgonessa

      you just defined “camp”

      • Devin

        More deconstructionism probably. Since everything collapses into the category of fashion.

  • Rich

    How did she get a dozen Simple Jack’s in the video, did they just superimpose Ben Stiller multiple times?

  • Julia

    What’s with the Rita Repulsa breast cones?

  • Lanny

    I have to say this is the most self indulgent video i’ve ever seen. The music doesn’t match this imagery at all and its wayyy to long.

    • AK

      Uh, did you see “Telephone”? Gaga’s been going down that path for a while…

    • Ty3009

      And you would prefer that she makes her videos boring rather than self-indulgent? To me, self-indulgent means she’s putting effort into it, unlike 98% of music videos these days.

      What would you be happy with?

      • hav

        I agree ty. Why would I want to watch a music video that simply matches the song? What’s the point to the video? The great thing about this video it that’s its NOT what you expect, it makes you think, and SO entertaining

      • kk

        lady gaga=white african space christ

      • LOL

        LMFAO kk! She needs a duet with Mr. Snow.

      • Lanny

        So when making videos there are only the options of being either boring or self-indulgent. Am I reading that right? Self indulgent means putting effort into it? I think your logic here jumped the shark dude. I’m pretty sure in my life i’ve seen videos that were neither boring or self indulgent.

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