Order of Odd-Fish

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The Order of Odd-Fish
by James Kennedy
* * * * Stars (Great!)

Jo is 13 when she discovers that her Aunt Lily is really a knight of the Order of Odd-Fish whose memories were stolen from her when she was banished from Eldritch City after Jo’s cataclysmic birth (which destroyed her parents’ neighborhood). Jo is supposed to be the incarnation of a terrible deity known as the Icthala, or the All-Devouring Mother, and Lily and several of the other knights had secreted her away to keep her safe from the terrified (and vengeful) citizens of Eldritch (as well as the cult of Silent Sisters – who have been working to bring about the return of their god). The Belgian Prankster (also a former knight of Odd-Fish) working in conjunction with the Silent Sisters, forces Jo and her aunt to return to Eldritch City, intending to reunite Jo with her Icthala blood and heritage, and awaken the vengeful god within her , causing her to end the world. Jo comes to love her new home, but she hates having to lie about her identity – especially since she doesn’t really know who she is or understand how she could be so dangerous (she certainly doesn’t *feel* like destroying the world). As the secrets of her identity begin to come to light, Jo knows that she has to do something to fight back. She may be the Icthala, but she doesn’t have to have the Icthala’s destiny.

James Kennedy has populated this strange world with colorful, bizarre characters, secret societies, and odd goings-on. The details may dizzy, initially, but ultimately, Eldritch City and its denizens (which include vain cockroach butlers, Eelmen, flying battle ostriches, and more) delight. There are hundreds of other Eldritch stories waiting to be told (it would be a crime to let all of that glorious world-building go to waste). Their whispers will sneak into the corners of your dreams until you, too, take up the banner of Odd-Fish and enter the dome of Doom. Imaginative, suspenseful, and entertaining.

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Reviewed by YA Librarian