The Credits

A lot of people and organizations have been, and are, involved in the progress of Planeto Quiz. To all of you, from the bottom of our heart: thank you!

This is work in progress for a listing of the current Planeto magicians.
We call us The Team!

  • Amelie Jacobsson (on Facebook, twitter)
  • Daniel Bernhoff (on Facebook)
    • Favourite quiz category: Science & Nature and Arts & Literature
    • Most memorable game experience: Gravity Bone. When I thought I had learned the flow of the missions and something unexpected suddenly happened. Can’t tell you more without spoiling. Just play the game; it’s short and free!
    • Best song ever: Leo Reisman & His Orchestra – What Is This Thing Called Love
  • Dan Tugendrauch
    • Favourite quiz category: Sports & Leisure
    • Most memorable game experience: Trying to master the flight simulator on Atari at age 6
    • Best song ever: Ray LaMontagne – Trouble
  • Gabriel Lundh (on Facebook)
  • Jens Bergensten (on twitter)
    • Favourite quiz category: Geography
    • Most memorable game experience: When Nina’s sister sacrifies herself in Breath of Fire 2
    • Best song ever: “Ever” in a very long time, but currently probably something by Elbow
  • Joakim Jardenberg (on Facebook, twitter, blog)
    • Favourite quiz category: Science & Nature
    • Most memorable game experience: My streak of 32 on Planeto
    • Best song ever: Ulf Lundell has written all the best songs ever
  • Johan Torstensson
  • Magnus Robertsson (on Facebook)
    • Favourite quiz category: Science & Nature
    • Most memorable game experience: When I played Doom for the first time over a network with some friends. The adrenaline rush was fantastic!
    • Best song ever: What first struck my mind was Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode.
  • Martin Fors (on twitter)
  • Martin Walfisz
    • Favourite quiz category: Science & Nature
    • Most memorable game experience: Killing Diablo
    • Best song ever: So many! But Guns N’ Roses – Paradise City is high on the list.
  • Mattias Walls
    • Favourite quiz category: Science & Nature
    • Most memorable game experience: I sometimes get together with a few mates to play Left 4 Dead (great game btw). At one point we were defending a rooftop when we started becoming overwhelmed. One after one my team members fell to the horde of zombies and their super-zombie allies, finally leaving me as the sole survivor. Just as I managed to get the upper hand a tank shows up, roaring with enthusiasm at the thought of crushing my beautiful face against the closest block of concrete. With nought but a few shotgun shells and my trusty pistol, I started running, jumping, climbing, even screaming everywhere over the roof just to stay alive long enough for my rescue to arrive. But the rescue wasn’t coming anytime soon, so the battle raged on between the tank and a stalwart survivor, me. After a couple of minutes, which to me seemed like an hour, the massive zombie fell unwillingly to the ground, defeated. My team could do nothing less than praise the feat I had just accomplished. As I ran up to the helicopter that had come to save me, a grin grew over my face, you could say that I was rather smug after that.
    • Best song ever: “Still Alive” from the game Portal.
  • Ola Gawell
    • Favourite quiz category: Science & Nature
    • Most memorable game experience: I was flying a helicopter in BF2 with a friend as passenger and my friend suddenly asked me, “How the hell are you flying?”, and I answered “Flying? I left the chopper 10 seconds ago”. A few seconds later the chopper crashed and my friend died.
    • Best song ever: Björn Rosenström – Värdelös
  • Petter Wintzell
  • Sophie Uesson (on twitter)

This is the list of previous, highly valued team members, currently not working with us.

  • Camilo Tapia
  • Henrik ‘Vextor’ Johansson
  • Jesper Persson
  • Jörgen Lundgren
  • Mirabelle Looft
  • Peter Björklund

Finally, these are organizations and people in our surroundings. We call them Happy makers

This list is alive, so don’t hesitate to promote yourself. Humbleness is not a Planeto virtue ;)

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