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Attention Sheriffs & Attendees: Click Here For Registration Form:

Sunday Jan 29, 2012 - Arrival / Check-In at the Tuscany Hotel - Las Vegas, NV
Monday Jan 30, 2012 - Credentialed Attendees Only, Not Open to the Public
7:30 a.m. – Registration Begins Breakfast Served / Vendor Booths Open
8:45 a.m. Meeting Begins
Presenters in the Morning
12:00 p.m. Lunch Break
Sheriffs Discussions in the Afternoon
7:00 p.m. Banquet & Speakers
9:00 p.m. Meeting Adjourns
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Tuesday Jan 31, 2012 - Open to the Public
6:00 p.m. - News Conference & County Sheriff Declaration Presentation
6:30 p.m. - County Sheriff Rally & Guest Speakers TBA

All invited attendees must be aware that CSPOA will cover only the basic room charge plus taxes and the three group meals eaten on the day of the conference.  CSPOA will not cover late check out fees, after 11 am, or early check in charges, before 3 PM.  A major credit card must be provided at check in to cover all incidental charges.  Internet service in the room costs $13 per day.  It is provided free in the lobby and the downstairs common areas.  The hotel will have the CSPOA sponsored guest list.

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Q: How much does it cost to get my sheriff there? Can I sponsor my sheriff?

A: If you specify your county and county sheriff’s name, we will ensure he/she gets an official invitation to attend the January 30th meeting. If the donations you collect from your county meet or exceed $1000, your sheriff will have a funded trip to the meeting. If your sheriff declines to attend, then the monies raised will be used to fund another county sheriff’s attendance. If your sheriff accepts the invitation or seeks out a seat at the meeting, and there is not $1000 raised in your county, then your sheriff will be put into the queue for attendance.

Q: Can individuals seeking or planning to seek the office of sheriff in their county attend, and will their expenses also be paid?

A: A limited number of registered candidates for the office of sheriff are welcome to attend, without raising $1000, but must pay their own air fare and accommodations.

Q: Are other people allowed to attend the meeting?

A: A limited number of people who donate $1000 (ensuring a sitting, duly elected county sheriff can attend), and are also pre-approved by the CSPOA Board, may also attend the meetings, but their travel to and from and their own overnight accommodations must be additionally paid for. These individuals will have access to the meetings and training materials and will be included in the group meals that are served.

Q: What does the $1,000 per county sheriff pay for, and how can you show proof of how it is spent?

A: $1,000 will cover the air fare, hotel (2 nights) and catered meals for the attendees. Any additional expenses will be out of pocket to each attendee.  Additionally, a portion of the $1,000 will go to help with room rental, audio/visual equipment, Internet connectivity, printing and copying expenses, and some shared expenses of support staff. As the project progresses we will be making an accounting sheet of disbursements available to those who inquire.  We are hoping to have volunteers to transport people to and from the airport, etc.

Q: Is there an alternative way to donate other than PayPal at the website?

A: Yes! Please, mail silver or gold, or checks or money orders payable to CSPOA to:
112 Ridgewood Dr.
FredericksburgTX 78624

Q: What if my sheriff is unconstitutional and refuses to attend, even if we paid for his/her way?

A: Many people are raising $1,000 in their county so that they may diplomatically and in good faith request that their county sheriff attend…stressing to their sheriff that there are no obstacles to his/her attendance and that he/she is supported by the people to attend. If that sheriff declines to participate or even have a deputy in a leadership position attend instead, then the people of that county have him/her on record that he/she is not a constitutional sheriff and the people will have that as a story to tell in their county. Some groups are preparing news releases that celebrate their sheriff’s attendance, as well as a news release that criticizes their sheriff for not attending. We will post the news releases at this site as they are issued. You may ask a sheriff candidate of your choice instead.

Q: What is the agenda, what will happen at the meeting?

A: The final agenda is still being formed and will be posted at the website upon completion.
Tentatively, the day is to begin at 9 a.m. And end no sooner than 9 p.m., with lunch and dinner breaks in between. The day’s activities will tentatively include:
Bill of Rights Training from Michael Badnarik
Presentation on the Second Amendment from Larry Pratt
Presentation on the Tenth Amendment and state sovereignty
Presentation on the threat of Agenda 21 to state sovereignty
Presentation on Continental Congress 2009’s Articles of Freedom
County Sheriff Success Stories on Enforcing the Bill of Rights
Presentation on formation of a Sheriff’s Posse
Joint Declaration notifying specific federal agencies about specific violations that county sheriffs will no longer tolerate in their counties.

Q: What is a Constitutional Sheriff?

A: A constitutional sheriff is the only law enforcement officer elected in your county, who follows his/her oath of office by enforcing the Bill of Rights and defending the people’s individual rights, including interposing him/herself between unlawful federal regulatory programs and the people.

Q: If my sheriff does not attend, why should I donate to this project?

A: This project is building a support system for sheriffs in all fifty states. The County Sheriff Project will advance the awareness, understanding and implementation of nullifying unlawful regulations, legislation and tyranny from state and federal government. This project will promote that America peacefully return to its foundational principles, one county at a time, one sheriff at a time.

Q: What violations can the county sheriff prevent?

A: The county sheriff can prevent unlawful searches and seizures, unlawful freezing of individual bank accounts, unlawful foreclosures, unlawful theft of property, unlawful actions by agents of unconstitutional federal agencies such as the FDA, IRS, ATF, EPA and more.

Q: Is this project associated with the national organization, Oath Keepers?

A: The chairman of the County Sheriff and Peace Officer Association, the sponsoring organization of this January 30th meeting, Richard Mack, is also on the board of directors of the Oath Keepers organization. The County Sheriff Project does not speak for the Oath Keepers.

Q: How can I find out if my sheriff has completed a County Sheriff Survey?

A: We will be presenting the results of the County Sheriff Survey issued by CSPOA to the sheriffs in attendance at the meeting. We encourage all to take a copy of the survey and seek an audience with their own county sheriff to arrange for any and all sworn officers to review and respond as publicly as possible to the County Sheriff Survey. We will be determining how to proceed with the results of our own issued survey at the meeting.

Q: How do we know which county sheriffs are attending?

A: We are publishing the names of the CSPOA Board of Directors at the and websites. We will be determining how to publicize the attendees and the results of the January 30th County Sheriff Project at the event, and proceed from there. You are encouraged to lobby your own county sheriff to participate and attend.

Q: There are many topics that I do not see listed at your website that the sheriffs should be considering. How are you addressing issues like illegal immigration, war on drugs, TSA, forced vaccinations and so on?

A: All violations of the people’s individual liberties and freedoms are important and must eventually be addressed. The scope of involvement at this January 30th meeting will be partly determined by the subject matter expertise of the participating sheriffs as well as time limitations. We do not anticipate this meeting being the last meeting of such individuals who seek to enforce the Bill of Rights.  Every single violation cannot be covered one by one, there simply is not enough time is one day to cover so many. However, a Constitutional sheriff with our training will be capable of recognizing such abuses and find ways to protect his constituents from all tyrants.

Q: Will this meeting be webcast live while it is happening?

A: No. This will be a private meeting, ensuring that all the county sheriffs have the maximum comfort level and confidentiality to discuss these important matters. All attendees will be known and identified by the CSPOA Board of Directors.

Q: Does Sheriff Mack endorse candidates who are running for various offices around the country?
A: As a rule we do not.  Our focus is to gather like-minded elected Sheriffs in one location, and give them the information they need to best understand the Constitution and their oath of office to defend the principles in that document.

Q: Is there a collection started for my county to sponsor our sheriff to attend the convention?
A: We do not have the resources to efficiently track individual county's sponsorships, at this time.  If you are willing to begin a fund for your sheriff, you may want to call your sheriff, give him/her your name and phone number and tell him/her that you are taking donations to send him/her to this convention.  When others contact him/her, he/she can refer them to you.  That way, you would not be duplicating efforts if someone else in your county wants to create a sponsorship as well.  If your sheriff tells you that he/she is not interested in attending, you must make your own decision from there to simply donate directly to the Project.

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