DSL - SND1   CARNAPTIOUS, CURNAPTIOUS, Carnapshus, adj. Irritable, quarrelsome, “crabbed or ill-tempered” (Bnff.2, Arg.1 (curnaptious), Kcb.10 1938; Uls. 1880 W. H. Patterson Gl. Ant. and Dwn.). [kɑrˈnɑpʃəs, kʌr-]
    *Gsw. 1931 H. S. Roberton Curdies 114:
    That belangt to ane they ca’d Rab Frew, a carnaptious auld deevil he was.
    *Uls.(D) 1879 W. G. Lyttle Readings by Robin 48:
    He’s a cross carnapshus wee brat, so he is!
    *Dwn. 1901 Ulsterisms in North. Whig:
    He is such a curnaptious buddy that he is never at peace but when he is takin’ the law of somebody.

    [Car-, cur-, intensive prefix + (K)nap, to bite, and suff. -ious; cf. Cum. dial. knaptious, captious, quarrelsome (E.D.D.).]