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Piers Fawkes is the founder and editor-in-chief of PSFK, a daily news site that acts as the go-to source of new ideas and inspiration.

  • google-content-advertising-ratio

    Algorithm wants to stamp out bad experience design - unless we're talking about a spammy Google Search result...

  • amit gupta

    Entrepreneur with Leukemia can now have bone marrow transplant.

  • sabi-yves-behar-fuseprojects-medical-brand-2

    Designer says that Sabi products marry functionality and aesthetics, creating real tools to fit seamlessly...

  • Kodak's New Film Meant For Scanning Only

    Photography pioneer closes after 131 years.

  • wifi-outlet

    A central system communicates with each power outlet to understand energy usage and that helps track which...

  • 3d-printer-essential-dynamics

    The Imagine 3D Printer offers a different way to print in three dimensions because of the syringes it employs....

  • mimomicro

    Does the new Mimomicro range point to the SD drive being used for more purposes than photo-uploading.

  • microsoft-steve-clayton-in-a-dress-kinect

    A new 'smart' retail concept uses the company's Kinect technology to let customers virtually try on clothes...

  • al-gore

    The former Vice-President and current environmental activist advocates change through the use of social media...

  • microsoft-surface-2-at-ces-2012

    The screen of SUR40 supplied by Samsung can see multiple users' hands - leading to evolved natural user...

  • dreyfuss-special-phone-speaker

    Designer takes discarded material that doesn't biodegrade and re-imagines its use

  • target-shoppers

    Tech company is rumored be opening new store-within-a-store locations into 25 locations in the US in 2012.

  • iamlevis-instagram-levis

    Fashion brand uses popular photo-sharing service to crowdsource talent for their advertising

  • family-laptops-couch-sitting-home

    Insights into how Codecademy achieved marketing success with Code Year.

  • my-starbucks-ideas

    List of products and services that the coffee company has launched since it asked its customers for...

  • Ryan_Giggs_Getty

    The Telegraph is running an article that suggests that the Cupertino based tech company is looking into buying...

  • john-chamberlain-1962-art

    A look at the life of American artist who was best known for his vibrant sculptures made from mangled cars.

  • paul-allen-ancestory

    Entrepreneur Paul Allen says that the service got over 10 million new subscribers in December 2011 and he...

  • obliteration-7-Yayoi-Kusama

    Yayoi Kusama reconstructed a large domestic environment where the walls and every object contained within them...

  • Every-60-seconds-in-China-header

    Visualization shows the volume of tweets, posts, clicks and views that take place every minute.

  • google-advertising

    The tech company is embracing advertising and promoting new businesses like the Chrome browser and the Google...

  • fred_wilson

    VC says that everyone should learn how to code in 2012

  • Quirky ad features movie star strutting through a hotel with burger in hand, then patting school children on...

  • new-twitter 2

    An online company has sued an ex-employee for $340,000, saying that his 17,000 followers on Twitter...