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Welcome to Koo Self Defense

After 42 years in the martial arts (34 years as an Instructor), Master Roger Koo has retired from teaching at the Cartersville Studio at the end of January 2011. He has turned his other hobby of 30 years into a successful business RKPC Service: Computer Repair, Website Design and Search Engine Optimization which he started in November 2006.

However, he will be available for Training Seminars to any martial art studio and fitness center who wish to incorporate Koo Self Defense into their workout curriculum for fitness and Awesome Power! Please email for further information and seminar prices.

Master Roger Koo developed one of a kind martial art "Koo Self Defense" in 1992. To be an instructor of Koo Self Defense demands the fitness of an Olympic Athlete as it is mandatory to lead the Koo Self Defense Hyper-Aerobics which is the total package of a typical KSD workout consisting of KSD Hyper-Aerobics, Yoga and Power Drills.

In the 19 years of Koo Self Defense, no KSD student has managed to duplicate Master Koo's fitness thus comes the end of Koo Self Defense as a unique martial art!

Koo Self Defense is a High Intensity Workout, any student who stopped their workout lose all of their Cardiovascular endurance within 2 weeks BUT no matter how long they are out of training they NEVER LOSE their Awesome Power that they have developed during their KSD workouts, the muscle memory remembers it for life!

To obtain a Black Belt in Koo Self Defense, you will be in a very small elite group of the very best Black Belt in the world! Koo Self Defense has produced less than 100 Black Belts in 19 years and only the very best earned that title in our training system of which many failed to succeed due to our very strict objective test requirement!

History of Koo Self Defense

Master Roger Koo created Koo Self Defense in 1992 from a completely different 'out of the box' approach. Although he was trained in various martial arts, his unique concept was to develop a training curriculum, not a style based purely on a simple premise: A Martial Art & Self Defense Training System = Extreme Physical Fitness + Devastating Power. This is what Koo Self Defense represents. The closest martial art to Koo Self Defense is Muay Thai.

A small portion of the world's population is born naturally gifted in sports, music, arts, sciences, academics, savants and geniuses. The same principle applies to natural street fighters. Naturally gifted fighters can have no martial arts training of any type and yet posses natural knock out power with which they can demolish their opponent in seconds with simple boxing like punches.

Everyone is born with different physical and mental abilities. What we do in Koo Self Defense is to enhance an individual's natural ability by increasing their power through our rigorous KSD 'hyper-aerobics', Yoga and anaerobics maximum power drills executed onto focus mitts & shields at every single class.

In our daily workouts, we do not focus on techniques as such, we focus on developing each student's fitness level to the highest level that each individual student sets as their individual goal.

With the development of this simple concept of training came great amounts of health benefits as noted in the comments from students who have trained a short period of time.

Since the creation of Koo Self Defense in February 1992, it has continued to evolve with more challenging KSD hyper-aerobics and anaerobic full power drills.

The premise of all martial arts and self defense system that has been taught for hundreds of years is totally wrong.


Because the movements they teach such as forms (katas), blocks, punching from the hips, rotation of the fist, stances, sparring, tournaments with rules bear no resemblance to what people actually do on the street in real fight. This is an INDISPUTABLE fact! This is a shocking statement to all martial arts practitioners.

Master Roger Koo has been in the martial arts for more than 42 years and developed Koo Self Defense based upon many unanswered questions which came from the general public while he was in traditional martial arts.

Koo Self Defense is not Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, Judo, Kuk Sul Won, Aikido, Kempo, Choi Kwang Do etc or any Korean, Chinese or Korean martial arts.

Koo Self Defense was unique.

Other martial arts despite their different names have much of the same curriculum such as katas (forms), sparring, stances, blocks and so forth and they also look alike except for they way they execute their movements.

Benefits of Koo Self Defense Workouts:
KSD Kickboxing Hyper-Aerobics
KSD Anaerobics
Abdominal Exercises
Anger Management
Awesome Knockout Power
Boxing Like Movements
Challenging Workouts
Dirty Fighting
Endurance, Health
Interval Training
Jump Rope
Kick Boxing
Mental Focus
Muscle Fibers Drills: Fast-Slow Twitch
Muscle Tone
Physical Therapy
Maximum Power Drills
Variety of Push-ups
Resistance Training
Rhythm, Self Defense
Speed Drills
Stamina Drills
Stretching Static/Dynamic
Street Combat
Street Fighting
Stress Reduction
Total Body Workouts
Weight Reduction

What makes Koo Self Defense unique from other types of martial arts/self defense training and Gym workouts?

Unlike other martial arts training, Koo Self Defense reinforce natural and instinctual movements developed through evolution by thousands of years for survival conditioned responses to 'real life street situations' while maximizing your cardiovascular conditioning and producing awesome maximum hitting power often surpassing that of 'professional boxers' and kick boxers.

Koo Self Defense training focuses on individual development rather than competition. Koo Self Defense offers the ultimate "total body" cardiovascular workout program that will challenge anyone from beginner to Olympic athlete.

No other exercise training program comes close. Every student decide the level of fitness desired. Whether your goal is health, fitness, flexibility, weight reduction, street self defense or any of the benefit listed above, Koo Self Defense is for you!

Koo Self Defense's workouts will definitely be the most challenging that you will ever encounter!

Choi Kwang Do Resignations

November 2010: 4 International Faculty Members of Choi Kwang Do International, Gary Collins & Valerie Collins (Trenton, Michigan, USA), Andrew Pappas (Temperance, Michigan, USA), Tony Dicarlo (Woodhaven, Michigan, USA) have left CKD. They are CKD elite members, the decision making body of Choi Kwang Do. It would be very interesting to know their reasons!!!

October 2011:

This is a copy of a thread by jonnie11 at bottom of page on this website. Kwang Jo Choi, founder of Choi Kwang Do

Wow I can't believe this thread is still alive. Here's an update on CKD. From what I hear, Kwang Jo Choi and his minions are at it again for the last few months trying to destroy the reputations and livelihood of Michigan instructors who left the organisation. But these heroes are fighting back against the Choi/Pereira menace. A case was filed by the former Michigan school owners and is currently underway in federal court. The motion to dismiss the case by Kwang Jo Choi was denied and this is now officially a federal case.

In their latest response to the judge, Kwang Jo Choi actually admits to NOT having a federal trademark for 'Choi Kwang Do' although they have been propagating this lie for close to 25 years. Yes, Kwang Jo Choi has a service mark for their logo with the words 'Choi Kwang Do Martial Art International' but that doesn't mean that people can't teach or use 'Choi Kwang Do' in advertisements and at their schools as an art.

So, all you who are too scared to leave CKD because you still want to teach 'Choi Kwang Do' as an art or use 'Choi Kwang Do' in your own unique logos (not sure why you would want to but...), go for it. There's now a legal precedent & CKD International's admission that there is no federal trademark.

Leave now! This will benefit your students as well as your pocket book. Plus,as a bonus, you will never have to listen to insulting propaganda speeches from Pereira again. If CKD sends you trademark letters, simply ignore them. There is NO trademark. If CKD tries to destroy your reputation, you have a case! Yes, there is a better life and happier students after leaving the money pit & slavery called Kwang Jo Choi & Pereira! Trust me, you will be happier...

Gary Collins, Jeff D. Bully, Richard Bole, Anthony Dicarlo, and andrew v. Choi Kwang Do Martial Arts International UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT EASTERN DISTRICT OF MICHIGAN SOUTHERN DIVISION

I had to create a new Koo Self Defense Facebook page as CKD is very worried on my exposure of their wrong doings on it. So please do not submit anything bad about CKD on this Koo Self Defense Facebook's page. The exposure of Choi Kwang Do will be on the KSDI.NET website, it's Guestbook and on other websites!

Any one who has ever trained or associated with Master Roger Koo in Koo Self Defense, Choi Kwang Do or Tae Kwon Do (UKTA, UKTF or ITF) are welcome to join the Facebook website by clicking on the Like Button! Please state under which martial art you trained, location and time period etc...

Master Roger Koo's Yoga

Master Koo's Whole Body Jumping push-ups 1994

Koo Self Defense The Official website for Koo Self Defense: A unique martial art - The ultimate for Fitness & Power. Koo Self Defense was created February 1992 in Cartersville, GA, USA by Master Roger Koo (42 years in the martial arts).

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