Torino Named SLC Sister City

By Brittany Jensen - 11 Jan 2007
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Torino, Italy will officially become the eighth sister city for Salt Lake City at 5:30 p.m., Saturday at the Hilton Homewood Suites.

Sister Cities International is a program that gives communities from around the world opportunities to foster cultural, economic and educational relationships.

Salt Lake City's Mayor Rocky Anderson and Torino's Mayor Sergio Chiamparino will be on hand for the official signing of the sister city agreement. The "Mayor of Little Italy," Tony Caputo will also be there along with restaurants and other vendors from Little Italy. The Italian band Tzumba! and Ginger Costa-Jackson, an opera singer raised in Utah and who was recently accepted to a young artist's program at the Metropolitan Opera, will be performing.

People who wish to attend this event don't have to be of Italian ancestry.

"You just have to have the Italian heart," said Jinger Laguardia, chair for the Torino relationship "Love Italy, love Italian."

Sara Richardson, Salt Lake City Sister Cities coordinator, said it takes most cities a three-year trial period of being a friendship city before they become sister cities, but with the strong Italian community present in Salt Lake and the connection from being fellow winter Olympic sister cities, they became sister cities under the minimum of three years.

Richardson said each sister city relationship is different, but with Torino specifically the music community has already seen benefits. Salt Lake City has been privileged to receive the largest selection of Fazioli Pianos, which Rick Baldassin, store owner said are the finest pianos made in the world.. Paolo Fazioli, maker of the Fazioli pianos will also be at the signing this Saturday and will be giving a private concert at 7:30 p.m.

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