Hello, I am a Democratic Candidate, and I am campaigning for the election year of 2012, to become President of The United States of America.

Why I Want to Run for President

I am a real ordinary citizen, and I want to really work for the people of America.  I want to take on responsibilities, actions, be the voice, and help to make decisions that are all for the people.  The President is supposed to work entirely for the people of our Country.

I really do love my Country (America), and I feel that America needs to have someone who is really for the “people of America”, someone who really will listen and know what the people want and need.  For many times, it seems that most the “usual” candidates, those that have the “experience” in politic, and have gone to the best schools, etc., have been a bit of a disappointment because once they are placed in office it is “politics” as usual.  Just to get the vote, a lot of candidates, particularly those with all the so called political qualifications, say all these glorious things that they will do for us, the American citizens, especially for the “average” citizen, and they sometimes tell us too that they have lived also just like the average citizen, but yet they make a lot of empty promises.

A lot of political candidates, during their campaign, play very dirty, they will swing the reputation of another candidate through the mud, with a lot of garbage and dirty output to cause distraction, and also to try and disqualify the other candidate so that they can look like the better “bright, shiny” candidate, when in fact they too may not be best either.  The other awful tactic that a candidate will use a lot in running for office is tell the people that a particular candidate is not qualified because they have no experience, and they know that experience is not always a necessary factor, and this tactic is just for purposes of trying to control the publics thought about another candidate.

I know it will be very tough for me to Run for Office, because of what America is used to seeing as a potential candidate, but I am running because I’m a true citizen, who has the right to run for the position, and I really do believe that I can do some good for my Country by applying for the big job of President of the United States of America.  At times, the slogan “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself”, is really an ultimate truth and necessity.  I feel that I have some great ideas, and I’m not going to lie and say that I know about everything, but what I also believe is that I can learn a lot on the job, and I believe that I can hire the right people, those who will do the most good and specialize in appropriate areas where needed.  I know that I can be a great leader, I may not have experience in everything, but I have a lot of drive to be sure that the job gets done right and on time.  Sure it’s a big, big challenge for an average citizen to consider, but I’m a serious candidate, and I know I can do the most good for the American people, so please don’t disqualify me, because I’m not your usual average, and typical candidate.  Give me a chance and you might be delighted that you did.

Most importantly, please know and remember that I don’t believe in being personally worshipped and glorified, my belief and glory is to be sure that the people have what they need.  I think its better to put others first whenever you can do so, and my faith is to respect others and their positions, but to only worship one God & Jesus, not another human being.  So let me be clear that I don’t seek to run for the position of President of the United States of America to be rich and powerful over others, nor for personal greed, I seek the position to truly be of help and of service to others, and if I can’t do that then I wouldn’t want the position, but I do believe it is a position where you can make or do the most good for many and have lots of help to achieve that goal.


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