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The Arts

The Hopkins Center (The Hop)

As the Dartmouth Community's cultural and entertainment center, "The Hop" offers a varied menu artistic tastes. Performances at the Hopkins Center range from traditional Native American dance to experimental contemporary music drama to classic standards of the theatrical and musical repertoire. A catalogue of events is published and sent to you before the beginning of each term.

The Hop's two main performance spaces are the Moore Theater for drama and Spaulding Auditorium for concerts and films. Student tickets are either $3.00 or $5.00, and can be obtained at the Box Office located near Courtyard Cafe. For information, the Box Office telephone number is (603) 646-2422.

The Hop also houses eight of the thirteen galleries on campus. There are also numerous rehearsal rooms fitted with Steinways. Besides its many artistic offerings, the Hopkins Center serves as an important meeting place for students as they gather at the Courtyard Cafe or relax at the "Top of the Hop" lounge.


The Dartmouth Theatre Department usually offers at least one major production each term. There is usually a big demand for tickets. Traveling companies will often perform at the Moore Theater.


You can count on performances each term by a number of college-affiliated groups, including the Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra, the Handel Society, the Dartmouth Wind Ensemble, the Dartmouth Gospel Choir, the Barbary Coast Jazz Ensemble, the World Music Percussion Ensemble, Chamber Singers, and Glee Club. In addition, faculty performers such as the Franciscan String Quartet and Sally Pinkas, a highly renowned and awarded pianist, appear regularly. There is usually a big concert at Leede Arena each term (recent performers include Dave Matthews Band, Maroon 5, and Dashboard Confessional).


Although its offerings in dance are not as extensive, the quality of dance performances at the Hopkins Center is very impressive. Companies specializing in modern, jazz, and contemporary dance theater, such as the Paul Taylor Dance Company, are the usual fare. In addition, there is a major student production in the spring. Those interested in taking classes in ballet and jazz (all levels of experience) will find these offered through the Hopkins Center. Registration is at the Box Office the first week of each term, and enrollment is limited. Classes fill up quickly, so don't delay.


The most economical way to take advantage of the Hop's numerous productions is to work as an usher. Your duties are simply to arrive 45 minutes before a performance, well-dressed, and for the half hour before a show begins, greet patrons and show them to their seats. It's easy, fun, and you get to bring a guest along for free. In order to participate, you have to register with the House Managers at the beginning of each term and attend a brief informational meeting. Popular shows fill up instantaneously, so you have to be quick.

Hood Museum

Dartmouth's principal art gallery is small but exquisite. The Hood Museum houses a choice permanent collection which includes some beautiful examples of the Western artistic tradition in painting and sculpture, as well as numerous ancient, Asiatic, and African works. A large section of the museum is devoted to American artists, with particular attention to works relating to Dartmouth and Northern New England. In addition to the permanent collection, there are usually two temporary exhibits of a more thematic nature on the museum's second floor. For more information, you can reach the Hood Museum at 646-2808. Admission to all exhibits is free.


The Hopkins Center maintains several workshops available for use by all students (Woodworking, Pottery, and Jewelry). All equipment is provided free of charge; however, students are expected to pay the cost of materials used. The hours of the individual workshops vary, but all tend to be open from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Instruction is also available at all workshops. 


The Nugget

Hanover: First-run flicks, plus a wide variety of more obscure films. (603) 643-2769 or visit the Nugget website.

Sony Theaters

West Lebanon: Popular films, six in all (603) 448-6660.

Dartmouth Film Society Series

Each term a series of films revolving around a common theme is presented by the Dartmouth Film Society (DFS), an organization of Dartmouth Community cinemaphiles that is dedicated to entertaining, outraging, and broadening the horizons of its audience. Each series includes twenty or so films which range from old classics to new hits. Films are generally shown Wednesdays and Sundays, afternoons and evenings, in Spaulding Auditorium. Students can purchase a series pass for $12.00 (definitely the best bargain in town). Biggest screen north of West Lebanon. For more information, click here.


Hood Museum of Art in the Hopkins Center: The Loew tends to show films that are more "artsy" than those at Spaulding.

Last Updated: 10/26/10