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Keith Richards Talks About the Blues in Britain


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Uploaded by on May 3, 2009

Segments of Keith Richards talking about how the Blues kicked off in Britain, along with the Rolling Stones themselves. Taken from a BBC4 show, "Can Blue Men Play The Whites", as part of Blues Britannia. Also features Bill Wyman and Paul Jones.

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  • Intelligence makes a man sexy regardless of age, or looks... And Keith Richards has plenty of it (didn't say 'full of it' LOL!) Keith is to rock what Einstein was to physics!

  • well he is not old because he remains way more hip than many who came after he said, he was not looking for the correct recording methods, but the incorrect ones!

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  • Keith Richards is like a pirate!

  • thanks

  • Great Richard you are still fantastic buddy

  • :39 keith just shit in his pants... he goes on to finish the interview what a champ!

  • ar 0:09 Keith Richards reminds me of Murdoc Nicalls!

  • "Aha! You had it all the time, pal." LOL

  • @michelle88960 ahh that explains alot. yea playing guitar can really fuck your fingers up over a long period of time. thanks for the information

  • Bill Wyman looks better now than he ever did when he was in the Stones.

  • @276merton

    keith is what he is. he doesn't care what he looks like. he has said that when Mick got Babyface in to produce one of the stones albums, Keith said to him, "You might be Babyface now, but stick with him (Mick) for much longer and you too will have a face like mine."

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