RCA 2P23
One of the earliest image orthicons
Price in 1948 was $1200
($8704 in 1999 dollars)

RCA 5820 image Orthocon camera tube.

RCA 7038 image Vidicon camera tube.

8134V1 Vidicon

7735A Vidicon

8844 2/3" Vidicon
Shown with normal 1" size

Matsushi S4094 Color Vidicon

Toshiba K4103 Saticon

Hitachi h4180 Saticon

Amperex XQ1427 Plumicon

Matsushi S4161 1/3" Newvicon

Matsushi S4131A 2/3" Newvicon

Size comparison of Newvicons

Sony CT1021 Trinicon

Toshiba E5335 Color tube of unkown type.

Size comparison 1", 2/3" and 1/3" tubes.

tinycamera.jpg (14419 bytes)

My quest for the smallest camera tube.  Amazing, an 8mm diameter color camera tube.

RCA 4807AV1 image Orthocon with image intensifier mounted on the front end.

This was a custom made tube for a laser illuminated night vision system.

very few of these exist. This one is burned and usable only for display.

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