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    Rising Role Of Fat Reveals Importance In Strength And Performance!

    By: Paul Eastwood

    This article aims to educate you more on why there are 8 essential fatty acids required by the body as well as the 8 essential amino acids that we can easily become pre-occupied with.

    Date Added: Jan 27, 2010

  • Video Tip Of The Week, #61: Jamie Eason's Dietary Fats Tip.

    By: Video Tip Of The Week Fitness Model Jamie Eason brings you this week's Video Tip of the Week. Don't be afraid of fats! The body needs good essential fats from a variety of foods on a daily basis for optimal health.

    Date Added: Sep 15, 2009

  • How Important Is Dietary Fat To A Bodybuilder?

    By: Topic Of The Week

    How important is dietary fat to a bodybuilder? It's so obvious how important proteins and carbohydrates are to a bodybuilder... However, fats seem to be often overlooked in a bodybuilder's nutrition plan. Learn more.

    Date Added: Apr 15, 2009

  • Are Saturated Fat & Dietary Cholesterol Really Bad For Us? The Facts Set Straight!

    By: Mark McManus

    I want to put to rest the belief that fat and dietary cholesterol are bad for us. I will also show proof that aside from being the best diet for stripping fat, low-carb nutrition actually improves health markers... Learn more.

    Date Added: Nov 10, 2008

  • Coconut Oil: The Untold Story - Is It Good For You?

    By: Ivan Blazquez

    Coconut oil - Basically it is an oil that is ~92% saturated fat! How can this oil be good? Well, to my and in a few minutes, your amazement, it is... Coconut oil contains ~64% MCT... Learn more.

    Date Added: Apr 23, 2008

  • Clayton's Health Facts: Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

    By: Clayton South

    Omega-3 fatty acids are classified as essential because the body can't make them from other substances and they must, therefore, be obtained through diet or supplementation.

    Date Added: May 21, 2007

  • The Ultimate Guide For Fish And Seafood!

    By: Dr. David Ryan

    Many athletes have a large part of their daily diets that consist of fish and seafood. The reason is obviously quite simple - protein. Exploit the following guide on fish types, benefits of Omega 3 & 6 fats, and mercury levels!

    Date Added: May 18, 2007

  • Body Fat - What Exactly Is It?

    By: Shannon Clark

    Fat is a tissue that is needed by the body for a wide variety of functions such as temperature regulation, shock absorption, etc. Learn here what body fat is, how much we actually have, and much more. Read on...

    Date Added: Nov 27, 2006

  • Good And Bad Fats: How Do We Balance Their Intake For Optimal Health!

    By: David Robson

    Body fat usually results from an inadequate diet and is comprised of carbohydrates and unhealthy fats. Get facts about the good and bad fats, their effects on the body, and tips to keep body fat in check.

    Date Added: Nov 9, 2006

  • The Truth About Body Fat In Women!

    By: Tina Marina

    In comparison to men, it is true women naturally are prone to carrying more fat. Get the facts here about what fat is, who has more, hormonal effects, and more. Read on...

    Date Added: Oct 26, 2006

  • Endurance Performance Fuel Sources!

    By: Shannon Clark

    To maximize performance we will look at two very important energy sources; carbohydrates and fat. See what you should be doing to maximize these sources.

    Date Added: Nov 10, 2005

  • Fast Food Nutritional Facts!

    By: Other Writer

    Learn the truth about your favorite fast foods. Find out how many calories, carbs, grams of fat, protein and whatever else the food you eat has. Learn how to make a healthy choice!

    Date Added: Sep 13, 2005

  • How To Substitute Fat In Your Everyday Diet.

    By: Gary Matthews

    Fat cells are like storage tanks of energy to be used for later use. If you would like to learn about some different ways of changing what and how you consume fat then continue reading right here.

    Date Added: Jul 20, 2005

  • Cholesterol: Good Or Bad? How It Impacts Your Health.

    By: David Robson

    Keeping cholesterol levels under control will enhance overall health, and prolong ones training efforts. This article aims to demystify the many, often confusing, aspects of cholesterol metabolism, while showing how to improve your cholesterol profile.

    Date Added: May 25, 2005

  • Trans Fats: Filling The Empty Seat On The Bus.

    By: Christopher Mohr

    Dietary fat is a vital nutrient that is essential for health. Like other macronutrients, dietary fat is an important energy source for the body. Find out in this article what fat you want to avoid as much as possible!

    Date Added: May 13, 2005

  • Fat Metabolism!

    By: Derek Beast Charlebois

    Dietary fat is not an enemy. In fact, when adequate amounts of good fats (unsaturated) are consumed, it can improve one's health and athletic performance. Learn what these good fats are and how they keep the body function properly.

    Date Added: Apr 19, 2005

  • Good Fats, Bad Fats.

    By: Daniel Gastelu

    This article will focus on fats, the recent health claims approved by the FDA regarding keeping your diet healthy with the right kinds of fats (the good fats), and how to apply this to a bodybuilding diet.

    Date Added: Mar 16, 2005

  • Fat Confusion: Is Fat Bad For You?

    By: Mauro Di Pasquale

    Over the last four decades I've maintained that a certain amount of saturated fat, especially saturated fat from red meat, is good for you. Learn why...

    Date Added: Feb 17, 2005

  • Olive Oil Is A Fat That Heals!

    By: Carmen Garcia

    It is known that the ancient olive tree was cultivated over 6,000 years ago. Today, more studies prove that olive oil continues to offer a variety of healing powers other than weight control and good tasting recipes. Learn more about olive oil...

    Date Added: Jul 2, 2004

  • Intramuscular Triglycerides (IMTG) As An Ergogenic Aid.

    By: ISSA

    Years ago I became fascinated with the potential role of intramuscular triglycerides (abbreviated as IMTG) as a fuel source in bodybuilding. Find out what it is and what it can do for you.

    Date Added: Apr 16, 2004

  • Fat Facts: The Real Story On Cholesterol & Fats!

    By: Mauro Di Pasquale

    For the past two decades, low fat, low cholesterol is the mantra of those trying to lose weight, prevent cancer and avoid heart disease. In light of recent studies however, this view is outdated.

    Date Added: Mar 30, 2004

  • Using Fats To Aid Recovery & Build Muscle!

    By: David Robson

    Vital to success in bodybuilding is recovery, of which the ways are many and varied. Recovery is important because muscle tissue repair will nor occur otherwise. Sleep, post training nutrition and supplementation, and time away from the gym are obvious methods.

    Date Added: Mar 29, 2004

  • Dietary Fats!


    There are many different types of fats and they can be conveniently divided into four main categories: saturated fats, monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, and trans fatty acids. Learn more about them!

    Date Added: Mar 10, 2004

  • High Cholesterol & Its Affects On Your Body!

    By: David Galanis

    Over the past two decades, coronary disease has become the leading cause of death in the United States. Smoking, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and, more recently, high triglycerides have been linked directly to heart problems.

    Date Added: Feb 9, 2004

  • Eat Fat To Burn Fat!

    By: Jesse Cannone

    If you want to lose weight and be healthy - DON'T eat a low-fat diet! You would have to be absolutely insane to after learning the truth about dietary fats. In the meantime, go eat some healthy fats!

    Date Added: Oct 27, 2003

  • A Consumer's Guide To Fats!

    By: Maia Appleby

    Once upon a time, we didn't know anything about fat except that it made foods tastier. Learn the truth about fat and what you need to know about it. BONUS: 10 tips to reduce fat in your diet!

    Date Added: Sep 22, 2003

  • Cholesterol And Your Body's Health!

    By: Maia Appleby

    Just what is this matter we call cholesterol, anyway? Find out what you need to know about cholesterol and your bodies health!

    Date Added: Sep 18, 2003

  • What You Need To Know About Cholesterol!

    By: Maia Appleby

    If your doctor has told you to lose a few pounds because your cholesterol is high, you may be frustrated with the new restrictions on your diet. Find out what cholesterol is, how to lower it and what foods to eat to help you lower it!

    Date Added: Aug 14, 2003

  • 10 Reasons Fish Oils Are Essential & Eating Right For Your Type!

    By: Charles Poliquin

    Learn the top ten reasons why fish oils are essential and what you need to do to eat right for your type!

    Date Added: Aug 13, 2003

  • Balancing The Use Of Carbohydrates & Fats.

    By: ISSA

    Fat loss is one of these topics and will continue to be a highly debated issue for fitness enthusiast. We will discuss the effects of fats and carbohydrates on exercise.

    Date Added: Jul 23, 2003

  • Heart Health: Can Fish Oil Reduce Heart Problems?

    By: ATDOnline

    Ancient researchers discovered that the oils in the deepwater fish were rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. These early scientific observations spawned extensive studies that led to the current understanding of how important fish oil is to heart health.

    Date Added: Jul 8, 2003

  • The Right Fats Perform The Right Functions In The Body.

    By: Bethany Howlett

    Learn how to read food labels to determine what type and amount of fat that a food has. Familiarize yourself with the above stated facts regarding each type of fat as each one is found in different food types and needed in the body for various capabilities.

    Date Added: Jun 19, 2003

  • Fats For Your Health.

    By: ISSA

    The body needs a certain amount of fat in the diet. It stores fat to serve as a quick energy source and to protect important organs. While fat is necessary and essential for proper health, some types of fats are damaging to the cardiovascular system.

    Date Added: Jun 17, 2003

  • How Food Becomes Body Fat!

    By: Maia Appleby

    If you don't burn it off, it hangs around in your fat cells. It's that simple. If you want to lose weight, don't eat too much of anything -- and do exercise regularly.

    Date Added: Apr 24, 2003

  • #1 Food Nutrient Database

    By: Contributing Writer

    Find out what nutrients (protein, carbs, fat, calories, vitamins, minerals) are in the foods you eat! Search the database and find foods to fit your nutrition plan.

    Date Added: Mar 24, 2003

  • Essential Fatty Acids: Do You Need Them?

    By: Derek Charlebois

    What are the essential fatty acids? What do essential fatty acids do? What happens if you do not get enough essential fatty acids?

    Date Added: Jan 21, 2003

  • Protein, Carbs, & Fat: Everything You Need To Know About Them!

    By: Matthew Johnson

    Learn the truth about protein, carbs, and fat. Find out how much of each of these you need daily and why. Plus much more...

    Date Added: Jan 21, 2003

  • You Are What You Eat!

    By: ISSA

    Since fat is such a concern, it's best to discuss it and get it over with; to extract truth from myth. Learn the four so called facts and why people deserve to know the truth!

    Date Added: Jan 10, 2003

  • Fatten Up Your Total!

    By: Anthony Ricciuto

    Fat is one of the most powerful nutrients you can consume. This article will explain the difference between the good, the bad, and the ugly, for this hotly debated macronutrient. Fat is where it's at, if you want a big total!

    Date Added: Jan 10, 2003

  • Misconceptions Of Fat

    By: Dean Goudie

    As a bodybuilder I am no fan of fat. Fat covers hard earned muscle, reducing definition to almost nothing and is unsightly in itself.

    Date Added: Dec 27, 2002

  • Nutrition: An Overview Of The Five Nutrients

    By: Joe Franco

    Proper nutrition is a key component for good heath and physical fitness. For weight trainers, proper nutrition consumption is the most important aid for making gains.

    Date Added: Nov 4, 2002

  • In Depth Look At Ketogenic Diets And Ketosis.

    By: Jonathan Deprospo

    The main benefit of keto diets is that it increases the body's ability to utilize fats for fuel, which gets very lazy on a high carbohydrate diet. Learn the scientific facts!

    Date Added: Sep 25, 2002

  • Future Fats That Build Muscle Today!

    By: Planet Muscle

    Believe it or not, eating more of the right kind of fats will enable bodybuilders to LOSE extra body fat. But, the best new news is that fats can facilitate help you build muscle faster and, of course, enhance performance.

    Date Added: Sep 19, 2002

  • Bring In The Fats!

    By: David Knowles

    A diverse and moderate intake of fats is the way to go!

    Date Added: Sep 15, 2002

  • Flex Your Flax

    By: Derek Charlebois

    Where can we get some quality fat? The answer, FLAX SEED!

    Date Added: Aug 7, 2002

  • Proper Nutrition - Fat

    By: Randy Herring

    Fat provides energy for aerobic energy metabolism, such as sitting, walking and jogging. The higher your resting metabolism is (through exercise) more fat will be wasting away while sitting and/or sleeping

    Date Added: Jun 26, 2002

  • How Many Fat Grams Should I Have?

    By: Other Writer

    Do you want to know your One Rep Max, your BMR, or possibly your target heart rate? But you have one problem, math. has made your life a lot easier with these easy access fitness calculators.

    Date Added: May 24, 2002

  • How Much Protein, Fat and What Types?

    By: Dino Pierce

    I also promised to give you a brief update on my preparation status and tactics in concerns of my first contest of the 2002 competitive season. Dino explains how much protein etc... he eats.

    Date Added: May 17, 2002

  • Get Your Fats Straight

    By: Derek Charlebois

    This article will expand your knowledge of fats. In this article, you will learn, which ones should you eat, which ones you should avoid, and what certain fats do.

    Date Added: Apr 2, 2002

  • Want Weight Loss? Eat More Fat!

    By: Todd Torns

    A huge new breakthrough in scientific research shows that eating more fat could lead to weight loss! Eating a diet high in monounsaturated fat could be the healthiest diet you can find.

    Date Added: Mar 7, 2002

  • Do Not Be Afraid to Eat Fat

    By: Derek Charlebois

    I started lifting seriously about 6 months ago, taking nutrition and other asspects into view. Lifting has given me a lot of self confidence. It has also lead to me making friends.

    Date Added: Mar 7, 2002

  • Basics of Nutrition Part 3: Oils and Fats!

    By: FitforLife

    Fats, and oils are a group of naturally occurring organic compounds called triglycerides-esters comprised of three molecules of fatty acids and one molecule of the alcohol glycerol. The fats normally occur in animal and vegetable tissue.

    Date Added: Dec 21, 2001

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