Fluxus 50

Art history was written in Wiesbaden, and the Fluxus art movement can be experienced on 366 days in 2012, the anniversary year.
Fluxus 50: 366 days of Fluxus in 2012. | © wiesbaden.de

Fluxus is 50: In 1962 a formation of young artists and musicians destroyed a Steinway grand piano with axes, hammers, saws, screwdrivers and other tools in the auditorium of the Museum Wiesbaden. A wave of international outrage and indignation as well as polarising enthusiasm on the part of the press and the public ensued. It was a scandal and, as we know today, a new type of art appreciation was born - Fluxus.

As the performance venue of „Wiesbadener Festspiele Neuester Musik“ in 1962, the city of Wiesbaden feels especially committed to this type of art and is taking the 50th birthday as an occasion to put together a programme of cultural events. The Museum Wiesbaden, as the venue of the „Fluxus‘ first hour“ will pay a tribute to the protagonists of the events of 1962: The Hessian State Theatre, artists‘ institutions, cultural associations and the department of culture with its exhibition venues, the Projektbüro Stadtmuseum, the Caligari Filmbühne and the Literaturhaus are offering interesting contributions to the Fluxus year.

A total of twelve well-known Wiesbaden institutions have adopted the theme “Fluxus 50“. An exhibition with live performances in the Nassauischer Kunstverein will be dedicated to Ben Patterson among others. He is one of the Fluxus founders who organised the legendary "Wiesbadener Festspiele Neuester Musik" in 1962. This is the first time that attention will be granted to his artistic achievements to such an extent. Patterson will also be represented with a new work in the Museum Wiesbaden. Mise-en-scènes showing other Fluxus initiators such as George Maciunas, Nam June Paik, Emmett Williams, Wolf Vostell, Alison Knowles, Dick Higgins and John Cage can also be seen in the Museum Wiesbaden.

Further concerts, performances and Fluxus compositions as well as exhibitions will be held in the Bellevuesaal, the Kunstverein Walkmühle and the Kunsthaus. The Hessian State Theatre will hold a premiere in the Museum Wiesbaden, and the programmes of the Caligari FilmBühne and the Literaturhaus will also be adapted to the anniversary of Fluxus. And a special historical and scientific reconstruction of the Fluxus events in Wiesbaden between 1962 and 1977 can be seen in the Projektbüro Stadtmuseum.

"Fluxus 50" is an interdisciplinary, intermedial, international project that does not adhere to any theoretical definition of Fluxus, for that is precisely what the protagonists of the events of 1962 were fighting against. And yet Fluxus created a strong common identity without defining a common style. The visitor is to be beamed into the artistic and cultural atmosphere of the Wiesbaden of 1962, but also to take a glance at the young art that was only made possible through Fluxus. All art friends can look forward to 366 days of Fluxus thanks to the leap year.

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