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smooth treadmill review
Smooth Treadmill Review
If you're looking for a "Runners"  treadmill, built to higher standards than the typical department store model, you may want to consider a Smooth treadmill.

Smooth treadmills are manufactured and sold directly through Smoothfitness - one of the first manufacturers to skip the store and sell direct to consumers from their website.

By selling factory direct online, Smooth can sell their treadmills considerably cheaper than a normal brick-and-mortar store (up to 50% off retail).

This is partially what has made these treadmills so popular since you can buy a higher quality treadmill for less than you'd pay at a store. 

Plus, with several 'Best Buy' awards, aggressive pricing and several new upgrades, Smooth is one of the more popular premium brands on the market right now.


#1) Strong Motors

From 2.75 HP all the way up to a monster 4.0 HP on their 9.65 light commercial treadmill, Smooth motors are well-built, beefy enough to take long workouts and covered by lifetime warranties.

#2) Extra Large Running Decks

These treadmills have some of the longest running belts in the industry, giving you tons of room to move. For example the 9.65 treadmill has an incredible 64" long belt. 

This extra space is especially great for runners or taller users as you can really pick up your pace without feeling like you're going to fall off the treadmill.

#3) Impression Cushioning

Impression cushioning system is unique to Smooth machines. It gives you softer cushioning where your foot strikes the belt with a firmer surface where it pushes off (which reduces drag and fatigue).

This is similar to what many commercial treadmills use and can help reduce the stress to your joints. This extra cushioning protection is also ideal for runners who are worried about knee, joint or hip problems.

#4) mySMOOTH - Virtual Fitness Trainer

Several of the new models like the 8.35 and 6.75 treadmills come with a built-in Virtual Fitness Trainer. The Virtual fitness trainer tracks your fitness progress and can then create custom workout programs for you.

You also get tips and advice to help you reach your fitness goals. This is a great way to give yourself some new challenges during your workout.

#5) Side Handrail Controls

Most Smooth models come with side incline and speed handrail controls. This is handy since you don't have to reach up to the console to change your speed/incline, which can often throw off your stride.
Smooth 5.65       -         4 / 5 Stars

Smooth 6.75       -         4 / 5 Stars

Smooth 7.35       -        4.5 / 5 Stars

Smooth 8.35        -      4.5 / 5 Stars

Smooth 9.65         -        5 / 5 Stars

Smooth 9.65TV     -          5 / 5 Stars

Please Note: Some of these prices are limited time sales - prices may change at any time.

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Smooth Treadmill Ratings:
#6) iPod Docks With Sound System

Most Smooth models now have a place to hook up your iPod and listen through built in console speakers. While this is becoming fairly common you do sometimes get some sound systems that are better than others - and Smooth treadmills have some of the clearer sounding systems out there.

#7) Treadmill with TV

The 9.65TV model treadmill comes with a built-in 10.5" LCD console TV and high-fidelity speakers. It comes with a cable hookup and you can also choose to watch TV or just see your workout stats if you don't want to watch television.

It's almost impossible to find a treadmill with TV these days - unless you want to buy a $4000 gym model - so it's a great deal to find on the 9.65 treadmill.

#8) Long Warranties with 2 Years on Service - Smooth warranties are some of the best in the business and most include a lifetime motor warranty with a lifetime frame warranty. 

Plus they're currently offering 2 years on service on some of their higher end models which can save you a lot of money (most brands only give you 1 year if you're lucky).


Smooth is one of the smaller manufacturers in the industry. They don't have the massive press coverage that several other brands get (so they're not as well known). This is a shame because these are extremely well-made treadmills with strong construction and some of the best warranties in the business.

Conclusion: Recommended

Smooth specializes in building premium home treadmills with strong decks and commercial-grade construction. They are ideal for runners who want a higher grade of treadmill with high grade cushioning, extra long running belts and heavy-duty construction.

There's also some goodies you won't find on other brands like built-in TVs, side-hand rail controls and a virtual fitness trainer.

Overall if you're looking for a higher caliber of treadmill than your standard department store machine, Smooth is a great choice.

Where to Buy At A Discount:

You can buy Smooth treadmills direct from the Manufacturer.  They're also currently offering Free Shipping which will save you about $150. 

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Smooth Treadmill Review
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