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Visitors to sancturies are advised to avoid using perfumes and scented oil as these may attract honey bees.


best seasons

  • November to April


Bori Wildlife Sanctuary

The Bori Wildlife Sanctuary, which has an approximate area of 518 sq. km, came intobeing in the year 1977. It lies on the Southern slopes of the Satpura range in theHoshangabad district of the state of Madhya Pradesh.


The wild animals of the Bon Wildlife Sanctuary include Tiger, jackal, leopard, Indian wild dog, jungle cat, stripedhyena, Indian fox, chital, sambar, muntjac, chevrotain, nilgai, four horned antelope, chinkara or mountain gazelle, gaur and many others. The main attraction of the Bori Wildlife Sanctuary is the tiger. The sanctuary draws a large number of tourists mainly during the months of January to June. Since the place is a prominent tourist spot like the prehistoric rock paintings among others, there are many forest bungalows and guesthouses which serve as lodging for the tourists. The variety of safaris and the nature walks enable the tourists to experience the natural beauty of the jungle to the fullest extent.



Getting there:


 By Air :

The nearest airport to Bori is Bhopal, while the sanctuary is accessible by rail and road via Itarsi