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FM GROUP welcomes FM Group Thailand

So we invite everyone to develop the structures on the picturesque Indochinese Peninsula, in the land of thousand of colours,

Thailand FM Group

Thailand FM Group

wonderful beaches and, most importantly, friendly people. It is no wonder that Thailand is known as „the land of smile”.

MLM business in Thailand is growing very rapidly and the market is extremely promising. Here is the contact address of FM GROUP in Thailand for all the interested:

FM Cosmetics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
27 Metha Wattana Building
Sukhumvit 19 Rd.
Klongtoey nua, Wattana
Bangkok 10110 Thailand

FM GROUP welcomes FM GROUP Indonesia


Indonesia, a country located on about three thousand of paradise islands, tempts with its unusual beauty. The most famous islands of Indonesia are Java, Sumatra, Borneo and Bali. Who would not want to find himself on one of them?

From 15 September 2010 you will be able to buy the FM Group products in these exotic places.

Indonesia, due to rapid economic growth in the 90s of the XXth century, is known to be among the Asian Tigers. This is a country of friendly, hospitable people with different backgrounds and religions. It is no surprise, that the Indonesian national motto is “Unity in Diversity.” Certainly, each person can find here a place for himself.

The new face of perfumes

New Luxury

More than five years ago, when FM GROUP Poland was created, we used the name FM by Federico
Mahora. Our aim for this brand was to be associated with elegance and value. We wanted it to
be of the highest rank, as it deserved to be. Since then FM GROUP managed to dominate almost
the whole world. It is present in more than 50 countries on every continent. To emphasize this
success we have decided to return to the name FM by Federico Mahora and we have assigned it to
every perfume product of our company. You will find the refreshed name on all perfume flasks and boxes.

It is not the only novelty you will find in our catalogue. The Luxury Collection will delight you with
exceptional shaped bottles and sophisticated boxes. New fashionable fragrances appeared in the Luxury
Collection for women and men and also in the Classic Collection. Charming scent of freesia, ylang-ylang
flowers, spicy scent of ginger and pink pepper – these are just a few of the new notes in the wide palette of
fragrances, which we believe will captivate your heart.
I wish you the very best in successful shopping.
Artur Trawiński,

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FM Convention in Douala in Cameroon

Marie Litumbe has joined FM Group in June 2010. She has reached 21 % level in just 4 months.

Those who have attended the FM National Conference could hear her amazing story. If you think 4 months it is a long period of time, you should know that Marie has built her team in Cameroon where FM Group hasn’t got an office yet. She faces a lot of challenges, long distance travels, different currency. But nothing will stop her.

With the support of her husband she is building her team rapidly.
Recently she has organised a convention in Douala in Cameroon and she had full house!
This is another example that FM Group doesn’t have any boundaries.
Follow Me – that what FM stands for – says Marie Litumbe.
I think we all should follow her!


FM GROUP welcomes FM GROUP in India


FM GROUP INDIA is officially opening on September 6, 2010th

India is a vast and incredible country where innumerable people, religions, ancient teachings have been mixing together. Today the general interest for MLM and its business volume are growing very fast all over this rapidly developing country.

In the traditional Indian spirit of hospitality, FM GROUP INDIA WELCOMES all the FM Group World Distributors and all the new Indian Distributors who are going to join our Company which is globally recognized for the quality of its perfumes and human relationships.


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