Database of Deceased Steamboat Springs Veterans

Steamboat Springs is proud of her veterans, who have served in all branches of the military, in all wars, and in all different parts of the world. As you look at the list of veterans below, do not do so mechanically, but recognize and be grateful for each name listed and each individual who gave of themselves for America's enduring freedom and prosperity. Each name represents a citizen from Steamboat Springs who was willing to put his life in harms way so that America might be the nation it is today. Each veteran listed has given of his (her) lifetime and sometimes even his (her) very life itself to ensure that America might enjoy peace. The least we can do is remember. Before leaving this page, stop and pick out at least one name and thank that individual, where ever buried or what ever war served in, and recognize the sacrifice, the bravery, and the courage that individual showed by serving in America's armed services. We are proud of you and we will remember. Remember, and do not forget.

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Below are viewable documents of all the deceased Steamboat Springs veterans. The list is divided into veterans buried in the Steamboat Springs Cemetery and veterans buried in other cemeteries. If you have a question about any of the records on the Steamboat Springs Cemetery list or would like to access the original burial records you may contact the Yampa Valley Funeral Home of Steamboat:

Mitch Locke, Funeral Director
P.O. Box 776090, 2095 Curve Court
Steamboat Springs, CO 80477
Phone: (970) 879-1494
Fax: (970) 879-4626
Cell: (970) 819-0005

If you are a relation or close associate of any veteran on the database below, and see that some of the information is incomplete or needs to be changed and can help, please contact the Funeral Board Director of the Steamboat Springs Cemetery:

Jim Stanko
PO Box 2797
Steamboat Springs, CO 8048777
Phone: (970) 879-3936

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