Routt County Cemeteries

From the first inhabitants of this area there have been burials. The Native American tribes from this area had unique beliefs and customs for burials and many of these sites are lost forever. As the first explorers arrived in the area the process of interment was still very simplified. In most cases, interments were in shallow graves, many covered with rocks and marked with a crude marker made of wood or field stone. Again, most of these sites are lost.

With the development of communities and homesteading burial sites became more specific. On many homesteads and ranches an area was set aside for burials. Many of these small family plots still exist. These sites represent a part of the history and heritage of this area. As communities grew sites were set aside for the burial of members of that community.

The task of burials was handled by family and friends in the early years. As communities grew the profession of "undertakers" also grew. As early as January 1912 there was an undertaker advertising in Hayden, by the name of S.E. Dorey. In 1913 we find an advertisement for the Hayden Lumber Co. that states "For UNDERTAKING and TOMBSTONES SEE US". Most of the early markers placed in the local cemeteries and on grave sites were very simple, but in some cases larger more ornate markers were available and used. In 1903 we find an advertisement for the Denver Marble and Granite Co. which shows large monuments available through E.A. Brooks of Steamboat Springs. Over the years there have been many "undertakers" and funeral directors that have serviced the county. They include: S.E. Dorey, W.H. Bashor, Bretlinger, A.H. Heyers, E. Root, J. Zobel, D. Greeno and M. Shearon.

It is important to preserve these sites. The history and heritage that is found in these cemeteries and grave sites is a piece of history that should not be lost. Efforts are under way to document, restore and preserve these sites. "Lest We Forget"

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