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Why Should I Use a Camera in the Classroom?     

Pictures personalize learning, clarify it, frame it... and add depth.

camera.gif (259 bytes)    Taking a Picture with the Sony Mavica  from Linda Spudic

 camera.gif (259 bytes)   Check Out   these directions for viewing and deleting pictures, as well as inserting them into Microsoft Word, Kid Pix Deluxe, and Power Point.

camera.gif (259 bytes)    Going Digital With Curricululm Activities
            Use Photos:


BLINKING_BALL.GIF (1653 bytes)  As a writing prompt  Ransbo.gif (12604 bytes)


BLINKING_BALL.GIF (1653 bytes)  To illustrate the steps in a procedure  jack02.jpg (4468 bytes)


BLINKING_BALL.GIF (1653 bytes) To record a field trip, allowing the students to write about them at a later time

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FISHG.jpg (87249 bytes)


BLINKING_BALL.GIF (1653 bytes)  To record a virtual tour   SCHOOL.jpg (77579 bytes)


BLINKING_BALL.GIF (1653 bytes) To create class books  classbook.gif (5668 bytes)



BLINKING_BALL.GIF (1653 bytes) To illustrate concepts, i.e. math in nature!  multiplication.jpg (43046 bytes)


BLINKING_BALL.GIF (1653 bytes)  To create ABC books and others

ABCF.gif (11346 bytes) GSBRENT.gif (26566 bytes) ASPY4.gif (35316 bytes)


BLINKING_BALL.GIF (1653 bytes) To create a documentary    CEMETRY2.jpg (82037 bytes)


BLINKING_BALL.GIF (1653 bytes) To Capture Class Historic Reinactments (need latest version of Shockwave Player)


BLINKING_BALL.GIF (1653 bytes)  To make written biographies "Come Alive"  


BLINKING_BALL.GIF (1653 bytes)  To encourage creativity    Abug12.gif (11663 bytes)   Dnmp.gif (9403 bytes)



BLINKING_BALL.GIF (1653 bytes) Capture classroom activities for newsletter, web pages, student portfolios with reading inventories.

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Explore 'Picturing Literacy' from the Backpack Trek Tools

Other classroom uses include:


Even More Ideas:

More Good Information for Using Digital Cameras in the Classroom:

BLINKING_BALL.GIF (1653 bytes)  1001 Ways to Use a Digital Camera

BLINKING_BALL.GIF (1653 bytes)  Using a Digital Camera in the Classroom

Fun Projects Using the Digital Camera

Using Digital Cameras in the Classroom from Jerrie's Curriculum Hotlist - extensive list

Lots of Great Curriculum Ideas for Using the Digital Camera

Be Creative.......Empower Your Students.....Make Their Learning Visual......Use 21st Tools!!!!


Sandy Beck
Instructional Technology Specialist
Forsyth County Schools
February, 2005