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"Aquarius is the oldest independent record store in San Francisco. We try to only carry music we love, and we're always searching for more new, cool, weird and wonderful music. Aquarius Records specializes in many genres... indierock, punk, metal (black, doom, sludge and all things in between), reggae, sixties psych, seventies proto-metal, international music, experimental electronic music, hip hop, field recordings, found sounds, country and bluegrass and avant garde music of all types."

KUSF logoKUSF in Exile

Serving the universe from the transmitters of WFMU in New York, KUSF in Exile has been displaced from its decades-old home at 90.3 FM in San Francisco, by a deal in which the University of San Francisco President sold the campus station's license to a Southern California classical music outfit in a secret deal, padlocking the station in the dark of the overnight without any notice to the radio station's devoted staff.

Many folks hold the sale to an out-of-town operator to be a violation of FCC licensing for low-power radio stations, which are supposed to serve local communities. KUSF has held down the fort with cutting edge rock, public interest programming, and foreign language programming that serves San Francisco's immigrant communities -- and has helped spur the 21st century psychedelic rock revolution centered here in San Francisco. KUSF in Exile is fighting to prevent the FCC from approving the sale of the license -- they ask for your support. And as a beneficiary, from our humble beginning, of the KUSF staff's good graces, Frisco Freakout is happy to welcome KUSF in EXILE to the fest this year as co-presenter. A few KUSF in Exile DJs will be on hand to spin, too.

" "For years this 3,000 watt outlet has been a model for college stations around the country that play alternative rock" -- Ben Fong-Torres, San Francisco Chronicle
"This little college station has been influencing the so-called mainstream radio sound in this town for years" -- Joel Selvin, San Francisco Chronicle ."

DRIFT logoDRIFT magazine

DRIFT explores the site of intersection between various modes of artistic and cultural production and the geographic and social landscape of the American west coast. We invite artists, musicians, poets, geographers, cultural critics, public historians and others who recognize their stakes in the cultures of this place to contribute. The magazine features original sound & visual art, poetry, short fiction, essays, local cultural interest stories, and a strong lean toward cross-disciplinary collaborations and experimental forms.