Burning Issues
Maggie Kelly

First published by Onlywomen in 1995, Burning Issues, shows its readers an ugly side of England. Author Maggie Kelly has written for nearly all our provincial newspapers, and in several acclaimed broadsheets, before she penned this story.
One of Burning Issues reviewers said enthralling in the truest sense of the word

ISBN 978-0-9561053-5-6

Karen X. Tulchinsky

Seriously funny, even if, or when, the author tells you about stuff everyone knows.
The story is about Jewish lesbians and queers, Jewish family weddings and of course the politics informing them all.

ISBN 978-0-906500-61-3

Jan Marsh
ISBN 978-0-9561053-1-8
RecommendedRetailPrice £8.99

This debut mystery, set in New Zealand, offers a busy, modern plot. The story starts when Gabrielle, a soft-hearted lesbian psychologist, stumbles across the definitely dead body of a man recently out of prison.

This is a thriller that's hard to put down. Soon you'll want to know why, and who, killed him.. But Gabrielle wants to find those answers herself even if she's distracted by at least one of her professional colleagues. Just how tough is soft, sexy Gabrielle?

Elana Dykewomon
ISBN 978-0-9561053-2-5
RecommendedRetailPrice £11.95

A prize winning decidedly lesbian feminist novel about Jews and living, no matter what, as Jews. This time, there's a new cover and a fresh preface, recalling this book's, and the author's, reception in Europe. That includes conversations with, mixed (lesbian, gay, German and heterosexual) audiences.

The Dovecote
by Stephanie Dummler
978-0-906500-98-9 £8.99

Set in London and rural Wales during the 1960s and 70s, this debut novel celebrates relationships between women. A dovecote stands at the English heart of this literary and definitely feminist love story. But the book also reveals the hostile misconceptions surrounding its lesbian characters.

by Helen Larder
978-0-906500-97-2 £8.99

From the very first day in a big-city secondary school, new student Anarchy manages not only to entice quite a few other teenagers but also to enrage adult teachers. Whats on her mind? Could it be education? Is it romance?

Overall, and regardless of sex or sexual preferences, the young characters of Anarchy create much more than fun and trouble.

"a vivid radical new voice

The Burning Time
by Robin Morgan
publication 2007

Six hundred years ago what could a female Irish landowner want?
This is a modern story about pagans and their battle against Catholics

beautifully written Grace Paley

but it's frighteningly relevant today. And it would make a hell of a movie. Jane Fonda

Juniper Street
by Sandra Freeman
publication 2007
World rights available.

Surprisingly windy summer holidays in the South of France conceptualise the story narrated by a young London lesbian. Something of a linguist, she translates for most of the characters in Juniper Street. Together they encounter gay men, bisexuals British lesbians and, apparently, real love. This is an exciting but cautionary tale about falling-in-love.

A contemporary novel that will delight Ms Freeman's readers and, indeed, her listeners, old and new.

The Wow Factor
by Sandra Freeman
978-0-906500-94-1 £8.99

The rather butch London lesbian, met in Juniper Street, travels to Brighton where the lover she found, and may have lost, in France, remains elusive. While sex isnt hard to find, real love remains another matter. In this book she learns more than she ever wanted to know about universities, how to run an estate agency and Witchcraft.

The Other Side
Sandra Freeman
ISBN 0-906500-81-8

Before the first World War, wealthy playwright Charlie (aka Charlotte), instructs a painter, Anna, in the ways of the English aristocracy. Can the demimonde of Paris, where Charlie has made a home, imagine that this beautiful lesbian has found fidelity?

Ever After
Sandra Freeman
ISBN 0-906500-85-0
This novels dedicated to everyone who manages to get it together to live happily ever after. Here, Charlie and Anna renegotiate their relationship after the devastations of WW1. New characters appear and a few intrude. Readers see the beauties of a ravaged landscape and must ask if anything matters more than love.

This is the sequel to The Other Side

The Comedienne
by V. G. Lee
ISBN 0-906500-88-5
Here, Ms Lee's characteristic light touch delivers not only comic views of lesbian romance but also many of the ways that independent women mature (or is it age?).

an intrinsic truth that pulls you in before you know it.
Time Out
Funny and sad. Enchanting and beguiling. V.G. Lee reaches parts of me other comediennes cant reach. Frances Gapper

Diary of a Provincial Lesbian
V.G. Lee
ISBN 0-906500-86-9
A lesbians life in a seaside small-town not so very far from London. She tells about her often absent, but certainly elegant, partner as their tenth anniversary looms. In a style both laconic and hilarious, the chapters juggle heterosexual next-door neighbours, semi-retired lesbians, optimistic gay men and familiar relationship revisions.
leaves you giggling days later G-scene

Hannah Bradby
ISBN 0-906500-83-4
Two novellas about rebellious youth.
In the first story, Skinfull, set in Glasgow, sex, race and feminism are issues affecting Maya and Balvinder.
In the second, Underneath the Fairy Lights, definitely lesbian Felicity finds an exciting route past her 18th birthday.

Fearful Symmetry
Tash Fairbanks
ISBN 0-906500-54-0
Sam Carter, Private Investigator, is a lesbian detective in Brighton. She's running to middle-aged fat but still tough and attracting suitors. Here she solves complicated and scary murders in an unforgettable mystery.

Jay Taverner
ISBN 0-906500-58-3
The Lady Isabella, and her game warden's daughter, Hope, are both sixteen years old in 1715, during the first of the Jacobite uprisings when they must flee their homes in Somerset. Neither the non-conformist faith of one nor the aristocratic heritage of the other can sustain the life they build together along the Welsh border.

Something Wicked
Jay Taverner
ISBN 0-906500-65-6
Rumours of drug dealing, child abuse and even witchcraft disconcert heroine, Scotty, who is mending the heart fractured-but-not-broken when her girlfriend left. But life may be different here in rural Shropshire where this novel is set.
Can healing be achieved by a librarian?
Who is committing which real crimes?

What Night Brings
Carla Trujillo
ISBN 0-906500-80-X

This prize winning novel is gripping and often very funny.
Ms Trujillo has also written short stories and edited latino lesbian journals.

"Marci is 11, a tough little girl in a hard w
orld. Being a good Catholic she prays every night - prays that her dad will disappear and that somehow she'll turn into a boy. Daily checking under the covers proves disappointing but Marci's needs are quite clear and simple and with childish logic she sets about the first of her wishes - the banishment of Eddie, her brutal father.
It's a nice old-fashioned (in the best sense of the word) coming of age story with a happy ending."

Carole Laing, GCN [Gay Community News], Irel

The Vinland Sheep
Helen Shacklady
ISBN 0-906500-79-6
Thrown together during one of Englands 15th century wars, aristocrats of several sexual preferences and a variety of nationalities (Wales, Scotland and France, for starters) make up the story of The Vinland Sheep.
Befriending sailors may come easily to horse thieves and cross dressers but what about seafarers from further away? Where is, or was, vinland ?

Stoppage Time
Helen Shacklady
ISBN 0-906500-78-8
This is Helen's fourth published novel.
Here, a small north of England town displays the usual petty criminals. The disabled women who look for romance will surprise the reader as they find themselves.

The Patterned Flute
Helen Shacklady
ISBN 0-906500-67-2
This one is the first in the trilogy which made Ms Shacklady's work best-sellers.
Lesbians mingle with many heterosexual characters on both sides of the channel between France and England to make this a very European mystery.

The Stolen Crate
Helen Shacklady
ISBN 0-906500-72-9
This is Helen's second novel in the trilogy starting with The Patterned Flute.
Internationally funded crimes against the environment form an ugly backgound for a mystery focusing on protest. This one's solved principally by other lesbians along with ostensibly straight friends of our heroines, Kate and Liz.

The Lacquered Box
Helen Shacklady
ISBN 0-906500-69-9
This is Helen's third published novel, the last in the trilogy that starts as a couple meet in The Patterned Flute.
Liz and Kate unravel dangerous hi-value thefts. They also look at the past lovers of one of them as well as see their own somewhat murky pasts.
Is Brigitte all she's cracked up to be? Can Stella sing better than anyone's ever heard?

Altogether Elsewhere
Anna Wilson
ISBN 0-906500-77-X
Violence [in Anna Wilson's Altogether Elsewhere] emanates specifically from men and is specifically directed at women, in the workplace, at home, on the streets. But this is only the beginning. 
In what amounts to the book's third level of reality, the women form a vigilante group to patrol their city at night. Here, they drive themselves to self-assertion, but also to their own violence.

The New Statesman

A Passionate Development
Eleanor Hill
ISBN 0-906500-68-0
This is new fiction from the best-selling author of women's football romance, All In The Game.
Health services for women and development in far-away countries are the essence of Fiona's busy life when the artist, Imogen enters. A slightly unlikely but very passionate romance ensues in Ghana and keeps on being explored back in England.
How 'out' can you be when straight people trust their lives to you?
Is it any easier to stay together as a dyke couple in a town full of lesbians?

All In The Game
Eleanor Hill
ISBN 0-906500-62-1

This realistic Romance is set inside women's amateur football (soccer, for readers outside Europe). Robin coaches a women's football team when a brilliant player, Penn, joins. As the squad blossoms, the relationship between these two alters.
Do women understand loving lust?
How hollow is Robin's statement, 'Coaching and sex don't mix '?

Beyond The Pale
Elana Dykewomon
ISBN 0-906500-63-X
A family of Jews flee the violent anti-semitism of Russia's Pale of Settlement to work in the sweatshops of New York City. Social movements as well as secret love affairs form a moving chronicle here. Dovida passes as a man [when she can] and Chava and Rose become lovers. As one reviewer says, "Great novels aren't written very often but Beyond The Pale deserves all the glowing adjectives available."

Love Ruins Everything
Karen X.Tulchinsky
ISBN 0-906500-61-3
Intrigue and melodrama in a story thats hilarious and innocent in equal measure.
Stunning depiction of family dynamics Booklist
Filled with life and gorgeous prose The Toronto Star
Dumped by her girlfriend, Nomi Rabinovitch swears off love forever.
But her widowed mother telephones to announce her impending marriage. Gay men and old girlfriends flesh out the story of what happens next as this dyke daughter goes home to attend the wedding.
Does somebodys love triumph? Youll have to read it to find out.

Many Are Called
Pat Arrowsmith
ISBN 0-906500-59-1
The author's notoriety as well as her significant political work hover over the story of this short novel about social workers in the 1950s.
The droll progress of Hilary in Liverpool is sharply described alongside the sloppy advice of supervisory welfare workers. Our hopeful heroine remains watchful but she is never deterred.
"Sharply observed account of group dynamics." Metro News
Pat Arrowsmith is well-known as a peace activist and has worked for Amnesty International for more than 25 years. She is also the author of Somewhere Like This, Jericho and I Should Have Been a Hornby Train (GMP Heretic Books).

Relatively Norma
Anna Livia
ISBN 0-906500-10-9
Correct spelling of this outrageously funny title (a novel wherein all the men are called John) helps in comprehending the author's intention. A London lesbian flies to Australia to visit and learn about her family as well as to 'come out'.
Decide whether this is feminist farce or simply the best comedy you've read.

Bulldozer Rising
Anna Livia
In this novel, women not nearly as old as you might think plot to escape death decreed for citizens over forty.

"simply killing off the enemy by high-speed, high-kicking roller skating, one down and millions to go. ..." Josephine Saxton

Stealing Time
Nicky Edwards
ISBN 0-906500-31-1
A teenage master-mind and London squatters show the way to collapsing an already moribund system.

Tough At The Top
Nicky Edwards
ISBN 0-906500-45-1
Men disapprove, then disrupt, as women rebuild the wreck of

an ancient cottage.

This is a very cool, very British, fantasy and a hilarious novel wherein all characters get more than they'd bargained for.

Hatching Stones
Anna Wilson
ISBN 0-906500-39-7
Comparing the multi-coloured populations of the Southern hemisphere with identical tall blonde men, this story moves towards the thoughtful women banished by male supremacists (whom readers may or may not recognise) to Antartica.

"tough, intelligent, compelling novel." Andrea Freud-Lowenstein

Burning Issues
Meg Kelly
ISBN 0-906500-56-7
Murder investigation on the South coast (of England) snowballs past ex-cons, porn merchants and the heroine's current lover.

"Crime-noir with an authentic British accent." A Shot in the Dark

Dirty Work
Vivien Kelly
ISBN 0-906500-55-9 paperback original
Scary and sexy story set principally within one of London's hostels for the homeless.