Cynthia A. Janak
May 17, 2005
If your stocks are not doing well, blame Soros and Moody's Investors Service
By Cynthia A. Janak

With the sleep still in the corner of my eyes, my first cup of tea steaming before me and, heaven forbid anyone tries to talk to me because I am not fully awake yet, my computer is on and I am trying to comprehend the business news. I am not a pretty picture in the morning. I am but one of thousands of people who have this routine.

Every day the investors in the United States watch the ticker. I know because I am one of those people. The business news is just as important, if not more so, as the regular news. We are the people who invest in the companies to make our economy grow. At least, that is what I thought for a long time. This has changed recently, as recently as today.

Now I am miffed and I am going to tell you why I am miffed. On the way to researching other things, I came upon a document. Essentially, it is a rather non-descript type of financial document. The type of document that, if you were an insomniac, would put you to sleep. Well, nosey me had to take a look.

The title of the document was the "International Conference of Financing for Development." Sounds exciting, not. I was curious, though, because I want to make good financial investments that will further secure my retirement and provide a dividend income in the process. This is what an educated investor does. Investment companies spend a fortune on having their brokers read all this exciting stuff all day. That is why they get the big bucks.

I clicked and the document opened and behold, to my amazement, this document is not about the financial prospectus for the United States. It is about a conference that was held in 2002 in Mexico. The participants of this conference were from various countries and businesses around the world. This conference is important to the people who invest in the United States because in the upper left hand corner is the symbol of the United Nations.

This document was the schedule for a round table discussion about global trade and financial development.

Before I go too much further I want to tell you who some of the participants were in this round table discussion.

Institutional Stakeholder Participants

International Monetary Fund (IMF)
World Bank
United Nations Conference of Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
United Nations
World Trade Organization (WTO)
United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
Financial Stability Forum (FSF)
Common Fund for Commodities

Business Sector Participants (United States participants)

Samuels Associates
Moody's Investors Service
Soros Fund Management
Violy, Byorum & Partners Holdings
Potomac Associates
Securities Industries Association (SIA)
Standard and Poor's
Spring Investment Corporation
Financial Services Volunteer Corps (FSVC)

When I read this, it made everything clear to me. I was born again in my understanding about how the market is functioning today. Now I know why the market dips when all the news is good. I understand now that the market is not controlled by how the businesses and our economy are doing. It is controlled by what this panel of experts has to say. These organizations are giving their input into the One World Economy. They are in support of the United Nations taking over the world through commerce and banking.

It is my opinion that these organizations are the reason why the United States stock market has not seen the recovery that we all expected 2 years ago. As you can see, our wonderful friend, Soros is one of the participants. This man said that he was going to spend his fortune so that President Bush would not be re-elected. He is the man that rumor has it, manipulated the oil prices to bring our economy down before the election in 2004. This man, by media reports, was said to be an extremist, far left-wing liberal democrat. This person Soros through his corporation believes in giving clean needles to drug addicts in other countries using our tax dollars. (Full story:>>>SpecialReports>>>archive>>>200505>>>SPE20050512a.html)

At least one member of Congress says the foreign aid agency violated congressional intent by giving taxpayer dollars to groups like George Soros' Open Society Institute, which support needle exchange programs.

Needle exchange programs are part of a strategy called "harm reduction," the contested hypothesis that a certain percentage of society will engage in high-risk behaviors like intravenous drug abuse, regardless of education and interdiction efforts. The theory is embraced by Soros and numerous drug legalization advocates, but has been rejected by both the United Nations' International Narcotics Control Board and the Bush Administration's Office of National Drug Control Policy.

The nerve of this organization to allow such a person, with the lowly standards that he has exhibited in the last few years, to be on this panel. I personally do not want this man deciding about the future of our world economy. I would not even want him to be a dogcatcher for my city. Let me put it this way. His book will never grace the integrity of my coffee table even to hold it up.

I hate to say it but it does not surprise me that he is on this panel. Everything that has been reported and rumored shows that this man has an ego that is larger than the Yellowstone Caldera and just as volatile and so does the U.N.

You also have Moody's Investors Service as a participant. Let me tell you about my personal experience with them. I had a stock that was doing well. All the independent news that was coming out was great. I was happy with my selection. I was making a profit. Moody's decided to tell the world that they were guarded in their opinion of a merger and the stock price fell. Now, mind you, every independent analyst was reporting that the merger would bring to this company a more rounded business plan with a great bunch of managers. Their opinion was that this stock was an excellent buy.

My question is why would Moody's personnel put out such a report? Could it be to keep the American investor at a level with the world market? Guilt by association, could they be in league with Soros as to the Social Security Plan the President is trying to give to the American people? It would make sense that if they keep the market down then the average person would be hesitant about investing any money therefore the President's plan would fail. These are questions that I am now asking myself and so should every other investor out there. Me, personally, will be reading the independent analyst and take what Moody says with a grain of salt.

My opinion is that they are trying to manipulate the market in such a way that the little investor who does not have millions of dollars to throw around is burned. This would pave the way for the One World, U. N. to step in at 2010 and tell us that they are going to take care of us in our retirement. This makes me think of "Soylient Green" the movie. That is a scary thought.

The more research I do the more I learn about how forces that are outside of our government are trying to manipulate how we live and do business. These people want to take away our right to choose by orchestrating events so they have the desired outcome. The elite liberals want everyone to be beholden to them. At what cost you ask. The cost would be the loss of our freedoms and our constitutional rights. Everyday we see this happening in the courts and in Congress with the filibuster by the liberals.

My belief is that the liberals have this warped sense of self. They feel that they are the only ones that know what is good for us. They do not trust that we will make the right decision based on principals and ethics. They do not have any belief in the 10 rules of God. It is sad to think that they do not even have a clue as to the absolutes of right and wrong. The Clintons are the perfect example of this. They gave us Whitewater, Rose Law Firm, Clinton Gore Champaign Scandal, Vince Foster, White House Travel office investigation, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Wang Jun, turning the White House into a Bed and Breakfast for campaign donations, Filegate, impropriety and fraud.

The liberals need to wake up and smell the coffee because the American people know who they are and we are learning what they do. The United States of America is for the Americans and not for your special interests in overseas affairs. We need to bring the money back to America and support the American citizens. I personally do not want someone in China or India deciding anything for me. The United Nations needs to learn what its place is in this world and it is not in dominating the world population. It needs to learn that it is only to assist the people period.

© Cynthia A. Janak

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