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Influencing with Integrity
 Influencing with Integrity
  • See more! Hear more! Feel more! You'll know, quickly and accurately, how someone is responding to what you're communicating. 
  • Achieve Immediate Rapport! Learn the four specific skills that earn you the attention, acceptance, and trust of another person. 
  • Upgrade Your Probing Skills! Learn how to ask the "super questions" that provide you with high quality information. 
  • Learn Powerful Verbal Patterns! Learn the powerful skill sets that master communicators already know, skills that could make the difference between success and failure in both your career and personal life. 
  • Enhance Your Nonverbal Skills! Now you'll know specific ways to add to the effectiveness of your message.

    Genie Z. Laborde, Ph.D.
    $24.95 + shipping
Fine Tune Your Brain
Fine Tune Your Brain
In this exciting book Genie Z. Laborde explains how our brains learn, how they are patterned, and how we can pattern them to take advantage of all the positive resources we have accumulated in our lives. 

Specifically, she shows us how to

  • DOVETAIL: go beyond compromises to make sure all parties are satisfied that the best possible deal has been made! 
  • USE ANTIDOTES TO COUNTERACT NEGATIVE COMMUNICATION PATTERNS such as one-upsmanship, blaming, complaining, guilt,and apologizing:before they drain your energy! 
  • CONSTRUCT POWERFUL METAPHORS TO ENHANCE COMMUNICATION on both the conscious and unconscious levels! 
  • CHANGE UNWANTED HABITS OR BEHAVIORS using a seven-step process that really works. 
  • CHANGE YOUR PERSONAL HISTORY and edit your unhappy memories when they are negatively coloring your life.  
3 Minute Steps
Three Minute Steps to Influencing With Integrity

90 steps to mastery of communication
presented  via streaming video.
E-Learning: $995.00
Right Brain For a Change Using Your Right Brain
For a Change

Change Any Habit - Quit Smoking - Over-Eating - Nail Biting
You Name It!

E-Book: $14.95
Cicle of Excellence Circle of Excellence
iPhone App

his app uses a recalled memory of great success to revisit and activate the same brain chemicals created
in the original happening. As the mind revisits, the brain and body begin to mimic the original state
by pulling up the feelings of competence and confidence. These visualizations are then strengthened over time,
and help restore and enhance the present moment

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IwI on the Internet Influencing with Integrity on the Internet

57 Steps you will want to take so that your web design presents you, your company, or your institution in the correct light.
Each step improves your presentation. Each step is based on distilled, sound, psychological, advertising, and graphic principles universally recognized as valid long before the web.
Short, right-to-the-point guidelines, enhanced by an awesome bibliography if you want to check the accuracy and relevance on the steps in depth.
A book you can read in 20 minutes or spend as many hours as you wish cogitating its application for your site. Every minute thinking and selecting for your presentation will improve the end result.

**$24.95  - 
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103 Ways to Tap Your Right Brain

103 Ways to Tap Your Right Brain 
  • Open Sesame. . . No! No! - Tap Your Other Brain! E-Book Shows How!  
  • New Ways to Think!
  • You May Already Have Abilities You've Never Used!
  • Hard to Believe! Peace, Joy, Bliss, Without Drugs!
  • New Talents In 90 Seconds!
  • Takes Neurolinguistics to a Whole New Level!
  • New Data About How Your Brain Works  
E-Book - $9.95
Spellbinding: Skills for Relationships
Luck, Chance or Chemistry may begin relationships, but communication decides whether the initial encounter turns into a mutually satisfying encounter. . . and whether the relationship continues to nurture both parties - or not.

This e-book presents simple, but elegant and powerful communication skills everyone can learn to start off new encounters on a positive basis and to significantly improve relationships with loved ones, friends and associates.

The concepts and skills presented utilize the lastest and virtually unknown discoveries in the field of human communication and relationship enrichment
Recreating a Relationship
Recreating A Relationship
with a New Paradigm:
A new set of beliefs and experiences
that work better than the old

Temporarily un-available
Quick Skills for Relationships Quick Skills For Relationships
Expert Communication = Success in Your Relationship

Adult Coloring Booko
Adult Coloring Book
The Ten Universal Laws of Charismatic Relationships
Genie Z. Laborde, Ph.D.

($14.95 plus $5 shipping)
IwI By the Numbers Influencing with Integrity By The Numbers

Instant Charisma  Instant Charisma
By Using Your Right Brain

Genie Z. Laborde, Ph. D.

Selling with Integrity
Selling with Integrity

The skills of Influencing with Integrity
applied to Sales

Rapport on the Telephone
Rapport on the Telephone

Here are skills to fine tune certain key behaviors that
will serve you well on and off your job.

Pegasus Package
Managing Meetings with Pegasus

How much money would you save (or make) if your meetings were half as long?

Use the powerful PEGASUS program to make your meetings shorter, more productive. 

Complete kit includes 

  • 19-minute PEGASUS DVD
  • 52-page PEGASUS workbook  
$199.00 + shipping
Three Minute Steps to Influencing with Integrity
3-Minute Steps to Influencing with Integrity®
 Module One on CD
(The First Nine Days of the 90 Day Program)
                         Now you can have all the benefits of
                        INFLUENCING WITH INTEGRITY ®
• You do it at your own computer (no travel hassle, inconvenience, and expense)
• At your convenience. You pick the time to view the video.
• You will hear a fun, simple assignment for each day
• You get to practice each step for a day (or more, if you need to)

This CD is Module One of Influenceing with Integrity®,  which has a total of 12 Modules.  
Influencing with Integrity Page

CD #1— $99.95 

Child Development Techniques

 Video $19.95 + shipping

Book $15.95 + shipping
Tooting Your Own Horn
Tooting Your Own Horn: How To Measure Soft-Skills Training

You CAN Measure the Results of Soft-Skills Training. It's Been Done. Here's How!

Instruments, Surveys, Interviewers, Figures from:
Sprint, IBM, Pacific Bell, Chase Manhattan Bank, 
M & M Mars, Dell Computer Corporation, 
7-11, Allstate Insurance, Nissan
300+ pages of techniques used by large corporations to measure the results soft skills training. 

To read the introduction click here.

$100 plus shipping

ABCs of Negotiation
The ABCs of Negotiation

The Skills of Influencing with Integrity applied to Negotiation

As taught at the United Nations, Chase Bank, IBM, HP, Dell, AT&T,
FPL, Sprint, Eastman Kodak, and many others.


Infinite Energy Not Luck Infinite Energy Not Luck
Finding FLOW for Empowerment


90 Dayst to CE
90 Days to Communication Excellence

The Skills of Influening with Integrity
One skill per day for 90 days.

ABCs of NLP The ABCs of NLP

An Overview of NLP


Do Your Bestg Do Your Best On A Test - The Brain Shift for Excellence

Program Designed by Genie Z. Laborde Ph.D.
DVD plus Workbook

In Three Minutes You can Change Your Mental State
A few simple steps to move you from a less-than optimal state
to a state of excellent performance.

$29.95 includes shipping

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