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The universe is vast, and you have no clean socks. If Earth is a small coin on your dining table, then you are somewhere over here - just outside Guam. That is to say, you're a long way from home (unless you live in Guam, in which case... oh, just bear with the analogy). In all likelihood, you are the last of your species, or close to it. Your companions are a bizarre collection of losers, drifters, madmen... even accountants! Well, probably not accountants. This isn't a horror game, after all, but you get the idea. Before you start shaking your head and muttering, "but I already hang out with losers, drifters and madmen," just remember these are wholly and entirely different losers, drifters and madmen... in space.

Staggering drunkenly from the long-running BBC sci-fi comedy series, Red Dwarf - The Roleplaying Game brings all the fun, creativity, and personal abuse of the TV show to the tabletop arena.

Red Dwarf features:
  • An intuitive character generation system, including odd personality quirks
  • Integrated XPG system that supports the setting, not vice versa
  • "Self-test" skill mechanics
  • Skill-based character improvement
  • Easy-to-learn combat system
  • All the popular, and not so popular, worlds, creatures and items found in the TV series
  • Supported at its source, with graphics, adventures and supplements, fiction and forum interaction

Red Dwarf AI Screen
"I've got the RPG, but my players keep sneaking peeks at my dice and game notes!" Don't worry, mate. We've got your back. Introducing the Red Dwarf A.I. Screen. A six-panel cardstock referee screen crammed with handy stats and information for the AI on the go. It comes with a 24-page booklet full of extra bits (one of the reasons it's called the Extra Bits Book) like new character types, NPCs, adventure seeds, an alternate setting, kewl gear and tables for generating Horrible Creatures and Very Important Items. Best of all, players can't see the destruction and mayhem coming their way. Just like it should be.

8.5" x 11", 6-panel tri-fold cardstock game screen. Full color exterior, b&w; interior. 24-page Extra Bits Book.

Red Dwarf Series Sourcebook
Don't miss a moment of this hilarious dissection of the best British futuristic sci-fi comedy ever written! In this not-to-be-missed supplement, each series of Red Dwarf is covered in depth, giving adventure seeds for each of the episodes, main cast stats as they grow and change throughout the series, as well as stats for characters and other specifics that were not covered in the main rulebook or AI Screen. The Foreword, written by Hattie Hayridge, is worth the price of the book. The pictures are yet another look into the series, with images never before published in a role playing game.

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