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About EJJP






Federation of groups with common principles

EJJP is a federation of groups that share the common principles laid down in the so called Declaration of Amsterdam formulated at the conference “Don’t say you didn’t know” in Amsterdam on the 19 and 20th of September 2002 and amended by the Convention of EJJP held in Paris in May, 2004.
It states that:
"the only way out of the current impasse is through an agreement based on the creation of an independent and viable Palestinian state and the guarantee of a safe and secure Israel and Palestine and codemning all violence against civilians in the conflict, no matter by whom it is carried out. We call for:
1. an immediate end of the occupation of the occupied territories: West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem with recognition of the 4th June 1967 borders;
2. complete withdrawal of all Jewish settlements in all the occupied territories;
3. the recognition of the right of both states to have Jerusalem as their capital;
4. the recognition by Israel of its part in the creation of the Palestinian refugee problem. Israel should recognise in principle the Palestinian right to return as a human right. The practical solution to the problem will come about by agreement between parties based on a just, fair and practical considerations. It will include compensation, the return to the territory of the State of Palestine or of Israel, without endangering Israel’s existence.
We call upon the international community, especially Europe, for political and financial support."


EJJP holds a convention once or twice a year to set common goals for action, to discuss and formulate statements of policy and to further shape its structure and working organisation.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of EJJP fulfills the daily tasks of EJJP such as formulating press statements, reacting on news items etc. It consists of members elected by the convention. At present its members are:
- Dror Feiler (chairman), Sweden
- Mike Heiser, UK
- Max Wieselmann (treasurer), Netherlands
- Sonia Fayman, France
- Giorgio Forti, Italy
- Adi Raz, Belgium
- Peter Melvyn, Austria
- Kate Leiterer, Germany
- Guy Bollag, Switzerland
- Morten Thing, Denmark


The secretariat of EJJP functions as the working organisation of EJJP, keeping record of the activities of EJJP, distributing press statements etc. It can be contacted by e-mail: contact@ejjp.org (you may contact us directly from this website by clicking on "Contact" and then on "Form")