Bornean languages

Scope note:

Languages of Kalimantan, Indonesia and East Malaysia.

Broader Terms:

Indonesian languages

Narrower Terms:

Agabag language
Bakatik language
Bakumpai language
Banjar language
Banti language
Barito language
Bau Jagoi language
Bawo language
Bayan language
Berawan language
Bidayuh language
Bonggi language
Bosang language
Bosap language
Bulongan language
Central Melanau language
Dayak languages
Dayak Pompakng language
Dayak-Desa language
Dusun language
Iban language
Ida'an language
Kahayan language
Kantuk language
Katingan language
Kayan language
Kelabit language
Kendayan language
Kenyah language
Keriu language
Kimaragang Dusun language
Labuk Kadazan language
Lamandau language
Lawangan language
Lepo' Bakung Kenyah language
Lun Bawang language
Maanyaan language
Melanau language
Mentu Land Dayak language
Miriek language
Mualang language
Murut languages
Ngaju language
Ot Danum language
Paku language
Penan language
Rungus Dusun language
Sa'ban language
Salako language
Seruyan language
Siang language
Tainuan language
Taman language
Tamuan language
Tatana language
Tawoyan language
Timugon Murut language
Weha language


Borneo talen /bahasa-bahasa Kalimantan /langues Borneo /lenguas Borneo

Descriptor group: Indonesian languages
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