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NunBun Stolen

Early Christmas morning, the Bongo Java coffee shop in Nashville, Tennessee, suffered a break-in. While the shop and register appeared to be undamaged, it's famous NunBun was missing. The cinnamon bun, discovered by the store manager in the 1996, was said to have the likeness of Mother Teresa in its cinnamon-glazed layers of pastry. The bun was preserved in the freezer until a local crew made a short film about it, after which the story was picked up by the city paper and propelled into the national spotlight. After having received so much attention, the bun was coated in shellac and put on display in the shop, where it has enjoyed attention as a local novelty for 9 years.

The shop owner fears that the Immaculate Confection may have been destroyed, since it was so clearly the target of this crime.

[Thanks to Tracy for the tip]


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12-26-2005 @10:04PM Heather said... How sad! I have seen the NunBun in person and it's a big loss that it is gone now.


12-26-2005 @11:47PM Bill said... that looks nothing like Mother Theresa.

and I'd bet it tastes awful after being shellaced.


12-27-2005 @3:13PM pdxrocket said... I just hope my tax dollars aren't being used to finding this shelacked bun!


12-27-2005 @3:24PM Dyonna said... I actually HAVE seen Mother Theresa and it looked like she looked then and may look like she looks now. No disrepsect intended.


12-27-2005 @3:29PM Andrew said... Half eaten grilled cheese sandwiches... cinnamon buns... Catholics are REALLY desperate for religious relics and miracles... Better off seeing the local miracle of a single mother raising four kids without welfare and still finding a way to buy her kids christmas presents... better to have the relic of a beloved quilt made by your mother after twenty years that you still use to this day... Stop looking for miracles and bleeding statues and start looking for the things that are IMPORTANT... like the people around you. I'd rather spend my time with an 80 year old lady in a home whose family has callously "forgotten" about her than waste my time staring at a statue with trails of rust coming from carved eyes... learn to love and help your neighbors rather than praying to a nine year old stale and shelacked cinnamon bun for intervention from a divine power. You want salvation? Learn the peace that comes from being involved with your community, of working to make a difference. Learn the salvation that comes from a clear conscience. There is no forgiveness of the sins in ignoring your fellow mankind- and no salvation in praying to an inanimate object that bears an accidental resemblance to a person on ancient or recent history.


12-27-2005 @3:52PM Ric said... I really have a concern about when people pray to things. This is idolatry and was never sanctioned by God. In fact Jesus preached against it.



12-27-2005 @4:37PM Bobbi said... I think this whole nunbun thing is very funny, but I can't understand the confused, misguided and even ignorant comments that #5 Andrew and #6 Ric have made. I see no mention of anyone praying to this bun, I am a Catholic and I have no false Gods. I have no need to search for relics and am not in anyway desperate for a false miracle. Heck, it looks a little like Jimmy Durante too.

Mike  Jones

12-27-2005 @10:05PM Mike Jones said... ok now this is just stupid, who cares if a bun looks like a nun. Also, that looks nothing like mother Theresa. Its not like u could make any money sellign that thing.


12-27-2005 @10:53PM megan said... I actually work at bongo java and it is kind of sad to see it go. i mean, that thing was what put bongo on the map. yeah, it is kind of funny that we got at least one tourist a week who came for the sole purpose of seeing that thing, but hell, it's a bun. nothing to make a big deal about. the thing that people are so pissed off about is the fact that someone would actually break in to steal a BUN. trust me. no one that works there is devoutly catholic. we're not trying to make money off of a bun. it just so happens that people like it and someone stole it. we're just a coffee shop with quirky customers and even quirkier employees.

Steve Sykes

12-28-2005 @2:19AM Steve Sykes said... #5 I am a Catholic and I resent your bigoted comments. I donated over $10,000 to charitable works this year. I donate 4-8 hours per week doing Charitable works. I pray to Jesus Christ my Savior for guidance and forgiveness and I do not pray to relics. Your comments regarding Catholicism are obviously based on IGNORANCE, and I'm still not sure what a stupid cinnamon bun has to do with Catholics.


12-28-2005 @2:56AM Dave said... To all those who remarked about "PRAYING" to this shellaced confection and then went on to rant about how dumb Catholics are to "Pray" to innanimate objects as well as Saints ect--- ect,,,. I too find it silly that people will get crazy over the weirdest things. But that is the nature of most Humans and not just reserved for Catholics. Now in one final hope to educate people and most importantly other Catholics who all to few know so little of our own faith. Catholics don't "Pray" to Statues or Saints except in the true meaning of the word Pray which means to "ask". Catholics may use a Statue or a Picture of a Saint merely as a tool to focus one's thoughts or as a point of reference. But when we "Pray" we ask the person or Saint we are calling upon to "Pray" for us. Just as most people will ask relatives and friends to "pray" for them before having major surgery or to "pray" for them when lifes stressors are extremely difficult. We to ask those Saints that we believe to be in heaven with the Holy Trinity to "Pray" for us. I guess because we believe for them it would be a local call!!!---------Dave


12-28-2005 @4:02AM Marisol said... #5 Andrew and #6 Ric need to learn more about the Catholic religion before they let their ignorance guide their false accusations.

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