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  • Established: 2006
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  1. Biosciences
  2. Pathobiology
  3. Clinical Sciences.
  4. Livestock and Poultry Production

All praise splendor to Almighty Allah and His beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him), who brought candle light of knowledge in the era of ignorance and true guidance for the welfare and safety of humanity. To bring candle light of scientific knowledge and boost up the living standard of people of the Southern Punjab of Pakistan, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences was established in 2006. Now, PC-I of 430 million rupees is approved by Federal Government of Pakistan (Higher Education Commission) and Faculty has shifted in its new building recently near Zainab Hall. Livestock present in this region have a vital role in economy of the country. The economic survey of Pakistan shows that livestock play an important role in agriculture sector in Pakistan, as it accounts for 51.8 % of share in agriculture and contribute about 11.3 % of the GDP in the country. A significant number i.e, six percent more contribution of livestock than combine value of all the crops, forestry, and fisheries. About 30-35 million rural population is engaged in livestock sector which provides the main asset base to stabilize the income of the poor families in Pakistan.

■ Learn by doing
■ Extensive research
■ Human resources development
■ Poverty alleviation from the country

Learn by doing, extensive research, human resources development and poverty alleviation from the country is main goals of faculty of veterinary sciences. This faculty provides knowledge like a fun and character. Faculty may provide personal attention in friendly atmosphere to get support for students and make them successful in life. The graduates of this institution will remain in demands in southern Punjab, even in the country and abroad, as quality of education is maintained and no compromise on global standards in present and future. In the past few years, this faculty has undergone a transformation from conventional equipped to more modern equipped one. This organization provides maximum facilities to every trainee to help them to be expert in therapy programmed, especially in clinical practices of small and large animals, in poultry and wildlife to create a spirit of true professional in veterinary field.


This is the faculty where one can turn his passion into noble profession. If some one is interested in animals, biolife, making food healthier and safer, sustainability of land use with livestock to make theworld beautiful and worth seeing then register in this institution. This faculty will equip you with golden hands on skills, experiences, and leading way on a long term basis which make your career secure and full bright in present and future. This faculty is giving special attention to establish unique centers which includes developing modern livestock dairy farm, fattening farm, stud farm, riding club, wild life, and pet Medicare centers, control poultry sheds and postmortem hall. In next twenty years plan, faculty may be extended from four to thirteen departments with world best diagnostic lab, abattoir, fodder research centre, animal genomic and reproductive biotechnology centres. In third world, it is the era of livestock, where WTO rules implementation is exempted in this sector. In this new millennium, faculty of veterinary science will emerge as a best place for the students of this region and abroad.

Prospects of D.V.M degree
The prospective for the degree; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M) are as follows:
  • Job opportunity (Public and Private Sector) (Teacher, Veterinary Officer in civil and military organization, Pharmaceutics, Poultry and Feed Industry, National and International food industry).
  • To become a well know scientist and researcher at national and international level
  • To be reputed as a good businessman and manager
  • To be a famous clinician and earn a lot in the country and abroad
  • To be a big stake holder in livestock and poultry farming.

List of Approved Phd Suerpvisors Department of PathoBiology

  • Prof. Dr. Zafar Iqbal Ch
  • Prof. Dr. Sikandar Hayat

Available Programs
Program Eligibility & Courses
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine DVM (5 Years) Composite Degree Program:

F.Sc. (Pre-Medical)

Course Outline
M.Phil: Course Outline
Ph.D: Course Outline



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