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A welcome from Professor Sir Harold Kroto
Sir Harold KrotoDuring a lifelong career in science I have benefited greatly from close multi-disciplinary collaboration. Such collaboration promotes new insights and fosters new approaches which accelerate research dynamics; it is more vital today than ever before. The Kroto Research Campus (KRC) has been established to create and nurture an environment in which such research can flourish. It is an imaginative and ambitious venture by The University of Sheffield and it is a great personal honour to me that the programme carries my family name. I believe it is the right way to approach the emerging nanometer scale landscape of materials science which is inherently multi-disciplinary.

The KRC will maintain the position that the University presently has at the forefront of this field of exciting and industrially relevant research. I hope that you will be interested to learn more about this initiative and find the summary of KRC activities outlined on this site worthy of serious study.
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