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Some more intense remains of the life in the following centuries from the second half of the first millennium before Christ have not been found, yet certain finds confirm given activities on the Kale during the IV century before Christ. From the period of existence of the well-known established settlements in the vicinity of Skopje (Gradiste-Nerezi, Zhdanec, Gradiste-Brazda, Gradiste-Bucinci, Isar-Studenicani, Kale-Varvara and other), which reveal strong early Antic manifestations from the Paionic-Macedonian cultural circle, the Skopje Kale reveals remains of individual cult-ritual activities. Accordingly, in Sector 7 a cult area – ritual pit with remains from animal offerings, ritual meals, ceramics typical for the IV century before Christ in the vicinity of Skopje, was revealed as well a find of a bronze coin of Alexander III, the oldest coin discovered on the Kale so far.

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