Materials for ULM Aural Skills Students

Course Syllabi

MUSC 1003: Aural Skills I Course syllabus for Fall 2011 MUSC 1003 students.

MUSC 1005: Aural Skills II Course syllabus for Spring 2011 MUSC 1005 students.

Additional Local Resources

Solfège Syllables Having trouble keeping up with all the "do, re, mi," etc.? This might be helpful.

Interval Identification Helps Some hints to help you identify intervals.

Online Ear Training Resources

Auralia The Auralia software program is available on the computers in Biedenharn Hall to further aid your development--the course syllabi for both MUSC 1003 and MUSC 1005 indicate which Auralia exercises correspond to materials being covered in class at any given time. At this site, you can download a limited Auralia demo which at least shows how to operate the program. You can also order a copy for your own computer if you so desire.

GNU Solfege An excellent, FREE ear training drill program, available for download at this site.

Ear Trainer Another free ear training tool. This one operates within your browser, rather than requiring a separate download and installation. I had trouble with this one in Firefox (it kept asking me to install QuickTime, which I already have), but it worked fine in Internet Explorer.

Pitch Improver I have just begun to experiment with this program after its designer emailed me a link. It is more advanced in appearance and function than the previous two. Comments are welcome!